5 facts about the effectiveness of social media promotion

5 facts about the effectiveness of social media promotion

Social media has helped many brands expand their audience, gain visibility and boost sales. However, the effectiveness of promotion in social. networks depends not only on the correct strategy, but also on the audience (your audience must be present in social networks), on the most promoted product (its quality, competitive price) and on the openness of the company.

The monthly audience of social networks is more than 52,000 people on Vkontakte, more than 44,000 on Youtube, more than 41,000 on Odnoklassniki and almost 24,000 on Facebook. If you are engaged in common types of business (trade, services), then your audience in social. networks are guaranteed. It remains to make communication with potential clients effective.

The effectiveness of SMM (promotion in social networks) is based on several facts:

Fact # 1 Huge audience coverage

Most of the active solvent part of our country communicates on the main social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki) every day. Communicate information about your company, events or advertising message to the maximum number of potentially interested people.

Social media content networks is interesting and diverse, so the usual advertising, which many companies give out of inexperience, is only annoying. Find information and a form of its presentation that will “catch” the target audience, will be useful, funny or new for people.

Fact # 2 The speed of information dissemination

This is the first thing that will help you and your post become popular. For the word of mouth effect to work on your content, post it when your target audience is at their maximum on social media. networks. If these are young mothers, on whom you are guided by VKontakte, then the time of their greatest involvement is weekdays from 9 to 12 in the morning and in the afternoon from 14 to 16 hours.

The main parameter that allows content to spread at a viral speed is uniqueness, unusualness, humor or an interesting form of presentation. People are eager to share such content.

Fact # 3 The Importance of Social Signals for SEO

It has been proven that in the presence of updatable accounts in social. networks, the promotion of the resource is much faster and more efficient. Social signals are tweets, social groups. networks or individual content, which is quickly indexed by search engines, appears in the SERP and affects the improvement of the site’s position in search.

For search engines – the more lively and useful the project is, the higher its place among competitors in the TOP. The most successful promotion professionals have long used the relationship between SMM and SEO.

Fact # 4 Live dialogue with the audience

Your feedback form and forum have not been used by site visitors for a long time, and no one responds to polls? There is a chance to find out what your audience thinks about important events of the company, its products, services and services, just by starting to lead groups in social. networks.

Your customers will be happy to tell you about all the shortcomings, problems and conflicts on the pages of social media. networks. This information is useful both for managing the company’s reputation (you see negativity and work with it to fix the situation), and for figuring out the really serious problems between you and your customers.

Fact # 5 Targeted advertising and advertising in thematic communities

In addition to maintaining groups, developing channels on video services, you can convey information to the audience and attract it with the help of targeted advertising in social media. networks. Its convenience and efficiency lies in the fact that you can precisely configure the groups of users who will see your ad. For example, you run an ad for men’s watches and target an audience of men aged 23 to 50 in the Moscow and St. Petersburg regions who are interested in certain brands and spend at least 30 minutes a day on a social network.

The dissemination of posts and messages in large thematic communities increases the flow of members to the group and provides a significant expansion of the reach of the target audience.

Advertising on social networks has its own requirements for form and content, but you choose who sees it. Agree, what could be more convenient than gathering only the most targeted potential customers for an event or presentation using targeted advertising?

Surely, with each fact, confidence grew in you: yes, social. networks are what I need to promote. But do not rush to start on your own: trust SMM specialists such as Exiterra.

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