4 trends for business on Instagram in 2021

Social networks, which have become a part of every person’s life, are rapidly changing trends and rules of the game. What was interesting yesterday is a relic today. Therefore, companies on Instagram strive to keep up and keep abreast of new trends on which the income and popularity of the account depends.

1. Be helpful to the client

4 тренда для бизнеса в Инстаграм в 2021 году

If we talk about Instagram trends in 2021, the main thing is benefit. People go to this social network for entertainment and useful information, and if you are a business owner, then the only thing that you can attract your audience with is usefulness.

People are tired of signs, screaming banners that chant “buy-buy”, the audience scrolls and does not even notice them, but if this is not a banal selling post, but a post that is useful, then the eye will stop and read.

Imagine that the client is a close friend, a person whom you want to help deal with problems, solve problems. If, according to this concept, the page on Instagram is maintained and the account is promoted, then the audience will be added, read and buy.

2. Bright picture

4 тренда для бизнеса в Инстаграм в 2021 году

The visual of the post and the account itself is another Instagram ad trend of 2021. A bright picture and a catchy headline laconically inserted into the picture are the key to the success of millions of people reading the post.

Pictures from stocks do not attract, originality is important, so we make photos ourselves. To grab the audience’s attention, it is important to edit the photo in a photo editor to make whites whiter, borders sharper, and colors brighter. In a correct post, the text on the picture takes up no more than 20% and does not look like the headlines of old newspapers, where fonts of various sizes and styles are crammed into one sentence.

3. Catchy headline

4 тренда для бизнеса в Инстаграм в 2021 году

Only 8 out of 10 people will read the headline and only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of the text. The role of the headline is literally important and the more clearly the headline hits the client’s problem, the better the chances of success. The headline does not sell a product, but an idea to read the post. Therefore, a catchy headline reflects the “pain” of the target audience and offers a solution.

4. Correct communication

4 тренда для бизнеса в Инстаграм в 2021 году

The next point worth highlighting is email sales. If a company develops an Instagram page, posts posts, shoots stories and provides benefits, then potential customers begin to actively write to direct, interested in a product or service. The mistake of companies is that the correspondence with clients from Instagram is conducted without a goal and a script (script), but even worse if the negotiations are conducted by an assistant, not a sales manager.

4 тренда для бизнеса в Инстаграм в 2021 году

It is extremely important to organize a sales system through Instagram, namely: keep track of leads and calculate their cost. It is necessary to write a script and rules for correspondence with clients through a social network, take into account the response time, the use of emoticons, and also pay attention to specific phrases and answers to objections. It is important to include the quality of work with leads from Instagram in the key performance indicators of employees and regularly monitor the quality of responses.

Company employees often make mistakes in communication and communication with the audience. For example, a common mistake is when a client, clarifying the details with a manager, in response receives a stereotyped answer “everything is indicated on the company’s website.” Such a line of communication scares off the client and he will definitely not buy anything.

4 тренда для бизнеса в Инстаграм в 2021 году

Returning to the first point – answer from the point of view of concern, help clients understand the goods and cost, if the client is shy, ask leading questions to help with the choice. Address the client by name, if such information is indicated in the profile, and do not forget to end the client’s answers with a counter question to get a dialogue.

Use these guidelines to boost your Instagram account popularity and sales figures.

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