20 concrete Instagram story ideas for your business

20 concrete Instagram story ideas for your business

Looking for new Instagram Stories ideas and examples for your account?

With more than 500 million daily users , this ephemeral content is becoming essential in the development of a marketing strategy on Instagram.

It is important to differentiate your editorial line from classic publications and your Stories, because the marketing purposes of these two types of visuals are complementary: when it is crucial to ensure optimize your profile To gain Instagram followers more easily, Stories will bypass the algorithm and remind your community that you exist.

The quality of the content offered will also be different in that classic posts remain permanently visible, when 99% of Stories disappear, with the exception of Featured Stories.

After having offered 20 ideas for marketing publications to post on Instagram, I will give you throughout this article 20 proposals for Stories to reproduce now with your community of subscribers.

1) Carry out surveys with your subscribers

Without a doubt, this is my favorite feature in Instagram Stories: polls . With it, you give yourself the opportunity to learn more about the wishes, knowledge, desires, behaviors or preferences of your subscribers on multiple topics.

You need, once your Story is produced, add a sticker on your photo / video, then select in the “Poll” list as below:

You will then have the possibility to write the text of your survey, then to personalize the two answers (it is possible to go beyond the basic “Yes” and “No”).

As soon as your survey is online, you will begin to receive aggregate and individual results in real time, that is, you will know who chose the left answer and the right answer.

On the side of the people participating in your survey, they are only informed of the results after they have provided their response, which avoids any potential bias.

So, what can be the different marketing uses of polling Instagram Stories?

Here are a few examples:

  • inquire about the tastes of subscribers concerning styles, colors or types of products, as Leroy Merlin does regularly
  • take the “temperature” of the mood of subscribers as Sézane does below:
  • find out more about their personality, their habits and the trips taken as regularly Swarovski :

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to Instagram polls!

And the real thing is, I have observed that Stories viewers are particularly inclined to give their answer, with a single click.

I think the “curiosity” factor comes into play here because it should titillate subscribers to have the results of other accounts in order to be able to compare themselves.

2) Encourage your subscribers to contact you by private message (and generate more traffic to your site


This second idea aims to use the chat window at the bottom of the screen for viewers of your Stories.

Instagram did not wish to give users the possibility of being able to leave public comments on this ephemeral content, only the opportunity to contact the sender account via their private messaging .

And the real advantage, when chatting with your DM subscribers (private messages), is that you have the possibility to share clickable links to generate traffic to your site, this which is more complicated when an account has less than 10,000 subscribers .

Why should your subscribers write to you in this way?

Here are some ideas they might want to talk to you about:

  • you will send them the link to download free useful content ( white paper , downloadable training, etc…)
  • you want to collect their individual and detailed opinion on your products & services
  • you want to communicate to them an offer specially reserved for those who make the effort to communicate with you

In this case, you will just have to simply be clear in your text message on your photo / video, certainly adding down arrows to make it clear to viewers your desire to encourage them to go private.

3) Arouse envy and curiosity thanks to countdown timers

Since the end of 2018, Instagram has introduced a sticker in the Stories aimed at allowing account holders to be able to create a form of waiting with their community, and this one is called the countdown .

Concretely, this sticker gives you the possibility to set a date on which the viewers of your Story will receive, if they wish, a notification.

Setting up the countdown is relatively easy: just add a name and set the end date for it.

You will also be able to change the main color by clicking on the color palette located at the top of the screen:

For example, take a look at what influencer Tibo Inshape has to offer in one of his Stories: a countdown to be informed of the release of his next Youtube video.


As soon as we click on the “>” to the right of the Instagram Story countdown, we get the possibility to:

  • receive a notification by clicking “Remind me”
  • share the countdown in my own Story

For what reasons may it be relevant for your brand to use the “Countdown” sticker?

Here are some examples:

  • you want to successfully communicate the launch of a new product / service
  • you want to share a surprise with your subscribers
  • you have important content to promote

4) Make your presence known in a place important for your brand

In certain cases, it is important for a company or an influencer to communicate on the presence of its collaborators in specific places or well known to the subscribers.

Very often, it will then be a question of giving the opportunity to the people consuming your Stories to be able to meet you during your presence at a trade show, a fair, an exhibition or during a pop- up store .

As a Story only has a lifespan of 24 hours, it allows the communication of actions implemented by the brand or the influencer in real time, and without any real risk of content obsolescence.

/ p>

To do this, you can, when producing your Story, choose to add a “Position” sticker to reference your slide in the overall Story of the place selected by you.


After clicking on it, you will access a location search engine.

You will then have to type the keywords corresponding to the place you want to associate with your content, and thus give it more visibility with people viewing the Story associated with it.


Why is it interesting to promote a place? If your business receives audiences, such as a hotel or restaurant, adding location to your Story is essential.

In other cases, it’s about getting subscribers to join us in real life, as is the case below for the jewelry brand Louyetu which invites the spectators of the Story to move in the referenced place:


By clicking on it, subscribers are redirected to the “Address” form informing us of the complete postal address to go to the physical store.


5) Give your subscribers the opportunity to ask you questions

Very often, it is necessary for influencers & brands to demonstrate pedagogy in their communication, especially when it comes to marketing products & services.

It is perfectly possible to offer visitors to your profile Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) directly in the form of a Featured Story, where you list the answers to the most common questions.

You have two possibilities to establish this fair:

  • from your experience, you know what are the problems or questions the most asked by your customers
  • you use the sticker “ Questions ” of the Stories to give the opportunity for your customers & prospects to know more about what you are marketing

In the second case, all you have to do is go to the Instagram Stories sticker list then to click on “Questions” as below:


Then you will see an insert appear on your “Ask me a question” Story, which you can of course change the text, main color and location.


So, in which cases would it be interesting to share Instagram Stories with this sticker?

Here are some examples:

  • you are launching a new service or product that needs additional explanations
  • you are opening a new physical store and want to give prospects / customers the opportunity to learn about the catalog and schedules opening
  • you give the floor to a celebrity / influencer / boss of your business on your Instagram account and you want your followers to be able to ask him questions

The company My Protein offers on its Instagram account a featured Story (permanent) aiming to identify the best questions from subscribers (certainly considered the most useful) as well as their answers.

Here is an example below:


6) Ask for the level of appreciation of a product / service / idea with the Emoji Slider

Beyond offering a simple survey allowing only two choices of response to subscribers, often being diametrically opposed, it is possible to collect the feeling of your community more precisely with what is called the

u> Emoji Slider .


With this sticker that is added to an Instagram Story, the viewer can give his opinion on a rating scale without numbers: the more the cursor is positioned to the right, the more the Internet user communicates a strong feeling for the content proposed.

The configuration of this Emoji Slider is not very complicated: you just have to write a text, choose the associated emoticon and the main color of the sticker.


When is it interesting to use the Emoji Slider for a brand or an influencer?

I think it is relevant to offer this type of sticker when:

  • you want to know the level of interest of subscribers in a product / service
  • you want to know more about the tastes of your community by presenting consumption suggestions
  • you want to know the opinion of Internet users concerning news related to national or international news

For example, the cosmetics company Nocibé shared a Story in which she asks her subscribers’ level of appreciation for a range of lipsticks. We also have the average user response.


7) Test the knowledge of your subscribers with the Quiz

The possibility of offering MCQ (Multiple choice questions) with the “ Quiz ” sticker is a particularly original way to make your subscribers think for a few moments, and raise awareness of your products, services or industry.


Setting up a knowledge test is fairly straightforward: you must first write the question text, then write a minimum of two answer choices, a maximum of four.

You will be asked to press the correct answer, which will turn green on this occasion. Like the other stickers, you can choose to change the main color.

Interestingly, there is a quiz generator available in the middle of the screen if you run out of ideas, accessible by clicking on the dice icon.


When does it make sense to offer a quiz to your Instagram followers?

Beyond involving members of your community and promoting your positioning in the algorithm, I think it is relevant to publish a knowledge test when you want to:

  • know the level of understanding of Internet users on your products & services
  • teach important information to your subscribers relating to your field of activity

The company Ptitchef.com regularly offers quizzes to its subscribers on the theme of cooking, vegetables and drinks. These are grouped together in a featured Story called “Quiz”.


8) Create a private group discussion with your best customers

Launched in 2019, this feature is accessible through a dedicated sticker called Discussion .

The idea here is to offer 32 people the opportunity to chat via private Instagram messaging.

You have control over who will have access to this conversation, and can decide when you want to end it.


The configuration of this sticker is simple: you just have to name the discussion and optionally change the main color.


Why is it interesting to start private discussion sessions with your community?

Here are a few:

  • you want to reward your most loyal and engaged customers with discount coupons
  • you want to carry out brainstorming sessions in order to get new ideas from products, services or others

9) Generate traffic to a page of your website

This option is reserved for account holders who are certified or have more than 10,000 subscribers.

It is possible for these people & brands to be able to add a clickable link such as “Swipe up” or “Voir plus” (in French) in their Instagram Stories.

To access the linked web page, simply slide the Story screen upwards.

How do I add a clickable link in a Story?

It’s very simple: just click on the “Paperclips” type icon at the top of the Story production screen, as shown below:


This will then allow visitors to your Stories to be able to very easily go to a page of one of your products, for example.

In the case below, the company Habitat shared a clickable Story promoting a lantern, then redirecting us to the e-commerce page where we can buy it.


Why is it interesting to share links in an Instagram Story?

  • promote a product / service page
  • share a blog article
  • encourage download of a white paper or free training
  • collect donations
  • promote job offers

10) Promote your last Instagram post

Sometimes there are Instagram posts that are especially important to your business, and you want to reach as many followers as possible with them.

In this case, it can be particularly interesting to share a post in one of your Instagram Stories.

How to share a post in Instagram Story ?

It’s very simple: go to the post you want to repost in Story, then click on the “small paper plane” icon located at the bottom left of the visual. You will then have the option “Add a post to your Story”.


You will then have all the customization features offered in “classic” Stories.


Why is it interesting to share a classic post in an Instagram Story?

Here are a few reasons:

  • promote a new product / service
  • communicate an important event

11) Promote your job offers

Chances are there are some potential candidates for your jobs among your Instagram followers. It is therefore very interesting to share your vacancies through your Instagram Stories.

There is not yet a sticker dedicated to promoting job vacancies, but maybe one day it will happen for business accounts .

The company M.Moustache shares in a dedicated Story called “We are recruiting” collaboration opportunities.


12) Promote content created by your users / customers

Some brands have already gotten into the habit of sharing customer-produced posts on their profiles, and don’t hesitate to do so in Instagram Stories as well.

Why is it interesting to share the content created by your customers in Stories?

I see multiple reasons:

  • you value a happy customer
  • you show the rest of the community that you have happy customers
  • you use effortlessly created free content

The Maisons du Monde company has created a featured Story called “Chez vous” in which it groups together publications initially posted by clients, highlighting products marketed by this one.


13) Share the manufacturing methods of your products / services

If the quality of your products is an important selling point for your brand, it might be worth sharing in Instagram Stories how they are made.

This is for example the choice of the company Le Slip Français which, through a dedicated Story called “Fabricaslip”, shares videos where we see production aspects of its clothing.


14) Show behind the scenes with photos & videos of your offices

In this case, it is more a question of promoting your Employer Brand through your Instagram communication, that is to say that you seek to attract potential candidates to join your company.

Beyond disseminating job offers, it will be interesting here to share life within the company, when employees are working but also when they are relaxing.

This is the case for example of the company Hootsuite which, through a dedicated Story called “Recruiter AMA” (Ask Me Anything), offers videos of ‘interviews with collaborators.


15) Share “Before / After” photos

This Instagram Story idea is particularly interesting for all professionals offering services where we judge the level of transformation of a person or a place.

I am thinking, for example, of interior architects, personal image and makeover consultants, beauty institutes, but not only.

Camille Hermand of the company Camille Architectures regularly shares “Before / After” content in her Stories so that we can see the impact of her work on the different places. – here is renovating.


16) Demonstrate the quality of your services & products with customer reviews

For some companies, reassuring prospects of their level of knowledge and expertise is very important.

Indeed, before going through a professional marketing services, the potential customer can legitimately ask the question: is my interlocutor really competent and can I trust him?

Yoga teacher Alena Gaponova offers a dedicated featured Story listing many testimonials from satisfied clients.


17) Broadcast a live event with the “Live” feature

Is something important going on in your business? Want to give your followers the ability to ask questions of a public figure or celebrity through your Instagram account?

The “ Live ” Instagram Stories mode can be particularly adapted to your communication needs.

This is accessible from the production phase of the photo / video of your Story, by selecting it at the bottom of your screen:


As soon as you click on “Live stream”, your live session will start instantly, and your subscribers will receive a notification about it.

Many options are available on this occasion, namely:

  • write messages
  • add filters and lenses
  • share privately
  • import photos from the camera roll of your smartphone

Once the live is over, several options will be available to you:

  • save live video in your phone memory
  • share live video in your Instagram Story
  • do not share live video by unchecking the option sharing, which will give you a “Drop” button instead of “Share”

18) Share useful tips for your Instagram follower community

I find that a real shift is happening over the years on Instagram in the type of content that users search for.

We are moving more and more from “beautiful” publications to “useful” publications, having an impact on the daily life of subscribers.

In this context, why not share expert advice or simple tips in your Instagram Stories?

No matter what industry you are in, there are always things your clients / prospects don’t know, and would be especially happy to learn to be more effective.

For example, Marmiton offers a featured Story called “Green Tip” in which the site shares explanations on how to better choose foods & ingredients.


19) List all of your collaborations with influencers

Do you regularly work with Instagram influencers ?

If so, you might want to share with your entire community the partners you trust to build your brand visibility.

This is because when you collaborate with a popular Instagram user, your followers may not be aware of it because they are not following that person.

It can therefore be particularly interesting to share it in your Instagram Stories.

The company Bande à part offers a featured Story called “Influence” in which it lists a lot of content relating to collaborations:


20) Reserve exclusive content for “Close friends”

Did you know that you can only share an Instagram Story to a tight list of users of your choice?

This is enabled by the Close Friends feature.

To access this list, go to your Instagram profile, click on the three horizontal lines at the top right of your screen then click on “Close friends”:


You will then be prompted to add accounts to this list. There is no limit to the number of additions.

A search engine will be offered to find the accounts to add, as well as suggestions based on your subscriptions.


To broadcast a Story to this list of accounts, click on “Close Friends” at the bottom of the screen after producing your photo / video as a Story.


In which cases is it relevant to use this feature?

You want:

  • offer an exclusive promotional code to your most engaged subscribers
  • send an invitation to your best customers
  • send information only to your collaborators

Your “close friends” will be notified of this specific content by a green circle instead of purple around your Story.


To go further:


Trainer & social-media consultant, I am the author of the” Box tools of the Community Manager ”published by Editions Dunod. I have trained several thousand employees in the professional use of social networks since 2011.

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