3 free apps to predict the appearance of your Instagram post grid

3 free apps to predict the appearance of your Instagram post grid

Do you want to have at your disposal a method to offer a stylized and coherent Instagram post grid? Do you often wonder what will be the visual effect of future content posted on the overall aesthetic of your Instagram profile ?

Throughout this article, I will introduce you to 3 free and easy tools that will help you create an attractive post grid, in order to gain Instagram followers on your account.

Why use a grid tool for Instagram?

The Instagram social network has been an extremely visual platform since its inception. Unlike Facebook, Instagram users will be more likely to subscribe to an account if they see a neat selection of images and videos that make up the post feed.

It’s crucial to tell a story and give your content a visual voice so that social network users know what to expect from you in the future. It also gives a clear message of the goal you are aiming to achieve, such as selling products / services, driving traffic to your blog or to your convenience store.

The other benefit of a well-thought-out flow of publications is the highlighting of a recurring graphic or color chart (s) connecting your different photos & videos. By linking your publications to a color or color palette, you can then cover multiple aspects while ensuring that you maintain consistency at all times.

The tools I will tell you about in the rest of this article will allow you to ensure that you have a satisfactory overall visual aesthetic and that each of the posts posted do not clash with the rest.

1) Planoly

Planoly is one of the most popular apps (available on iOs and Android ) for finding a better Instagram post grid. This is particularly simple and intuitive, and the service can also be used from a computer, which is a real plus.

The tool allows you to create and manage your hashtags, plan and schedule your posts & Stories, and gives you access to account performance statistics. The free version will only give you limited data, as the premium offering is intended for that.

With Planoly, you can also divide your visuals, without any additional tools. On the “Desktop” version, the tool will offer you a very practical calendar to plan your next publications.

To use this app, you will need to create an account and then sync it with your Instagram. When you are logged in, you will see your normal Instagram profile, with your latest posts.

To start adding publications, click on “+” at the bottom of your screen.

Once your photos have been selected, a drag & drop system will allow you to play with the publications in order to position them in the right order.

By double clicking on a visual, you then get the possibility to publish or schedule a publication on Instagram:

If you need to delete a post, just click “Delete” as shown in the top right of the screenshot above.

If you choose to schedule your posts with the app, the order of your posts will change until you schedule all of your other posts. Those scheduled will be marked with an “S” at the top left while those pending will be marked with a “U”.

I invite you to create a draft account to test this application, in order to avoid any errors or mishandling. The free version is limited to the distribution of 30 images per month .

2) Preview App

Preview App ( iOs and Android ) is another very popular app for managing your Instagram grid. In the same way as Planoly, you will be able to rearrange your scheduled publications with a single click.

This app also contains a built-in tool for making simple edits to standardize your post flow if needed.

What’s interesting about Preview is that the app allows you to download an unlimited number of images for free .

To get started using it, you’ll need to create an account and sync your Instagram. Once done, the app will show you all of your posted posts. You will need to click on the “+” at the top right of your screen to add new content:

Then select photos from your smartphone camera roll, repost a post from another account, or take a live photo / video.

To change the order of the added photos, you just have to click on them, then once they become white, you can click on the left / right arrows.

There is a photo editing feature accessible at the bottom middle of the screen, in order to make changes if necessary: ​​

You can then add a caption to your content, by clicking on the bubble below:

This is how it looks:

Note the presence of a hashtag generator tool with the “Find Hashtags” feature, which will allow you to easily get new ideas to complete your captions.

Like Planoly, it will be necessary to schedule the delivery of your post and wait for the notification on your smartphone to publish the content.

3) Unum

Unum is an application ( iOs and Android ) that gained a lot of notoriety before Instagram brought the possibility of hiding its publications, in order to see to what its news feed would look like if certain content were removed.

Like the other two applications mentioned above, you will need to create an account to use all of its features. The free version will allow you to upload 500 images per month , which is more than enough for many brands.

To add one or more images simultaneously, choose the square where you want to add the image, select your image then click on “Done”:


Once you’ve uploaded all of your photos, you can rearrange them however you like, dragging them two images at a time. You just have to click on the icon with the two arrows as below:


To go further:


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