4 easy steps to get the blue instagram badge

4 easy steps to get the blue instagram badge

How to have the badge verified on instagram? How to have the logo certified on Instagram? Obtain the insta blue badge in 4 steps.

You are on Instagram and browsing the app. Suddenly you realize that some Instagram accounts have a blue badge on their profile and others do not. So how did these people get this blue badge and what use is it for them?

So you type “ blue instagram badge ” on google and come across our article. And you are in luck, because here you will find all the answers to your questions.

In other words, at the end of this article, you will know all about the insta certification . And this famous blue instagram badge will hold no secrets for you. You are ready ? Let’s get started!

What is the blue instagram badge?

This blue instagram badge is the symbol of success on the platform. It allows whoever has it to certify their instagram account .

This indicates to his community or to people looking for him on the social network, that this account is indeed the official account.

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This one can be attributed to brands, influencers and celebrities. But you will never see your grandma, just launched on Instagram, or your friend with 300 followers being certified on Instagram. Indeed…

To have the badge verified on instagram you must:

  • Follow the terms of use of instagram. So far easy.
  • Have a public account. That everyone can access your publications.
  • Have a full instagram profile.
  • Have a genuine account. Which is yours.
  • Have a unique account. Only one account per person or brand can be certified on your behalf. A fan account cannot have the blue badge.
  • To be famous. This is surely the hardest part of these tasks. But instagram makes it clear, a certified account must “represent a person, brand or known entity sought”.

But then why would you want to get the blue instagram badge and go to such lengths.

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Why certify your instagram account?

Obtaining the blue instagram badge helps give real credibility to your account. Your community will know they are following the right profile. So she won’t hesitate to follow you.

In particular, this prevents fan accounts masquerading as you. But also to avoid identity theft or the sale of fake products for brands. Generally speaking affirm that you are the real you .

Once your Instagram account is verified, you will also be featured in instagram searches . In addition, your verified profile will stand out better.

In addition to that, the certification of your insta account will allow you to be able to share links directly in your stories via the swipe-up function. This option is normally only unlocked for accounts with more than 10,000 subscribers .

So many good reasons to apply for Instagram certification. But then how to get the blue badge on instagram?

How to get the blue badge on instagram?

Here is how to have the logo certified on Instagram in 4 easy steps:

  • Open your application and go to your settings.
  • Then click on “account”, then “request verification”.
  • You will then have to fill this page with the requested information. Then attach a supporting document of your identity or your company.
  • Once submitted, your request will be processed by the instagram team. This can be accepted or refused.

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Certification requests are analyzed by insta moderators. They are the ones who decide whether or not to grant you the blue badge. Requests can take several weeks to process, so be patient.

Once accepted, you will receive an instagram notification informing you. You will then be able to see the certified instagram logo on your profile .

If however this is refused, you can make a new request every 30 days. Then discover 10 tips to have the blue instagram badge and keep it. Here is also an article on how to be instagam certified.

10 tips for getting and keeping your blue instagram badge

Whether your request was refused or accepted, we recommend that you follow these tips. This will increase your chances of getting it , or if you already have it, keeping it.

1- Have an official account

We have seen it previously, your account must be authentic . Don’t try to get Instagram certified if you have a fan account or spoof, you won’t.

2- Have more Instagram followers

Increasing your number of followers is one of the criteria for obtaining the blue instagram badge. As a reminder, being famous is one of the criteria for asking to be instagram certified .

Discover here 31 pro tips to gain Instagram followers.

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3- Have an official account

Having a good instagram profile is essential if you want to be taken seriously by moderators. So make sure you have:

  • A good profile picture
  • A relevant username
  • A good instagram bio
  • A properly maintained feed

Basic elements, which you must not neglect to obtain the blue insta badge.

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4- Have your profile in public

We’ve made that clear before, but a reminder doesn’t hurt. Have your profile in public . Without this, your request will not be taken into account. Private profiles are not eligible for an Instagram certification request.

5- Be active on the platform

You must be pro-active on the platform. This is normally already part of your daily life, well keep going. Consider posting regularly, responding to comments, DMs, etc.

The more active you are, the more authentic your account will be.

In addition, it will allow you to increase your number of subscribers . This is the same principle that Instagram bots are based on.

6- Be present outside of instagram

If you are a celebrity or an international brand, this shouldn’t be a problem. Your different social networks should already be in place.

If you haven’t already and only have Instagram, fix it.

Indeed, the moderators will try to make sure that you are authentic and therefore seek other information about you via Google and social networks.

You must have some presence, or you will appear suspicious. They could therefore deny you the certification you request.

7- Do not promote other organic social networks

To be certified on instagram and get the blue badge , you must not promote other social networks in your insta bio.

If this was the case, then remove the words like “follow me on …” or “add me on …”.

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8- Do not lie about your identity or the information provided

It may sound logical, but it is essential. When applying for certification, do not lie about the information provided to instagram.

9- Make several requests.

If you don’t get certified the first time, don’t panic, you can reapply every 30 days to get the blue Instagram badge. Multiply the requests if necessary.

10- Don’t lose it once you have it

Finally, make sure you don’t lose it when you have it. What Instagram has given you, it can take back.

To avoid this, follow the 9 tips above. Don’t take this badge for granted.

Conclusion: How to get the blue instagram badge easily?

We hope that this article will have answered all your questions about this famous blue instagram badge and that you now have a better understanding of the Instagram certification system.

We wish you to quickly get your instagram certified logo. In the meantime, continue to learn more about Instagram by reading the other posts on our blog.

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