10 creative ways to use Instagram Carousels

10 creative ways to use Instagram Carousels

Instagram Carousels posts are one of the most versatile pieces of content for achieving your social media marketing goals.

With a good creative strategy, you will be able to increase engagement on your posts, loyalty to your brand and even generate more sales.

In this context, I will present you throughout this article 10 original ways to use Carousels in your Instagram content strategy .

1) Promote a new product

When you have a new product launch to share on Instagram, posting a single photo sometimes isn’t enough.

You will certainly want to share different variations, such as colors or styles, or you want to highlight an important detail.

In the example below, the brand Sandro Paris offers us a mini Carrousel showing one of its products worn by a model but also on a rock.

Not only does this give subscribers the opportunity to get a better idea of ​​the quality of the products, but also allows them to project themselves a little more, which is a good way to generate more sales >.

2) Share a “Before / After” situation

For some types of businesses, it is important to demonstrate the impact of their work / achievements to inspire the confidence of prospects who subscribe to the Instagram account.

In this case, it would not be relevant to post two posts in a row, because due to the way the algorithm sorts the posts, it would be possible that your subscribers do not receive both content, and above all, you will occupy a little too much space on the screen of your subscribers.

Interior designer Maurine Bellier shares the comparison between the initial state and after completion of the work in the form of Instagram Carousels.

3) Offer personalized advice

This way of using Instagram Carousels is interesting if you market a range of products that are each tailored to a specific clientele.

This is the case, for example, of the Supergoop brand which has published content listing its various sunscreens corresponding to very specific UV indexes.

4) Telling a brand story

Instagram Carousels posts are an effective way to share stories related to your brand, without having to alter the graphical aspect of your business profile.

The trick is to just make sure that the first image lines up well with the chosen graphic design for your old photos & videos, and you can then add any visuals you want.

It can be interesting to share photos of your offices, first sketches of your products or behind the scenes of an event.

This is the case, for example, for the company Louyetu sharing a publication with photos & videos announcing the opening of its store in Lyon.

5) Focus on part of the first photo

When it comes to product marketing, you will most certainly want to give your subscribers multiple perspectives.

The publication of a Carousel is then a particularly effective method for this, in particular to offer a zoom on the location of the product to be highlighted.

This is the case for example below for the brand Opale Bijoux which first offers us a view of the products with a coat and pants in the background, then second content, a focus only on the jewelry element.

6) Share the positive opinions of your customers

It’s common to share positive customer reviews in Featured Stories , but have you ever thought about promoting these on a special occasion in the form of a Carousel? ?

The success of a brand very often depends on the influence of the comments left by the customers, and if you get good ones, it is a good way to develop your notoriety to generate interest in your products & services, and overall build trust in your business.

In the example below, the cosmetics company published a post with multiple comments from satisfied customers, which provides some form of reassurance for subscribers.

7) Encourage the user to perform an action

You certainly know it: the slightest interaction of subscribers or more generally of Instagram users on your content benefits your position in the algorithm.

As a result, it can be particularly interesting to think of the Carousel as an opportunity to encourage the Internet user to take action, in particular informing them that they will find an answer to a question if they scroll through the photo. to the left.

In the example below, I invite my subscribers to consult the second image of the post in order to know if it is more interesting to integrate its hashtags in the caption of the post or in the first comment.

/ p>

8) Share feedback on events

Are you attending an event and would like to share it with your community?

Beyond sharing photos / videos content in Stories, you want to offer permanent publication to your subscribers.

The Carrousel publication is perfect for this, as the account of the city of Paris shows us, listing multiple visuals linked to a specific event.

9) Share content produced by users / customers

Along with positive customer reviews, user-created photos / videos are one of the strongest types of content for reassuring and instilling trust.

Apple regularly publishes Carousels listing multiple photos & videos produced by iPhone users, with the mention #ShotoniPhone in the caption of these publications.

Here is an example below:

10) Share a panorama with several visuals

Surprise your subscribers by publishing a Carousel with complementary visuals, such as several images of the same panoramic photo.

This is the case for example below for this photographer who shared a post on “The Vessel” in New York.

To go further:

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