[4 steps] Set your Instagram account private and secure your profile

[4 steps] Set your Instagram account private and secure your profile

Easy tutorial to make your Instagram account private. Why make your Instagram account private? How to make a private account on insta? How to set your Instagram account private in 4 steps.

Instagram has been a huge success. The photo and video sharing app now attracts over 1 billion users per month.

As with most social networks, Instagram’s default setting allows your profile and posts to be seen by any other user. This is great if you hope your images get more exposure and want to grow your Instagram account.

But there are also risks in your posts and information being made public. Especially for young users . And don’t forget that once something is online, it can be visible forever. The Internet never forgets.

But fear not, it’s quick and easy to make your Instagram account private , so that only your approved followers can see what you share on the app. However, the activation of this private mode can only be done from your instagram application on your smartphone, and not your PC. This is one thing to keep in mind.

Quick answer: How to put your Instagram account in private?

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Click on the profile button, bottom right.
  • Select Instagram settings.
  • Tap Privacy & security> Account privacy, then turn on the Private account setting. You can save the changes.

Note: Also consider that having a private account on Instagram will prevent you from having a professional Instagram account and therefore from having access to
Instagram statistics.

How to put your Instagram account in private? Tutorial in 4 steps

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Tap the icon to access your profile, bottom right.

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  • Go to your Instagram settings, via the menu at the top right of your profile.

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  • Tap Privacy> Account privacy, then turn on the Private account setting. That’s it your Instagram account is private.

Now that you know how to put your Instagram account in private on Instagram and that this option is active on your account, people who visit your profile will come across this message:

“This instagram account is private”

And will need to send you a follow request if they want to see your profile, follower list, or people you follow.

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What can people see when my Insta account is private?

Now that your Instagram account is private , you might be wondering what people who visit your profile will see. So here is the list of information that will appear on your profile.

Your number of instagram followers, subscriptions and publications will remain displayed. Visitors will also be able to see your username and profile picture. Your bio will also remain visible.

However, they will not have access to your subscriber or subscription list and will not be able to like your photos.

The fact that some of your information is not visible may encourage some people to subscribe to your account. It can really help you gain followers in case your social media posts are very viral.

What else can I do to stay private on Instagram?

Besides making your instagram account private. You can limit the amount of personal data on your profile to protect yourself. You don’t even have to use your real name if you don’t want to.

To make changes to your profile, tap the Profile icon again and click Edit your profile. Then click on one of the four options: Name, Username, Website and Bio.

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You can also block anyone who followed you before you made your account private, if you wish. This will allow you to limit their access to your content . You can also unblock it at any time if you change your mind. See, how do you unblock someone on Instagram?

Tap their username to open their profile, tap the three horizontal dots icon, then tap “Block user”.

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What else should I know about how to keep my Instagram account private?

It is important to remember that if you share your Instagram posts on other social networks , they may be visible to all users, depending on your privacy settings for this social network. And this even if you have made your Instagram account private on Insta.

So if you tweet your Instagram post, it will be accessible to your Twitter followers and can be viewed and possibly shared with others. Except if you are using a private twitter account.

Can I automate my Instagram account into a private account?

Yes absolutely, your Instagram account can be automated with Instaboss no matter if your account is private or public.

Having a private Instagram account is also a way to engage your community even more by limiting access to your content. People who follow you will think twice before unfollow you and people who don’t follow you will be encouraged to follow you . Especially to discover your content to which they currently do not have access.

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