4 quick and easy steps to schedule an Instagram story

4 quick and easy steps to schedule an Instagram story

How to program your Instagram stories? What tool to use to schedule an instagram post? Learn how to schedule an instagram post.

To be successful on Instagram, there are 3 basic rules that you must apply:

  • Post at the right time on the social network.
  • Share quality photos. Find out here how to take beautiful instagram photos.
  • And post content regularly. Whether it’s posts or stories.

To combine all of this, you have to tell yourself that you have to spend all your time on the application. This is indeed a solution.

But there is also a second possibility. The scheduling of your Instagram posts .

Don’t panic, it’s nothing too complicated. To learn how to schedule a post on Instagram, continue this article.

This scheduling of your Instagram posts will allow you not to always have to be on your Insta application. Prepare your content in advance to ensure its quality. Then you can schedule one Instagram post per day, always at the right time.

Here we will show you how to program an instagram story . But it also works with publications. The tool for scheduling an instagram post that we will be using for this is Instaboss. You are ready ? Here we go !

How to program an instagram story in 4 steps:

1 # Connect to the instagram programming tool, Instaboss.

The first step is of course to connect to the post programming application .

To do this, log in or register if you do not have an account yet. The tool is free for the first 3 days for you to test it.

Once connected to Instaboss, you must connect your Instagram account to the platform. To do this, here is an article dedicated to connecting your account to Instaboss.

Once done, you can start planning an instagram post.

instaboss promo

2 # Import your media on the post programming module.

Are you logged in? Very good perfect!

You can now import your first media . To do this, go to the post programming module.

menu instaboss programation publication

Once there, select where you want to import your content from. In this case, from the computer. Then choose the file to import.

programmer story instagram choix media

3 # Schedule the instagram post.

You now have your file on the media section. All you have to do is program your story .

programmation story instagram instaboss

To do this, select your file in the media section and choose the date on which you want to publish it on instagram . Date selection can be made when the “program” box is checked.

If this is a story, make sure you have chosen the dedicated category at the top.

programmer publication instagram stories

Once all these elements are in place, all you have to do is program your insta story.

4 # Program your instagram story.

All you have to do is plan your post. The story will then be published automatically at the chosen time, without you having to do anything .

Once done, you can find your stories programmed in the calendar module . Nothing’s easier !

menue instaboss calendrier

You can schedule as many posts as you want and the scheduler works the same for posts or albums.

Instaboss does not currently allow the use of instagram stickers when programming stories. But it’s okay to schedule your descriptions and first comment if it’s a post schedule.

Conclusion, how to program instagram story.

Congratulations! You now know how to schedule an instagram story or a post.

I hope this article has helped you manage your Instagram account. If so, there is still a lot you can learn from the rest of our blog. Find out for example why and how to sort your Instagram followers.

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