10 post ideas for your corporate LinkedIn page

10 post ideas for your corporate LinkedIn page

What to post on a corporate LinkedIn page?

This is the question asked by many Community Managers whose mission is to define the content strategy of their brand on the professional social network.

It is because you will be able to post original, interesting and responsive content in your current community that you will be able to gain followers on your LinkedIn Page .

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Throughout this article, I’ll show you 10 concrete examples of relevant posts to post on your business page, in order to build brand awareness.

1) Articles demonstrating the expertise of your company

A brand’s communication on a LinkedIn page should reassure potential prospects of its ability to provide high quality products & services.

The publication of expert content is therefore an essential step in this objective of reassuring the subscribers of the LinkedIn page.

Concretely, how can this be?

A common way for brands is to share articles written on the blog embedded in the website on their page (s).

Since LinkedIn “Company” pages do not have the “Articles” feature offered on personal profiles, the only solution is to retrieve the URL link of an article and produce a publication.

For example, the company Orange Business Services regularly shares its latest blog articles in the form of a post including a caption, a link and a visual.

It is interesting to note on this occasion the use of hashtags aiming to have this publication referenced for specific keywords, in order to be spotted by Internet users looking for information on these subjects.

2) Interesting articles from external sources (curation & press review)

For many businesses, it is very difficult to have original content from their blog on a regular basis to keep their corporate LinkedIn page alive.

So how do you do it?

It has become common for Community Managers to practice content curation, that is to say, the selection of interesting articles related to the sector of activity of the company, then their publication on the page LinkedIn.

So how do you make it easier to detect articles written by other sources of information?

A first method is to use keyword monitoring tools in order to be alerted when a new web page contains terms that are important to your company or industry.

You could then spot articles about your business, or about key topics for your community of subscribers.

In the example below, the hotel chain shares a newspaper interview with its founder in one of its posts.

Another way to find interesting content is to subscribe to ezines or news blogs through their newsletters, RSS feeds, or Twitter accounts.

In the example below, the Goblins shared an article written by a design agency on their LinkedIn page:

3) Video content

Similar to sharing expert articles from the blog, sharing videos on your corporate LinkedIn page is great for several reasons:

  • you humanize your communication
  • you share content with good engagement performance and greater impression potential than other content (articles, text only, etc.)
  • you capture the attention of your LinkedIn page subscribers over a longer period

So, in concrete terms, what could be the video content that you could offer on your LinkedIn page?

CCI France regularly shares interviews with entrepreneurs & managers on its LinkedIn page, which it has supported.

The institution also shares video feedback on events as well as advice videos in which experts are highlighted:

4) Visuals with impacting statistics

When hosting a LinkedIn page, your main goal will be to capture the attention of your followers while your posts are displayed.

It has become common for some pages to post visuals highlighting a key statistic with a large font, as it is true that the human brain quickly assimilates numbers when this is displayed on the user’s screen.

So you have to ask yourself the following question: how can I share useful data with the subscribers of my LinkedIn page?

The social network animates its global page with posts aimed at highlighting strong business arguments using precise statistics, as we see an example below:

5) The announcement of the launch of new products & services

We should not forget that on a LinkedIn page, it is possible to have commercial communication, promoting the latest products & services.

The launch of a new item in your catalog can therefore be published on your company page.

This is what the Microsoft company regularly does, as we see an example below:

6) Sharing successes and key stages of your business

Your company has just recruited its 100th employee or will soon go public?

You could then decide to make this event a publication to post on your LinkedIn page.

In the example below, the startup announces the arrival of the last update of its application:

7) Valuing managers & collaborators

When working on a company’s Employer Brand, sharing content that enhances its employees is essential.

This is what Accenture France regularly offers on its Linkedin page, through videos in which employees give their views on a specific subject.

8) Promote the physical or digital events of the company

Is your company going to participate or organize an event in the coming days or weeks?

Your LinkedIn page is a perfect communication medium to promote it.

These could be publications of flyers explaining the ins and outs of the event, the invitation to join the company at a booth or participate in an online seminar (webinar).

In the example below, the Sage company invites its LinkedIn subscribers to join it at a trade show with specific directions.


9) Promote white papers

Do you want to generate leads through your LinkedIn presence?

In this case, posting white papers is a very good opportunity to encourage Internet users interested in your content to provide their contact details.

Publishing a post aimed at driving traffic to the web page hosting the white paper download form is a good way to liven up your LinkedIn page.

This is the case for example for the company Spread regularly sharing content of this type, as we see below:


10) Share the company’s job postings

Of course, a corporate LinkedIn page is the perfect place to post the various vacancies to be filled within your company, as well as the various upcoming events.

The Ladurée brand shared a video on its page to promote one of its afterworks dedicated to recruiting new employees.


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