3 correct and 3 surprising ways to use lists in trendHERO

3 correct and 3 surprising ways to use lists in trendHERO

At the end of August, we added some cool features to the service – for the convenience of working with bloggers.

And as usual, our clients have found a way to surprise us and come up with unexpected but useful ways to use the function. In this article we will explain what lists are for, and there will be 3 interesting ways how you can use them more.

What are Lists in trendHERO?

These are blogger lists with key metrics that are updated every day.

Looks like this:

You can go in and see the actual numbers for influencers in the list (subscribers, ER, high-quality audience). Bloggers can be added or removed to one or more lists, and lists can be imported and exported.

For example, if you have a blogger database in Excel or Google Docs, then you can simply copy the logins to trendHERO and you will always have up-to-date information about the number of subscribers and ER .

Or, conversely, upload data every month so that you can see changes for all bloggers in Excel.

How to use lists:

1. A selection of interesting bloggers

The usual scenario for us is to search for bloggers through a search or 500 similar bloggers, then add them to the list – and from the list you can see who you need right now and who you can bother about later.

This is convenient, because you can select bloggers now, and rake a month 🙂

To be fair, this could have been used before when there was only one Favorite list available.

2. A selection of thematic bloggers

For example, you want to advertise a cafe. You can target different audiences (moms, healthy lifestyle people, athletes, office workers). Therefore, you need different bloggers.

You can find them, but it’s better not to mix them in the same list.

For “separate” storage, trendHERO is just right. You can create thematic lists and store different bloggers in them. This is convenient for automating work – we came up with a proposal for moms and went through this list at once.

3. Funnel (like in CRM)

What we strive for is to help literally at every stage.

Working with a blogger includes many stages:

  1. Find
  2. Check
  3. Contact
  4. Agree on cooperation
  5. Submit Content
  6. Check accommodation
  7. Analysis of results.

You can create such lists in trendHERO and move the blogger depending on the stage at which he is.

If you move bloggers along such a funnel, we immediately get a clear picture of how the process is built and what is happening now.

Now non-obvious ways:

1. Make Tops

This method became apparent while working on research.

Very often you need to collect top accounts and look at them right away, as well as track what has changed over time. Top 10 accounts in Russia, Top 10 mommies on Instagram, Top 5 Fashion bloggers.

Yes, search remains the basis of these tops, but if you want to write an article in a month or check how the top accounts are doing, then the prepared lists will help you a lot.

All you need is to search for bloggers, sort by subscribers or ER, add to the list.

2. Blacklist

If a blogger is on the list, then his report shows it.

Therefore, some clients, when asked to conduct a funnel, wrote that at least 3 stages should be added:
1. Ignore – if the blogger didn’t answer.
2. Failure – if cooperation has not brought results
3. Blacklist – if the blogger has acted incorrectly in relation to the brand.

Lists help keep such bloggers compact and easily see previous experiences on new searches.

3. Competitors

Tracking competitors is not a sin, but “monitoring” and “market analytics”.

We already know that trendHERO has Sponsored Posts to help track who advertised to whom. But it is also desirable to see how the competitor is doing in general.

This is what the list function does.

If you do not know who your competitors are, gather 500 similar bloggers, competitors will definitely be there. And then you add them to a separate list and you will spend 30 seconds per day to see who has how many subscribers and ER today.

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