5 Instagram statistical metrics you absolutely must watch

5 Instagram statistical metrics you absolutely must watch

Do you run an Instagram account on a regular basis but are unsure of the right stats to look for to know if you are going in the right direction?

Among all the indicators made available by the professional Instagram account , it is easy to get lost, and that is why I will present to you throughout this article 5 metrics must-watch, that is to say the concrete data having an importance in the development of your brand awareness.

1) The cover of your publications

The first indicator to look at is the number of unique people reached by your Instagram posts, otherwise known as coverage. This differs from the number of impressions (views) of your posts, because a person can potentially see the same content several times.

To access this data, all you have to do is go to the level of the publication of your choice, then click on “See statistics”.

Then scroll down the menu to access this information as we see it below:

This data should be compared to your number of subscribers, to know to what extent you could, for example, change the publication hours to reach more people.

It is also interesting to observe the evolution of the coverage over the weeks and months, in order to know if you are reaching more and more users through your communication actions.

To do this, go to the statistics for your account and display the publications according to their coverage:

2) The average number of interactions on your publications

Beyond coverage data, it is naturally relevant to take an interest in the engagement rate on your publications, and more precisely in the average number of interactions on your content.

What content really appeals to your users and prompts a reaction? How to learn from the best publications to adapt your content strategy?

Here are the questions you should ask yourself when writing your content calendar.

And to determine this in a pragmatic and rational way, you just need to go to the overall statistics of your account and then set the following criteria:

3) Evolution of your number of subscribers

This metric is one of the best known and observed by Community Managers: it is important but you should not be obsessed with any number to reach, this one is never a finality that will help you sell. plus (except when starting an account).

The data provided on the application is light in that it only informs you about the last 7 days.

It is often more interesting to go through external solutions, but almost all of them pay.

4) Interest in your Stories

Unlike classic publications where we quickly know the number of likes and comments, for Stories, it is more interesting to analyze how your subscribers consumed them: did they watch everything when you add multiple slides? What Stories caused them to leave your content and move on to the next user?

These questions can get concrete answers by analyzing account statistics.

I have written a full article on the subject available here .

5) The average play percentage of your IGTV videos

Like your post coverage data, it can be very interesting to know how much your followers (and other visitors) are consuming your videos on Instagram TV.

An indicator is then perfect for this: the average read percentage.

You will find this information on all of your videos, by clicking on the three small dots at the bottom of your post.

To go further:

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