10 free apps for successful Instagram Stories

10 free apps for successful Instagram Stories

New applications for Instagram Stories are released every day, which allows the production of ever more creative, interactive and engaging content.

And this is no coincidence: with more than 400 million daily active users, brands are looking to raise the level of their Stories in order to engage in conversation with their subscribers, generate more traffic and increase their reach.

It’s very easy to create your Stories on the app, but you might need additional tools.

Throughout this article, I will present 10 apps designed to improve the quality of your Stories in order to make your communication even more impactful.

1) Create clean and minimalist models of Stories with Unfold

Using Story Templates is one of the easiest ways to increase the quality of your content. If you don’t feel comfortable using tools like Photoshop, you can create your own models with Unfold .

This is one of the most popular apps around today: it offers different visual formats to complement with your own visual content.

The paid version will give you more story templates. Available on iOs and Android.

2) Add a background to your photos & videos with Inshot

Have you ever wanted to post a video that didn’t have the right dimensions? With Inshot, you will be given the opportunity to make your content fit perfectly into the space provided on Instagram.

Before starting your project, make sure you have selected the correct format in the “Canvas” tool and then modify the background as you wish:

The app lets you change your videos to different ratios, and you can easily resize / cut them to fit Instagram Stories, which isn’t always easy.

You can also place your video on a colored background or with an image of your choice.

Available on iOs and Android.

3) Add colorful stickers, text and brushstrokes with A Design Kit

This application offers many realistic stickers, backgrounds and brushes allowing you to draw textures or colors directly on your photos.

A Design Kit is a very interesting app for creating unique Stories with personality, which will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Available on iOs.

4) Create graphic texts quickly with Adobe Spark Post

While Adobe is particularly known for its sophisticated photo / video editing software, the Spark Post app makes it easy to create quick visuals without any technical knowledge.

This Instagram Stories app contains thousands of ready-to-edit themes, as well as millions of royalty-free images and filters to create content aligned with your brand positioning.

This is free and is available on iOs and Android.

5) Edit vertical videos with Splice

Vertical videos are now ubiquitous on Instagram. This means that it is time to learn how to use this specific format for years to come.

Splice , created by the GoPro Company, has everything you need to help you create completely personalized vertical videos. This application allows you to easily trim, add visual effects, titles, animations, transitions and much more.


You can also use Splice to add music to your videos, selecting suggestions from the app or from your iTunes. Once you’ve downloaded the app, send a video from your Camera Roll or record a new one to get started.

Available on iOs.

6) Cut a long video into 15 second clips with CutStory


Feeling limited by the 15-second video format that Stories allow? Now you can avoid creating choppy sequences by using CutStory to trim videos from your phone roll.

After selecting the video of your choice, the application will cut it into several 15-second pieces, then ready to be played in your Stories.


Your music videos will be exported in chronological order so that there is no possible confusion. It will also be offered to add music, backgrounds & slides if you are looking to make quick edits.

This application is available on iOs.

7) Create animated visuals with Hype Type


Looking to bring your Instagram Stories captions to life? Hype Type may prove to be a great solution for you.

This application offers animated typography to capture the attention of your audience. Here is an example below:


To use a photo / video from your smartphone roll, swipe up on the screen. Then select a combination of colors & fonts that you like.

This application is available on iOs.

8) Create attention-grabbing content with Magisto


With over 100 million users, this easy-to-use Instagram Stories app includes many styling features that will help you produce high-quality content in just a few steps:


Are you running out of video content? This application will offer you banks of premium visuals. Magisto is an intelligent service that will also allow you to create slide shows or video collages that give the impression of a real video using only photos.

9) Professional video editing with Filmmaker Pro


If you want to take your videos to the next level, the Filmmaker Pro application is a must for all the features it offers.

This powerful application contains deep filters, transitions and text overlay options.


Important: This is a horizontal editor, so it means you will need to rotate your screen and edit your video sideways.

This application is available for iOs.

10) Share remarkable graphic text with Over


Whether you share tips, inspirational quotes or want to add a little originality to your communication campaign, Over will be a great solution.

You will have at your disposal many photos, fonts, visuals, templates and tools to help you produce high quality content.


Pick a starter model and let your imagination run wild. The community of the tool brought together thanks to #bestover provides many ideas for original designs.

This application is available on iOs and Android.

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