22 best text games for Instagram

22 best text games for Instagram

Gamification is one of the ways to keep your audience’s attention. Using games for Instagram, you not only pay attention to your blog, but also get feedback. You can also advertise products, increase reach, increase engagement, motivate your subscribers to buy. Plus, everyone loves engaging interactive content, and Instagram’s ranking algorithms love the likes, views and comments they bring.

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Why use text games on Instagram

The world’s largest brands have been using game mechanics to promote their business for several years now. Games on Instagram also work great. This is perhaps one of the best legal ways to increase profile engagement, which is known to be the main factor influencing Instagram rankings.

Games allow you to naturally increase engagement in your account by enticing subscribers with a bunch of likes, comments, saves, inviting them to take part in a short exciting interactive.

There are several reasons why gamification works:

  • Games are always fun, and the spirit of competition fuels natural excitement.
  • Non-standard catchy content always contributes to natural promotion and increased reach, as users themselves are willing to share it.
  • Games generate interest and force users to actively interact with the content as they require feedback.
  • If the game is thematic, invented individually for your subscribers, and not copied, this will favorably set you apart from competitors.
  • Game tasks may require users to actively interact with each other. And the more such interactions, the higher the profile engagement.

Gamification looks natural, fresh, it is really interesting for users and is useful for promoting an account.

Instagram game formats

First of all, you need to decide on the format and goals of the games. They can act as one-off events to increase engagement, or regular interactive content that will keep your subscribers from getting bored.

Games can be published in several formats:

  • Stories is a direct user touch format that’s great for playing games. Story games require a minimum of user time for action.
  • Posts allow you to convey useful information to users. They are ideal for collecting feedback, comments, user generated content.

текстовые игры в инстаграм

Instagram provides a huge number of tools to get the most out of your creativity. Everyone will be able to come up with an exciting game for their subscribers. And if inspiration is not enough, you can use ready-made ideas.

Best games in posts

We have collected all the TOP games for Instagram that can cheer up your subscribers, attract interest in a brand, product, and increase the engagement rate in the profile. You can adapt each of them to the theme of your account and include a monthly plan in the content.

Tell a story

Invite your subscribers to speak out by opening the “Club of anonymous … anyone” in your profile. The essence of the game is to invite users to tell their story regarding the topic of the post, or in any other way related to your account.

If you have a personal blog, then any topic can be set. For example: “How did you meet your soul mate,” “The most vivid impression in your life,” and so on. In the case of a commercial account, you can invite your subscribers to come up with what the story of your brand was, reflect on the logo. You can run a contest for the best story and reward active users with pleasant surprises.

The mechanics of the game allows you to collect comments and user-generated content, chat with subscribers. You can also vote for the best story in Stories and thereby increase engagement there as well.

Insta Points

Reward users for their activity. Using the sub.by service, you can connect the counting of users’ active actions to your account, and then tell them that points will be awarded for activity on the blog. It will be possible to exchange the accumulated points, for example, for gifts or discounts. You can check the number of points in a special regularly updated table, a link to which you can place in Stories or in the profile header.

This interactive tool works great for the long term and is a great addition to the rest of the games on your profile. It can help you increase your organic profile reach, engagement, and new subscribers.

Choice of options

Sometimes you can arrange a kind of quest, the participants of which could make a choice for you. For example, arrange a vote on what color to dye your hair or what tattoo to get.

опрос в инстаграм

Subscribers like to influence the life of their idols, so these posts usually get a lot of comments and likes.


Give your subscribers Like-time and give each other activity. For like time, place a post in your account where you ask subscribers:

  • like the post;
  • write any comment;
  • like the three previous commenters;
  • reply to commenters “Done”.

Activity can attract thousands of likes and comments to an account, which naturally positively affects the overall statistics and ranking of a profile.

Rate profile

Create a post in which you invite your subscribers to rate the profile of the previous commentator, his ava, profile header. People love to voice their opinions, which is why poll games always attract attention and get a lot of comments.


Labyrinth is a popular game for promoting any product. The promoted product, as a rule, is placed in the center of the labyrinth and users are invited to help it find a way out. The correct answer should be posted in the comments, and the winner is usually rewarded with a gift “released” from the labyrinth, or a discount on it.

лабиринт в Инстаграм

Best photo

Invite subscribers to choose the best photo from the carousel. So you can learn more about their preferences, as well as collect the activity you need to increase the ranking of your profile.

Describe your day with emoticons

This is another interaction that allows you not only to lure users of activity, but also to get to know them better. The mechanics of the game are simple – just post a post where you invite subscribers to express their emotions for the day using a few emoticons.

Word or city game

The game of words or cities familiar to everyone from childhood, where each next participant must name a city or a word starting with the last letter of the previous one, is now popular on Instagram.

With this game in Russian you can entertain your followers and get a lot of comments from them.

Continue the phrase

Place a post where you start telling a story and interrupt the story at the most interesting place, inviting your subscribers to dream up the further development of events, continuing the phrase of the previous commentator.


The “Continue Phrase” game will definitely amuse your subscribers and collect hundreds of comments.

Guess from the photo

Anything can be encrypted into an image – a movie, a word, a city, a street name. The task of subscribers is to guess what you wanted to show with a picture. And for motivation, you can use various types of incentives.

Instagram games of this kind are ideal to increase user activity and remind them of a product or service.

Compose a phrase

Invite your followers to compose a phrase that would describe any field of activity from random words selected from the proposed list, for example, by month and date of birth.

This game will definitely amuse your subscribers, and will collect many non-one-word comments.

Story Games

Игры в сторис

Screenshot prediction

This game requires Stories functionality. In the story, you will need to upload a video, which is a rapidly changing picture with random predictions. In the description for the video, set the topic of fortune-telling and invite subscribers to make their own screenshot prediction and share the result in the comments.


Anyone can use a divination topic. For example: “How will you spend tonight”, “Who will you go on vacation with”, “How will you celebrate the new year” and much more.


Post the original of a photo and invite subscribers to screen it and add an object to the original image in their Stories. With the help of such an interactive experience, both you and your subscribers will have an interesting story. And if you are selling on Instagram, then you can natively advertise your product in this way.

Authors of the best works can be rewarded with incentive prizes.

10 facts about me

Share 10 facts about yourself with subscribers, and include a few fictional ones on the list. Post 1 fact in Stories every hour or every day, and use Stories polls to invite subscribers to vote on whether it’s true or not.

At the end of the game, take stock and reward the smartest subscriber, post them on your profile, or give them a discount or a gift.

Battle for the hype

Vote for the best category or product to find out what exactly your subscribers like best. Based on the results of the game, you can arrange a promotion for the winning product, thereby motivating subscribers to purchase. Aside from this obvious bonus from playing, you’ll also get an organic boost in Stories reach as people constantly interact with the content to make their choice.

Spot the Difference

The essence of the game is that two almost identical images are published in the History, differing in only a few details. The user’s task is to find these differences, and for this he will have to repeatedly look through the History.


Submit the correct answers the next day, and reward the most attentive users with incentive prizes.


Put on the show “What? Where? When?” for your subscribers by asking multiple choice questions in Stories. Winners can be rewarded with gifts, discounts, or simply mentioned in your account.

Questions always get a lot of comments. And in this case, you will also let your subscribers shine with erudition.

Catch me if you can

The essence of the game is to capture a fast moving object in the center with a screenshot. To create game props you will need:

  • cut an object;
  • draw its outline in the center;
  • create several shots with different positions of the subject in relation to the contour, including in its center.

From the captured images, compose a video with fast and frequent frame changes. Then invite users to catch the object in the center of the outline with a screenshot, and send the result to Direct or in a comment.

This interactive is great for promoting products, makes subscribers spend a lot of time watching content, and builds up a healthy excitement.

Those who managed to catch the object must be rewarded with an incentive prize for their efforts.

Detective story

Invite your subscribers to play detectives by asking them to solve the riddle. To play the game, you will need to create several Stories. In the first, describe the beginning of the situation. On the following, describe what happened, periodically offering subscribers different options for the main character of the detective.

Interactive will help grab the audience’s attention, make subscribers think, share their guesses, which in turn will increase the natural reach of Stories.

Fortune-telling by the book

The game mechanics are very simple – users write the page number and line number in the comments, and the blogger reads the prediction for them and publishes it in Stories. Thus, you can:

  • collect comments under the post;
  • increase Story views;
  • just make a friendlier contact with your readers.

Guess what’s hidden

Upload photos to stories and paint over a single item. Then invite your followers to guess what is hidden in the photo. Prizes can be gifted to the first few who give away.


Such gamification of Instagram is suitable for both personal blogs and company profiles. Bloggers can use any photos from everyday life, and companies can post pictures of models advertising the product. In any of the options, comments and user activity are guaranteed.

Examples of finished games

Опросы в эмоджи сторисИгра в сторис выборопрос в инстаграм0опрос в инстаграм1опрос в инстаграм2опрос в инстаграм3опрос в инстаграм4опрос в инстаграм5опрос в инстаграм6опрос в инстаграм7

Tips and tricks

Instagram gamification is a productive way to grow your account. With games, your followers can have fun on your posts. In return, you will receive likes, comments and increased engagement. But all this is true only if the Instagram games are composed correctly.

Let’s consider a few subtleties for creating high-quality game content:

  • Customize games for your account. The article offers basic ideas for conducting games. If you want them to look organic in your profile and be really useful for it, then they should definitely be adapted to the desired topic, linked to your products or services.
  • Correct design. Make sure that the design of the game post is not only informative, but also visually attractive. It is recommended that you add brand mentions or emphasize the account owner in some way so that users know who they are playing with.
  • Describe the mechanics in detail. When posting a game, make sure that you explain its mechanics in an accessible and understandable way, and do not leave out a single detail. If users don’t understand how to play, they simply won’t do it.
  • Choose the optimal difficulty level. Don’t make your games too complicated, because few people want to spend hours solving your problem. And too simplified games do not look interesting. Choose a medium difficulty level. Focus on the preferences of your followers and the amount of time they are theoretically willing to spend on games.
  • Share your results promptly. Everyone wants to know who the winner is.

Games on Instagram are a legal and practically free way to gain the attention of your audience and entertain them. But for all the fun, it’s worth taking this content seriously. It is worth using the skills of not only a marketer and showman, but also a psychologist.

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