10 content ideas to post on your personal LinkedIn profile

10 content ideas to post on your personal LinkedIn profile

What to post on LinkedIn as a professional?

When some people see the social network as a tool for finding a new job, others perceive it as a platform that they can consult freely at work, either to maintain their contact book or to find new customers.

So, it is very common for personal users to ask themselves the question of the type of suitable / relevant publications to post on LinkedIn, in order to enhance their Personal Branding and not create unnecessary controversy, something quite easy when we do not post the “benevolent” content that Internet users expect to find on the platform when they log on.

I will share with you throughout this article, after dealing with ideas for publications to post on a “Company” page , concrete examples of content to feed your personal presence on the social network .

1) Share content related to your industry

This first tip can work for all professionals, regardless of the time you can allocate to the animation of your Linkedin account.

Are you a chartered accountant, project manager, salesperson, human resources director? There is bound to be some useful and interesting content to distribute on your Linkedin profile for your potential partners or clients.

For example, the accounting sector is constantly evolving due to new laws as they come into force.

It may therefore be interesting to share articles describing new obligations for cash management and invoicing of companies, as an accountant or a chartered accountant.

In the case below, the public accountant shares an article aimed at raising awareness among businesses of the potential impact of Brexit.

Objectives of this type of publication : to have a useful presence with your contacts and to make the effort to keep you up to date on developments in your market.

2) Share tutorials & useful tips for your audience

Beyond sharing news related to your sector, you could seek to add a little more value through concrete and instantly applicable advice.

For example, the following business owner working in the real estate industry shares an article he did not write but which may be of interest to his potential clients:

Objectives of this type of publication : bring your LinkedIn profile to life while having a useful presence in your contact book.

3) Share news about your company

Does your company regularly share content on its LinkedIn Company Page?

You could then have access to many interesting resources to share with your LinkedIn contact book.

For example, some employees of the Microsoft company may have an interest in relaying the video content below, indicating the presence of the company at an event.

Objectives of this type of publication: bring your LinkedIn profile to life with content related to your industry or profession, while giving additional visibility to the company.

4) Relay job offers or Employer Brand content for your company

Building on what we just saw about corporate LinkedIn Page posts, you might selflessly or selflessly decide to share job opportunities within your company.

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On the other hand, it often happens for some organizations to share more than just announcements, but also articles & videos in which employees explain their work.

In the example below, the company Deloitte shared a post aimed at allowing anyone to ask questions of one of their employees.

Objectives of this publication : to show the dynamism of the company and to give a boost to recruitment services.

5) Promote your blog articles

Do you write articles on your blog as an independent consultant or as a collaborator of your company?

The dissemination of these on your personal profile is an essential step in promoting them.

In the example below, the professional shares written content on the company’s website Orange Business Services , in order to demonstrate his expertise and the credibility of the services offered.

Objectives of this type of publication : generate traffic to the company’s website, encourage the generation of downloads of white papers, generate new leads.

6) Use the LinkedIn “Articles” feature for long content

Many professionals cannot publish articles on an external site or blog because they do not have them available, and that’s okay at all!

LinkedIn offers all of its users a content publication option called “ Article ” accessible directly from the home of the social network.

With this feature, you will find all the formatting tools necessary to write your article, namely:

  • change font
  • add links, images, videos
  • align text left, right or middle

Objectives of this type of publication : without any technical knowledge, you can share your expertise on a subject related to your industry.

7) Stream native videos with your own tips / ads

The video format is increasingly coveted by content producers to convey their messages.

These videos should then be shared as much as possible in native format, that is to say directly uploaded to LinkedIn, avoiding broadcasting a Youtube link.

In the example below, the accountant explains the reasons why it might be interesting to create a holding company, and this in video.

Objectives of this type of publication : to make your communication more human and capture the attention of Internet users over a longer period.

8) Share documents / presentations

Did you know that it is possible to share content other than text, photos or videos on LinkedIn?

These are documents, i.e. a Word / Excel / Powerpoint file converted to PDF format that users can consume either vertically or horizontally.

To do this, simply click on the icon below in the creation of a publication insert:

You will then be informed that you can choose a file from your computer or Dropbox, and that the uploaded document can be downloaded by users in PDF format for readability reasons.

Objectives of this type of publication : share rich and potentially viral content in order to demonstrate your expertise or disseminate a job offer.

9) Take part in the conversation in groups

LinkedIn groups are particularly interesting platforms for spreading a message to an audience of professionals in the same industry.

Here is an example below of the publication of a presentation (point 8 seen above) in a group dedicated to accountants.


Objectives of this type of publication : increase the reach of your content by being discovered by new people, outside your Linkedin address book.

10) Relay publications of colleagues / colleagues

Finally, to close this article, you could decide to share the content disseminated by your company colleagues or professionals in the same sector as you sharing interesting information.

And maybe you have already done it without knowing it, because today on LinkedIn, a simple like or comment allows to display the publication on the news feed of your contacts.

This therefore gives very high visibility quickly, so pay attention to the content on which you interact, because this will have an impact on your Personal Branding.

Objectives of this type of publication : to bring your profile to life by giving a boost to people you like.

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