10 ways to promote your Instagram account in 2021

10 ways to promote your Instagram account in 2021

Someone is waiting for the new year to take stock.

And we decided to collect the most relevant methods that brands began to implement in the fall of 2020, and what will be included in the program of instagram courses in 2021.

Business promotion on Instagram in 2020 has become an urgent need.

And this is not surprising, the growth of social network users continues. The application registers celebrities that have never appeared in the public space of the Internet before: Jennifer Aniston, Johnny Depp. Small brands and regional companies have also settled in the most popular photo network for a long time.

Despite the competition with Tik-Tok, Instagram is still the leader in ad integrations. Finding out how to grow followers and get customers from Instagram – the hottest tricks for entrepreneurs in 2020.

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1. Collaborating brands with influencers

Native and not so, advertising in posts and stories of Instagram stars remains the most popular method of promotion. In this method, you can add such a technique of audience exchange as joint live broadcasts – this is how bloggers often do among themselves.

The market and role of micro-influencers on Instagram is also growing.

Increasingly, brands are turning to local influencers with a small subscriber base and good engagement. Unlike bloggers-millionaires, their communication under posts is not so spammed. In addition, the price tags are much more modest – and for some of the microbloggers, the coverage of stories is comparable to large accounts, it is enough to carefully study the statistics.

It is quite easy to select and filter bloggers for your niche, for example, using a special function from the trendHERO service:

Поиск и проверка микроинфлюенсеров

2. Drawings

In addition to mentioning brands, all kinds of raffles among bloggers and celebrities remain relevant: most often these are personal giveaways and contests in the comments to posts.

But the developers of Instagram in 2020 made it clear that the mechanics of giveaways with subscriptions to sponsors are officially prohibited – take, for example, giveaways Galkin and Timati. The posts of Russian stars were removed, as well as additional accounts for the giveaways. Average influencers, like small ones, still somehow “slip” among the moderators of the social network, but it becomes more difficult for celebs.

3. CPA

The popularity of working with bloggers using the CPA model is growing.

The advantage for business in this approach is payment for specific targeted actions and ease of fixing the results. Payment for registration by link, purchases and leads.

However, many bloggers are in no hurry to subscribe to such work, which is most likely associated with the use of all kinds of markups. If a blogger refuses to follow this model, I recommend that you carefully analyze his account and check the quality of the audience before buying an ad:

проверка блогеров на накрутку

4. Situational Marketing

Rock-solid, ad-hoc marketing continues to be the favorite for free viral promotion. The versatility of the method saves any niche.

The main thing to remember is a possible conflict of interest and the positioning of your company. Therefore, you need to choose news feeds as carefully as possible. For example, the support of the LGBT community has drawn sharp criticism from the Moscow restaurant Tanuki. Although all that was done – the background of the brand logo was changed to a rainbow one. A trifle, not nice, users responded on Instagram.

What can we say about the use of chauvinistic sentiments in advertising, feminists will not give a descent to any meme that humiliates the honor and dignity of the weaker sex (by the way, for the “weak” – we can also fly in). Suffice it to recall the scandal with Regina Todorenko and the consequences for her personal brand for inaccurate statements. Ridiculous statements are instantly spread and become objects of ridicule, both brands and ordinary users are involved:

ситуативный маркетинг

Situational marketing can easily turn you into a victim, it’s important to remember.

5. Target without deep links

Targeted advertising does not lose its relevance as a source of constant traffic.

Easy-to-customize post promotion to increase engagement through the Facebook Ads Center – even newbies can handle it. There is a great opportunity to target users who react to your products in the insta-shop (if there are tags) – it is suitable for online stores. At the same time, targeting with a racist bias was removed in the advertising office (it affected African Americans, Mexicans and Asians, of course). Optimized for growth in the subscriber base, setting up advertising through a mobile application is an especially relevant function, given that you can get a ban from ADS manager moderators for using deep links.

6. AR

Augmented AR reality is becoming commonplace. Meanwhile, bloggers and brands continue to build reach with creative masks. High conversions to subscriptions and sales have not yet been recorded, but coverage and virality have not been canceled – it’s only up to you and your fantasies.

It is enough to use insights from your target audience to make a demanded product into an intagram story.

In the Spark application, you can see the statistics of your mask: reached users, how many times they opened it, made a screen, saved it and how many times they shared it.

продвижение через маски в Instagram

7. Challenges in Stories

A completely free way to promote your Instagram is to participate in popular challenges.

Both bloggers and brands can get creative, go to the Top or the Recent section. Unfortunately, adding personal / individual challenges in story stickers is not yet available to mere mortals and small brands, so you can only join existing events. Who knows, maybe there will be positive changes in the Instagram policy and any users will be able to organize contests – for example, those with at least 100,000 subscribers.

8. Hashtags

Another shareware promotion method is hashtags.

I recommend using situational marketing to its fullest. The main thing is that the topic of the post matches the selected tag. Your best bet is to broadcast your opinion on news feeds rather than just posting popular hashtags in the hopes of reaching users.

9. Gamification

Gamification continues to gain momentum – these are mainly tests and polls in stories.

Play on the curiosity of the target audience and come up with non-standard approaches. Encourage more subscribers to participate in your tasks, encourage them to participate in your tasks and encourage them to share stories with your account tag or unique hashtag.

If you’re lucky, both micro-influencers and big bloggers will want to participate in your game – this can bring a decent number of subscribers to your account.

10. Charity

Last but not least on the list is charity and sponsorship. Choose a social area in whose life you want to participate – it can be the protection of the rights of women, transgender people, the environment, the protection of animals from extinction. Surely among the sympathizers, there will be your potential clients. State your position and follow it by helping the community.

We have listed all the possible white ways to promote Instagram in 2020 – both paid and free. If you notice that you missed one, we look forward to your comments! Good luck in promoting your business!

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