13 tips you need to know to easily promote a restaurant

13 tips you need to know to easily promote a restaurant

How to promote a restaurant easily? 13 tips to promote your restaurant. Knowing how to attract customers to your restaurant.

You own a restaurant and you are looking how to develop your clientele? You do not know how to go about promoting your restaurant effectively? This article is made for you.

You will find 13 tips to boost your restaurant and attract new customers to your establishment. It’s time for you to improve your restaurant’s communication to market yourself as a restaurateur.

Here are 13 effective ways to promote your restaurant to new customers.

Are you ready to attract more local customers to your restaurant? Let’s go!

1. Have a website to promote your restaurant

You ask yourself “ how to attract customers to your restaurant? “, start by showing yourself where people are looking for a restaurant, which is on Google.

To make your restaurant known easily, you absolutely must have a website that is correctly referenced and that will give all the information that your future customers are looking for (your menu, your opening hours and days, your address, if you offer a delivery service, etc.).

Your website is the heart of your restaurant brand, and it’s even more important now that people will order online. And in addition to being a real tool for attracting new customers, it will also allow you to retain your customers to encourage them to come back to visit you.

Make sure it contains these elements:

  • A simple home page that makes you want to visit your restaurant
  • An easy-to-read menu
  • A registration form for your newsletter
  • Online command button (if you offer it)
  • Reservation button
  • Icons for your social networks
  • A page with your contact information and address

Make sure that the texts and images on your site are of the best possible quality and encourage your visitor to come and taste the dishes of your restaurant. You can also present the history of your establishment, its owner, your team and share customer reviews.

The more you succeed in creating a universe that is specific to you, the more successful your restaurant communication will be.

site web promotion restaurant

2. Be present on social networks

Creating Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages is an essential way to promote your restaurant business in a local market. It is essential that you can use at least one of them to communicate directly with your community of customers or prospects.

These platforms are also a great way to publicly display positive reviews from your customers to the rest of the world. Do not deprive yourself of it.

instaboss promo

When it comes to catering, Facebook and Instagram remain the best platforms to promote you and your establishment. Instagram will allow you to publish beautiful photos of your establishment, your dishes or your team. Enough to attract customers to your restaurant.

Here are some key points you should consider when posting to social media.

feed instagram prouvoir restaurant

Post images of your restaurant

Make sure your photos are bright and full of color so they stand out on social media and best represent your offerings. Find out here how to take beautiful instagram photos.

Choose the right hashtags

Using hashtags such as # [Restaurant name] HappyHour, #restaurant [location] or #pizza will also help you gain more followers and therefore give your restaurant more visibility. Use them wisely.

Update your restaurant info

Social media is also a great way to keep customers informed of the latest changes in your business, such as new hours of operation, new company policies, or new products and services.

When posting, the timing should be strategic . For example, feature a tasty food item or special dish a few hours before lunch so customers have time to plan their order.

Ideally, posting a photo of food before eating is the best time to post, in the case of a restaurant.

Process customer reviews

Having a Yelp account encourages customers to write reviews, and since these accounts can exist even if you don’t create one, it’s important to have an official Yelp account.

Whether reviews are negative or positive, always treat comments in a friendly and professional manner.

You can also re-share positive comments on your social media to give them even more weight and encourage new people to do so.

Measuring your success on the networks

Finally, don’t forget to monitor the success of your social networks using measurement tools like Google Analytics and Hootsuite.

With these few points, you have the basics to launch your restaurant’s communication on social networks.

However, we remind you that the management of these platforms is a profession in its own right and that if you do not know how to use these tools, it is preferable to opt for one of these options:

  • Delegate to a community manager
  • Training
  • Automate your platforms

The InstaSchool training is currently one of the best Instagram training courses to develop your account.

And for those of you who are determined to boost their restaurant, here’s some more on Instagram bot use and Instagram automation.

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3. Integrate a newsletter into the restaurant’s communication

Integrate an email campaign into marketing plan for your restaurant is a great way to promote your restaurant and build customer loyalty.

The concept is simple, ask your customers to register (through your website and when they dine at your place) to receive a regular email from you. Once registered, you can send them a weekly or monthly email to share a new menu, a promotion to encourage them to come back or simply remind them that they have eaten well at your place and that they are welcome to come back.

The most important thing in this medium is to be authentic and to provide real information to your customers . You have successfully marketed your restaurant to these people and made them come back to boost your restaurant.

You don’t know how to go about it, read this article detailing how to run an email campaign.

4. Update the menu regularly

One of the best ways to promote your restaurant is to have regulars who come back regularly to taste your meals. They will then talk about it around them and promote your quality dishes.

And to encourage these people to come back, what better way than to offer them a menu that changes regularly?

Updating your menu regularly will encourage your customers to come back for a dish they love and which is available for a limited time or to come and discover your new products.

Having trouble creating your card? Use Canva. It’s free and easy .

Here are two examples of templates you can use for your restaurant’s communication:

menu restaurant canva exemple 1menu restaurant canva exemple 2

5. Create a customer loyalty program to boost your restaurant

Today, customer loyalty is more important than ever. If you don’t already have a loyalty program, now is the time to start.

A loyalty plan is an excellent way to build customer loyalty, but also to promote your restaurant for free . This is because people will tell their friends about it or compare the prizes they may have with their current points.

To implement this, several possibilities are available to you:

  • The good old card with a stamp on each visit
  • Use loyalty apps
  • Innovate. Find your own way to retain your customers.

Incorporate this into your marketing plan now to make it easier to advertise your restaurant.

6. Suggest new ideas for your restaurant

The number of restaurants is constantly increasing in every city in France, so you need to stand out . For that, you have to do your tests, try new things, come up with new products and new experiences.

Are there any unique products and services that you can offer? Special promotions that can attract more people to your restaurant? Your goal should be to create a buzz among your customers or prospects?

Here are examples of restaurant advertisements which can help you stand out and promote your restaurant:

  • Cooking workshops
  • Tastings
  • Event reception
  • Make one or more promotional videos
  • After their meal, offer customers a sheet with a simple recipe to make at home
  • Offer a special promotion every day of the week.
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7. Organize contests and games to attract customers to your restaurant

Organizing contests or games related to your restaurant can be a great way to encourage interactions with your customers and / or liven up your social networks.

For example, suggest to your customers to leave a positive opinion or to comment on one of your Instagram posts, to perhaps be drawn and choose the name of the dish that will be released next month on your new one menu. It’s up to you to be original and consistent with the image of your restaurant.

But I guarantee it will encourage word of mouth and attract new customers.

8. Use local media to promote your restaurant for free

Send out a press release when you have news to share about your restaurant. Be sure to also share the positive press on your website and on network pages to promote your restaurant to local customers.

9. Use effective keywords for SEO

You now have your site to advertise your restaurant, all you have to do is be well referenced on relevant queries.

When thinking of keywords for your restaurant, try entering queries that you think will be used by your prospects to find a restaurant in your category and region, such as “[your city] restaurants “,” [your food category] [your city] “and” restaurants in [your city] “.

Now that more and more people are looking for take out restaurants and ordering online, your site’s SEO is more important than ever.

10. Partner with delivery services

Today, customers expect to be able to order from most local restaurants through delivery services . You can also offer your own delivery services to meet these needs. The market leading applications are:

logo deliveroologo uber eats

11. Offer coupons and discounts to promote your restaurant

What better way to promote your restaurant business than by offering savings? Join a local online savings site, such as Groupon, to offer discounts where customers are already looking for local deals.

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12. Teaming up with local suppliers

If your budget allows, team up with a local vendor who specializes in fresh produce or ingredients, so you can both cross-promote your brands. What could be better than making your restaurant known by the person who supplies you with the products?

When two companies have the same goals, it’s a win-win situation.

Promote the products of the producer who provides you by clearly specifying the origin of your restaurant’s products to your customers and he will recommend you to his customers looking for a good place to eat.

13. Join the chamber of commerce in your region

Membership in your local chamber of commerce gives you valuable access to the local community and the ability to host events and parties for members.

You will also receive a link on their website, which can help you rank in the search engines. It can also help you connect with mentors , advisors and other professionals who will guide you in your efforts to boost your restaurant.

In conclusion: How to promote a restaurant?

We hope these 13 tips will help you better understand how to promote a restaurant and attract more local customers to your establishment.

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