20 marketing post ideas to post on Instagram

20 marketing post ideas to post on Instagram

What to post on Instagram for a business?

It’s common when you run an account that you run out of ideas for posts to distribute to your subscribers. But rest assured, this is not inevitable! Once you’ve read this article, you’ll have no excuse to design your content calendar and continue to gain followers regularly.

Always keep the following points in mind when producing an Instagram post:

  1. Will the photo / video be of interest to my subscribers?
  2. Is the photo / video of good visual quality?
  3. Does the post keep the same codes & graphic charter as your old photos / videos?
  4. do I post at the best times ?
  5. is the caption of my publication is well optimized?

Promote your products

For all brands selling physical products, Instagram is an essential social network to promote them. So, what are the different ways to promote what you are selling, in order to create envy with your followers?

1) Suggestions for consumption

Your (potential) customers always need to visualize in the most concrete way possible how your products will look in real life.

We didn’t have to wait for Instagram to see this type of post, but it is all the more important, on our small smartphone screens, to have a good overview of the size of the products, but also the way to use them through consumption suggestions.

In the example below, Louyetu offers us a visual on which we see several products on a human arm, which gives ideas of jewelry combinations, with a clear overview of the size of each of the products.

2) “Catalog” type photos

It’s a classic: the photo on a white background aimed at highlighting the characteristics of a product is a common type of post on Instagram.

In the example below, Claudie Pierlot offers us a photo of a pair of shoes on a beige background, aiming to highlight the strengths of the product.

3) Stages / situation

Scenarios are perfect for reflecting on current events. Whether it’s vacations, parties, public holidays or sporting competitions: it is often interesting to try to create a connection between what interests the subscriber and your brand.

The company Merci Handy shared on its Instagram account a photo publication in which it presents one of its products against a turquoise blue sea background, on the occasion of the summer holidays.

4) Content created by users

What could be better than a customer who is satisfied with your products to showcase on your Instagram account?

It has become very common for brands to have a real strategy for using user-created content when building their editorial calendar.

Here, it is not a question of saying as a company “Look how beautiful / useful / good my products are” but rather “Look, other people have trusted us, and why not you? ».

The Daniel Wellington watch brand regularly publishes publications initially posted by customers, as is the case for example below:

5) The product manufacturing process

Showing the finished products on your Instagram feed is important, but have you ever thought about promoting the way these are made as well.

It is often interesting, especially when strong commercial arguments are displayed in biography and other communication media, to share behind the scenes via Instagram posts.

This is what Le Slip Français regularly offers, by sharing photos & videos of the product manufacturing processes.

Promote your services

Having an Instagram account isn’t just beneficial for companies selling physical products. Many media & service providers also have an interest in developing their presence on Instagram.

It has become common for prospects to take a professional’s Instagram account to judge their expertise. And this can be demonstrated in different ways.

So how do we come up with ideas for publications when we “apparently” have nothing to show?

6) Achievements of services

Some professions have the opportunity to showcase the impact of their work with clients.

I am thinking in particular of interior designers who have the opportunity to share “Before / After” publications of the houses & apartments they are renovating.

In the example below, Lise Compain shared an Instagram post where she shows the impact of her work on updating an apartment.

7) Advice

For many companies, it is important to reassure potential customers by demonstrating concrete expertise. And when it is not possible to offer a “Before / After” post like above, sharing useful tips is a good approach.

I regularly post tips on my Instagram account to guide you in ever more professional use of the social network.

8) Tutorials

Beyond sharing simple tips & tricks that you can understand in seconds, you could also, if that makes sense for your brand, share slightly longer tutorials to follow and apply, in the hope of achieving a specific objective.

In the example below, the site 750 grams shares a full recipe in the caption of their Instagram post. With the save functionality available to all users, they can easily keep this useful manual for future use.

9) White paper promotions

In some cases, you will not be offering all the expert content for free access to the Internet user. It is not a question of charging, but of setting up an entry barrier, in this case a form to fill out, in order to receive the useful document in its entirety.

Several names are possible: white papers, downloadable training, ebooks, online courses, etc…

This is what the Hubspot Academy account regularly offers, prompting in the post below to click on the link in the biography to access the promised content.

10) New products promotions

Having an Instagram account should also allow you to post the latest news / services from your business. Do you offer more choices in your catalog? Does your flagship software have a new feature?

The slightest news of importance can then be published on your account.

For example, the company Buffer announced via a post the arrival of a new option on its website. She explains in detail what this new addition to the legend is all about.

Share your brand values ​​

Your Instagram communication is not only used to promote your products & services: it must also allow your subscribers to understand your different values, as well as the marketing positioning of your company.

So, in concrete terms, how do you share these elements of intangible communication through Instagram posts?

11) Customer testimonials

We have seen previously that some brands reuse content produced by customers to feed their Instagram account. But have you ever thought about promoting testimonials from your satisfied customers?

Beyond simple content demonstrating how “great” your brand is, dig a little deeper into the thinking and imagine a subtle approach to enhance your consumers.

The jewelry brand Gemmyo regularly posts on its Instagram TV channel interviews with client couples, a preview of which is offered on the classic publication thread.


12) Quotes to inspire subscribers

If you spend time on Instagram, you’ve probably seen quotes posted by the accounts you follow. And it’s no accident: for many reasons, it makes sense to post quotes from time to time on an Instagram account:

  • they can quickly arouse emotions in people reading them
  • they often generate a lot of interactions, (likes and comments) which is good to be favored by the algorithm Instagram
  • they allow you to share your brand values ​​

In the example below, the company Grace et Rose shares a quote from the poet Edgar Allen Poe.


13) Supported projects / causes

Does your company defend specific causes? Is it committed to defending the environment, heritage or for equal rights? It is interesting to share this in your Instagram communication.

Le Slip Français has published a photo to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Louvre, most certainly to show its attachment to French culture.


14) Brand lexicons

Some companies use repetitive terms in their communication or at least from the same universe. The most important thing is to manage to “sweat” the values ​​of your brand through these elements of language.

The clothing brand Sézane has published a playful image in which it lists expressions related to the field of love and couples.


15) Photos promoting the universe of the brand

Sometimes it’s good not to post product posts to talk a little more about the places your brand holds dear.

Are these “trendy” destinations? Places where the brand was created?

Sandro Paris regularly shares photos of this type:


Work your Employer Brand

For many B2B companies, Instagram is not intended to generate more customers, but rather to increase the number of applications to Human Resources departments.

In this case, other types of publications will be preferred to feed your Instagram account.

16) Interviews of collaborators

It is always interesting to hear the point of view of people in specific positions within the companies we want to apply to.

Several formats will be possible: the image with a quote, the image with the interview in caption, the video interview, etc …

Dassault Systèmes regularly shares strong quotes from its employees on its “Careers” account:


17) The causes defended by the company

Does your company defend one or more cause (s)?

It might be interesting to share this on your Instagram account, and show how your people are helping you achieve certain goals.

In the example below, the publishing company Hachette demonstrates its desire to promote the professional integration of young graduates from modest social backgrounds.


18) Arguments to convince you to join

Do you offer something more than your competitors when it comes to working conditions?

If so, it might be interesting to talk about it on your Instagram account in the form of posts.

Salesforce informs that it has been voted “Great Place To Work” for the second time in a row below:


19) Company backstage shares

What happens in your company when your employees are not working?

If you are organizing teambuilding or sports activities, it may be relevant to post them on your Instagram account.

This is the case, for example, of the company L’Oréal , which regularly shares publications in which we see employees exercising.


20) Employee reposts

Employees in your company may be asked to share Instagram posts related to their work during their time in the office.

You could then perfectly take this content, and share it on the company’s account.

This is for example what is offered below by Capgemini , with a reposted post from an employee of the company.


To go further:


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