10 engaging Instagram post ideas for small businesses

10 engaging Instagram post ideas for small businesses

The content on the brand’s social networks can be “covered with dust”: the headings have long been familiar to readers, the posts have become commonplace. What to do? Look for new options. Without preparation, there is every chance you come to the conclusion that finding ideas is not so easy at all.

We have selected content options for small businesses on Instagram that will help marketers and SMMs present a brand in an up-to-date manner and forget what a creative block is.

About 50 ready-made ideas can be found in the “ Post Idea Generator ” by SMMplanner.

Page content

Exclusive offers, discounts or special promo codes

Exclusive community offers help your audience feel special. For example, you can inform on the page about the start of the sale before the information becomes available to site visitors or regular customers offline. Or create exclusive promotional gift codes for the Instagram community. You can offer a special coupon code, and in return ask to mention the post on Instagram when placing an order or booking a service.

An excellent example: the Sokol Kofe coffee chain. They came up with an original exclusive for customers – they paint portraits of customers on glasses.

Такой подход увеличивает поток клиентов из соцсетей. Людям в Инстаграме нравится делиться яркими и необычными моментами жизни, а бренд использует это в маркетинговых интересах, размещая фото на своей странице

By the way, promotional codes will be useful not only for subscribers, but also for marketers. They will show how many customers come from the site. This will help draw conclusions and, possibly, make changes to the promotion strategy.

Useful content

Do users ask the same questions multiple times a day? Help people solve a popular problem.

For example, a short one minute tutorial video will show you how to do something in an easy and accessible way. Or post a before / after product image with written instructions in your signature. Or – an image carousel with a step-by-step guide.

How-to posts position you as an expert in your field and provide valuable insight to your audience. For example, like the feed of marketer Neil Patel, which is filled with short videos and slides with helpful tutorials.

Посты в Инстаграм позволяют брендам давать быстрые советы практически по любой теме. Дайте те, которые понравятся целевой аудитории

Behind the Brand

Brand pages are different from the accounts of influencers, bloggers, and regular Instagram users. Often, everything that companies usually show to subscribers is strictly planned according to the strategy a few months before release.

Such a specificity, but does it hurt to be more direct sometimes? Help your subscribers get to know you a little better by showing not only the showcase but also what’s going on behind the scenes. Show off a creatively cluttered studio, workspace, or create a short video clip of how you work.

Just don’t make a gallery of sleepy faces in a serious meeting at 10am Monday morning. Show something interesting or funny. It can be anything – an employee working at a desk; a service dog sprawled on the bed; or a Bollywood-style dance number featuring the office.

It’s good to be more direct sometimes. It inspires sympathy and brings you closer to your audience.

Студия декора показывает не только интерьеры, но и знакомит подписчиков с сотрудниками, приглашая присоединиться к поздравлениям

Interview or synopsis

Is there a specialist in your field that you admire? Or a customer with an interesting story?

An interview with a specialist, answers to frequently asked questions from users or a brief product overview – this is content that is beautiful from every angle. Subscribers receive useful information, and the brand shows its expertise and answers the most popular questions or needs.

This type of content can be promoted in several ways:

  • Regular feeds . For example, a video up to 60 seconds with a quick overview or the highlights of the interview.
  • Instagram Stories . Selected excerpts from the interview can be published here. Just remember that each story can be up to 15 seconds long. If you add a longer video, for example 45 seconds, Instagram will automatically split it into short stories. Do not forget to add subtitles to Stories, as many users watch them with the sound turned off.
  • IGTV . On IGTV, you can post an entire interview and then promote it in your profile or Stories .
  • Live broadcast . Are you confident, well prepared and able to act spontaneously? Answer questions live, conduct an interview with a guest / expert, or review a product. Then you can save the video, edit it and use it later in the feed or Stories.

Netflix снял звезду телесериала «Ривердэйл» Коула Спроуса в часовом ролике, где тот поедает бургер. Видео собрало более миллиона просмотров. А если серьезно – IGTV не слишком популярен, но у него большой потенциал, если использовать видео в маркетинговых целях

Contests and sweepstakes

Run promotions – limited-time sales or discounts on special dates. This could be Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, an employee’s birthday, or any other day that is special to the company.

Make a fun video with text briefly explaining the rules, or post a photo of the prize you plan to give. The rules are stated in the caption to the post.

This is not only an idea for engaging content, but a way to grow your subscriber base and reach your audience.

If you offer a giveaway for a subscription, act wisely – you can get a lot of inappropriate followers who will leave immediately after the promotion.

Предложения со скидками к праздникам часто быстро набирают лайки и попадают в Рекомендации – так их видят не только подписчики, но и их друзья

Profile as collage

Requires a lot of work, preparation and planning, but worth it. When viewed as a whole, a profile can become a unique showcase for a company.

Do not forget that people come to social networks not only for shopping, but also for interesting content and communication. The specificity of Instagram is the visual series, which should attract attention and make you delve deeper into the content.

A good example: the profile of a company from Altai that produces bottled water. Constantly posting ads for water is not the kind of content that will attract users. But if you imagine the product as the water of the wild Altai, it will expand the boundaries of topics for publications. Like an eagle against the backdrop of an impressive landscape is easier than a bottle of mineral water.

Обратите внимание как линии плавно переходят с одного фото на другое, создавая впечатление цельной картины. И, конечно, единая цветовая гамма усиливает эффект

Ask users a question

By asking questions, you encourage subscribers to share their thoughts and ideas on almost any topic. These opinions will help you create content that will interest your audience. Say, if you’re a fitness trainer, ask, “What are you struggling with in the gym?” Subscriber responses will help you frame a ton of new content or create a custom workout.

Surveys also help to intrigue and shape audience expectations. For example, this is what the yogurt brand Epica did, which talked about the imminent release of new flavors in a survey format.

Принадлежность к вашему сообществу и участие в жизни компании сделает подписчиков более лояльными к бренду

Show that the brand cares

Takes care of the environment, society, local community or animals.

In recent years, people have become more aware of the world’s environmental problems. They expect more than just nice prices and good products. They want to have a positive impact on the world.

Expressing such concern for the brand on Instagram will improve the attitude of people towards the company.

For example, the KappAhl chain of stores offers gift certificates to their customers for bringing old clothes and shoes for recycling and sustainable recycling.

Такой подход позиционирует бренд как компанию, заботящуюся об общественном благе, а людям нравится принимать участие в создании более экологичного мира

Share events and plans

Introducing a new product? Attending a conference or event? Post a photo to let your audience know what your business is doing. It helps subscribers feel engaged and shows that you are active and moving forward in your business.

Prada опубликовала в Инстаграме интервью с креативными директорами компании после получения награды Fashion Awards

By talking about work or plans, you create anticipation and interest. Show off a part of the project that isn’t finished yet, and please subscribers with another post when it’s ready. Of course, if it is not a secret of the company and does not affect the competition. Make people expect and want new products from the company.

Hot topics

Is there a hot topic that everyone is talking about that relates to your brand? Don’t ignore the hype.

This is how you join a broader topic that is already engaging a lot of Instagram users. Moreover, the event may not always be directly related to the activities of the company. For example, Dodo Pizza has released a series of products to mark the release of Cyberpunk 2077.

Коробки покрыты специальным лаком, чтобы поклонники могли их сохранить. На пиццу жалоб не поступало, чего не скажешь об игре, к сожалению

Find More Ideas

The examples in this article are just a few of the content options. SMMplanner has already released more than 40 cards with ideas for publications for every day . The cards are sorted according to the problem to be solved.

Посты в Инстаграм позволяют брендам давать быстрые советы практически по любой теме. Дайте те, которые понравятся целевой аудитории0

The base is constantly updated with new examples of posts and instructions for their creation, and they are made up by practicing SMM-specialists. Come in, get inspired and delight your subscribers with new content.

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