Instagram statistics online is information about an account and its subscribers. It allows you to find out how many users visited the profile, how many of them performed a certain action on the page (like, viewed posts, wrote comments). Analysis of statistics allows you to determine the best topics for new content, the optimal posting time, the most effective tags.

Why track statistics

Statistical data includes the following information:

  • number of followers;
  • number of likes and comments;
  • number of post views;
  • audience reach;
  • other parameters.

Based on the listed indicators, you can determine other parameters: audience growth rate, average number of likes and comments, engagement index. This will allow you to compare different profiles, which is important if you plan to order ads from an influencer. Also, statistics will be useful to determine which type of publication is most popular with followers. Based on this, it will be possible to develop a promotion plan: you will publish content that is similar to what your followers have already liked.

In addition, monitoring statistical data makes it possible to determine the effectiveness of the promotion. For example, you are in the business of selling bags. You upload pictures of your showroom accessories taken by a photographer. He selects the most favorable lighting and frame processing. But you have doubts about how attractive this or that model looks to a potential buyer against the background offered by the photographer. Therefore, you decide to capture your products in a sock, that is, take a photo of bags on models in different looks. This idea sounds great to you, but the photographer thinks otherwise.

Having analyzed the statistical data of different types of publications, it will be possible to resolve the controversial situation, determining whether the new type of content will be more effective.

How to view statistics on Instagram

You can find out statistical data in 2 ways: by means of a social network and through trendHERO. In the first case, viewing statistics is available only for commercial profiles. To connect a business account, you need to go to “Settings”, select the “Account” section and click on “Switch to company profile”.

бизнес аккаунт

Official Instagram app

To view statistics in the Instagram app, go to the Statistics subsection. The social network gives access to the following parameters:

  • impressions;
  • reach;
  • account views;
  • clicks on a link to a web resource;
  • clicks by email link;
  • engagement rate;
  • number of likes and comments;
  • the number of times the publication was saved.

Statistics from trendHERO

The trendHERO service is a great tool for finding and analyzing Instagram accounts. This service provides access to detailed analytics with subsequent reports. trendHERO offers over 90 metrics and the ability to view statistics not only for your account, but also for other personal and business profiles.

You can view audience statistics (gender, location, interests, language), the percentage of real, suspicious, commercial subscribers among followers. Using the service, you can find out the ER of the account, the number of likes and comments to the post. There are also subscriber analysis charts – you will see how the number of subscribers is growing, as well as how many people have unfolded over the past 4 weeks.

Using trendHERO, you can find out the distribution of likes between posts, the most effective hashtags, the most popular mentions in a given account, and much more. In addition, through the service, you can search for influencers for cooperation, as well as immediately check their accounts.

How to work with trendHERO tools for analyzing statistics

To start using the service, go to its official website. Instagram stats are only available to those users who have created an account with trendHERO. The number of free checks is limited. But you can buy advanced functionality – 3 tariffs are offered.


To register a profile, click on the “Register” button at the top right of the main page. To register, you will need to provide your email and password. It is possible to instantly create a profile through your Google account. If you chose to register by e-mail, then a letter will be sent to it, following the link in which you need to go to activate your account. Authorization in the service is performed by e-mail and password.

регистрация на trendhero

Find and verify your account

To find and analyze a profile, you need to go to the “Dashboard” section of your account. Write the nickname of the required blogger in the appropriate line and click on the “Check” button. The analysis process will start, after which you will be shown various metrics.

Explanation of metrics

To perform fundamental analysis, you must be able to decipher the metrics.

Cheat check

TrendHERO can be used to determine the audience quality of an account . The system will show the composition of the blog followers, real and suspicious subscribers. In addition, you can find out additional parameters, for example, availability. This indicator characterizes the number of mass followers who are unlikely to notice an advertising publication in their own feed.

тип аудитории

There is a function for a separate display of the audience type that puts likes.

тип аудитории

Check demographics

There are 2 significant parameters included in the demography: the presence of a markup and the target audience of the account. When cheating, you may notice a discrepancy between the followers’ schedule and those who put likes.


To identify the target audience, you need to look at the location of followers by city, state, as well as their gender. All this is necessary in order not to be mistaken with geography. This is especially important if you are looking for local bloggers. For example, an influencer may live in Tomsk, but most of his followers will be from other cities. In this case, you definitely shouldn’t cooperate with this blogger in promoting the Tomsk restaurant.

In addition, trendHERO provides data on audience preferences . The collection of information is carried out by subscriptions of blog followers. The system analyzes the profile, after which it determines who the followers are subscribed to. This is a useful feature if you want to create a portrait of your target audience.

Check profile for cheat free

Growth analysis

This is a very significant metric if you want to check the blog owner on social media. It allows you to determine cheating, participation in gives, mass following, abandoned profiles. For example, the graph for the account of a frequent giveaway member looks like this:

прирост подписчиков

A blog that develops organically will have the following timeline:

нормальный прирост подписчиков

It is also worth paying attention to the growth of subscriptions. This graph will also look unusual for giveaways and mass followers. The system shows reliable charts, and any cheating action can be immediately noticed in the dynamics of followers and subscriptions.

Analysis of publications and comments

This includes the following parameters:

  1. Likes. To check the influencer, you need to pay attention to the percentage of likes from followers. Publications with mentions are marked in blue on the chart. If the system shows a lot of likes not from subscribers, it means that the blogger used a cheat. It is possible that it is very popular, but does not arouse interest among the audience.
  2. Comments. Through trendHERO, you can define the type of comments in your account, identifying posts from real / suspicious users among them. The blogger’s comments show how often he communicates with his own subscribers. The ratio of short (up to 4 words) and long comments characterizes the engagement of followers in the blog topic. The more real blog comments, the higher the quality of the audience.
  3. Distribution of likes and comments. This indicator should be in the range of 40-100%. If the distribution is too small, it should be suspicious – it indicates that the blog owner is using a cheat. In addition, it is abnormal if the distribution is too high – it indicates the cheat of a particular publication. Also, according to the distribution schedule of likes and comments, you can identify givas. If one of the points of the diagram gets out of the general picture, most likely it is either a give or another similar event.

Mention Analysis

TrendHERO allows you to determine who has been mentioned in posts by blog owners. In the example below, you can see ads.

Visible whom Polina mentions. So we know that she does not advertise everything.

The system shows which brands the blogger has promoted, so that the advertiser can determine whether to collaborate with an influencer.

Audience analysis

Recently, a new advanced module has appeared on the trendHERO service – tracking. It is ideal for daily analysis of content and account statistics, allows you to monitor the growth of subscribers. Moreover, you can check both your own and someone else’s account through trendHERO tracking.

Tracking provides graphs of subscriber and subscription growth. The first one will be useful for analyzing your account. The tool will help you determine the real growth of your account. Unlike the rather meager Instagram statistics, where you can see information only for the last 7 days or a month, trendHERO has a convenient and functional calendar. On it, you can select any time interval, view information for any month, day or year. The subscriber growth chart consists of two parts: cumulative and daily.


The subscription growth graph will show how often an account is subscribed to and unsubscribed from other users. This tool is useful for analyzing someone else’s account. It can be used to easily find mass following or giveaway.

регистрация на trendhero0

Audience Engagement

The graph will show how the Engagement Rate is changing on the account. By tracking how engagement rises and falls in accordance with the days, you can understand which posts are more popular with followers, and which ones do not attract their attention.

регистрация на trendhero1

Followers from mentions

This is a cool tool for tracking the effectiveness of ordered ads. The graph shows how the number of subscribers changed after the mentions of the profile. Below the graph are the marks – here you can see who mentioned the account and in which posts. Above the mark is a blue bar with an increase in subscribers or a red one with the number of unsubscriptions.

регистрация на trendhero2

Likes and Comments

The graph will show how many likes and comments the posts have collected, which posts are more popular with subscribers, and which ones cause a heated discussion. Click on the post to see it in full (including the video).

регистрация на trendhero3

Post dynamics analysis

Here you can see how many posts were published per day. And note that trendHERO shows all posts, even if they were later deleted. The number of deleted posts is also reflected in the graph.

регистрация на trendhero4

TOP publications

The best posts for the account are shown here. They can be sorted by the number of likes, comments, percentage of engagement. You can show the best advertised and non-advertised posts separately.

регистрация на trendhero5

Post times and average likes

This graph shows at what time posts are better perceived by the audience. If you click on a cell, you can see detailed information – the number of likes, comments, the percentage of engagement. This tool will help you to correctly draw up a content plan.

регистрация на trendhero6

TOP hashtags

The best hashtags are displayed here, as well as the average number of likes, comments and the percentage of engagement for them. They can be sorted, displaying information on advertising and regular publications separately.

регистрация на trendhero7

Advertising Effectiveness

This unique tool will show you how effective your in-account advertising is. With its help you will be able to see how the number of subscribers in the profile has changed after it was mentioned.

регистрация на trendhero8

Ad Ratio

The diagram shows the ratio of advertising posts with mentions of other accounts to regular ones.

регистрация на trendhero9

What affects statistics

Instagram page statistics provide complete data on its popularity among people. Any changes are reflected in the statistics in one way or another. There are several solutions to improve statistics:

  1. Finding the best time to post. Instagram uses algorithmic feed to display posts, but post time is still important. The correct choice of this time will ensure an increase in the engagement of followers, active promotion of publications.
  2. Experiments with video content. Photos are known to be liked more often, so photo content may look preferable. However, an organization that collects statistics conducted a study and found that videos receive 2 times more comments. Also, watching videos takes more time, so such posts get higher rankings.
  3. Communication with followers. Organize polls, contests, respond to comments, post calls to action. This can significantly increase the number of likes and comments.
  4. Publishing stories. Stories are ranked almost the same as regular posts, but they are in a better position in the social media feed.
  5. Decrease the number of posts. Remember an important rule – one high-quality publication is better than a couple of dozen bad ones. Focus on quality over quantity.
  6. Posting user content. For example, Brian Peters, a marketing employee at Buffer, was able to increase the number of followers of the firm’s blog by 500%. He achieved a similar result by posting the creativity of his followers in his account.

Keep in mind that the Instagram algorithms that form the social media feed are highly responsive to user interactions. To effectively promote a blog, you need to build trusting relationships with followers, take the time to communicate with them. To do this, you need to know an approximate portrait of your target audience, which, in turn, cannot be compiled without objective statistics.


The two best tools for viewing statistics are Instagram’s internal tools and the trendHERO service. Instagram statistics are available only for commercial accounts. Each user can activate it, and the setup will take no more than 2-3 minutes. After examining the statistics, you can determine the number of views, likes, comments, saves, audience coverage. The downside to Instagram’s internal tools is that they only allow you to view statistics for your account.

To view data on pages of other users, use the trendHERO service. He knows how to check the profiles of competitors, bloggers for potential cooperation, compare multiple accounts. By analyzing statistical data using trendHERO, you can improve the quality of publications, check how effective an advertising campaign is, find out interesting features of competitors and be on top!

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