5 most relevant books on Instagram promotion in 2021

5 most relevant books on Instagram promotion in 2021
5 самых актуальных книг о продвижении в Инстаграм в 2019

Barbara Sher in her book “Refuse to Choose!” divided all people into two groups: scanners and divers. Divers are specialists who study one topic very deeply. These include doctors, professional athletes, musicians, scientists, mathematicians, and more.

Scanners, you guessed it, are people who are fond of many topics and very versatile. Scanners can have many unrelated interests. The scanner can become interested in the art of weaving macrame and at the same time study the mythology of Ancient Greece. There can be a lot of such interests. But unlike divers, scanners dive into one area or another – superficially.

What category would you categorize as a smr.

I think that an excellent smmschik is something between a diver and a scanner. He should be well versed in your area of ​​business, no matter how narrowly focused it may be. And at the same time, he needs to master the art of communication, sales, designer, copywriter and marketer. And sometimes even a photographer.

But the most important skill of an SMM worker is to be an “eternal student”. Because on social media, everything changes at a tremendous speed. In order to have up-to-date information, you need to know which one is already outdated. And for this you need to read “fresh” books that were published a year or two ago. In this article you will find a selection of books on Instagram and social networks for 2018-2019 publications by the publisher.

TOP 5 books on Instagram

In order not to be disappointed in the book, before starting reading, you should familiarize yourself with the recommendations for whom exactly it was written. If an accomplished specialist reads a book for beginners, then he will not learn anything new and will waste his time in vain. The same can happen with a beginner who picks up a book for an expert. Therefore, choose your level correctly to make the most of your time. In addition, before purchasing a printed book or online version, you can read 1-2 chapters in the free access to evaluate the content and style of presentation. All the books that you will read about in this article are written by authors who are well acquainted with the world of Russian Instagram. As you can imagine, we do not sell books, we just want you to be more educated.

Alexander Sokolovsky: The Instagram robbery. Minimum budget, maximum profit

Александр Соколовский: Ограбление Instagram. Минимум бюджета, максимум прибыли

Who is this book for: Newbies, bloggers, experts, and entrepreneurs. Publisher: Bombora, 2019.

The author has collected the latest trends and relevant tools for promotion in the book. You will learn how to create and promote a strong Instagram account with a minimal budget and even for free. You will be able to independently set up targeting, mass following, sales funnels and launch powerful advertising campaigns. You will find methods for creating a USP, an example of TOR for a blogger, a glossary, many links to useful resources and photo banks.

Our opinion: According to the reviews about this book, it becomes clear that opinions about the usefulness of the information in this book differ. It all very much depends on your level of knowledge at the moment. For absolute beginners, this book is a treasure trove of valuable information, for a more sophisticated audience waiting for specific cases with analyzes and flights, the book will seem weak. But you can spend a couple of hours and you will have your own opinion about the usefulness of this book.

View the book and reviews in Labyrinth

Alexandra Mitroshina: Promoting Personal Blogs on Instagram: A Step-by-Step Guide

Александра Митрошина: Продвижение личных блогов в Инстаграм: пошаговое руководство

Who is this book for: fans of Alexandra Mitroshina, bloggers and curious people. Publisher: AST, 2019. This is what Sasha wrote for the readers: “I’m talking to you, Sasha Mitroshina is a popular Instagram blogger. At the time of this writing, the number of my subscribers has exceeded one and a half million. Blogging gives me a lot. This is psychotherapy. This is self-expression. It’s money.

I will not bend my heart and say that everything in blogging is perfect and that it is not at all tiring, easy and always pleasant. There are problems, as in any business. But since you are holding this book in your hands, then you are probably wondering: HOW TO DO IT? How to become popular YOU EXACTLY?

At the same time, more questions arise: Why does someone become popular, and someone does not? How much money will it take? At what point will your blog start generating revenue? And many others. I wrote this book to give answers to them. I want to tell everything in it: how to get promoted, how to make money on a blog, how I did and do it. And yes, I’m sure anyone can become a blogger. At the very least, blogging is a great hobby. Even if you don’t turn it into work. ”

Our opinion: worth reading, but don’t have high expectations. The book has 224 pages, you will read it in 5 days. The book is very nicely designed. It is pleasant to hold it in your hands, half of the book is photographs with captions. For some, this is a plus or a minus, depending on your expectations. According to reviews, some chapters of the book cover the topic perfectly and very specifically, for example, “How to write interesting posts.” Some chapters on monetization or personal brand are only general guidelines. And people would like step-by-step instructions 🙂

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Lyubov Soboleva: Instagram Phenomenon 2.0: all new features

Феномен инстаграма 2.0: все новые фишки - Любовь Соболева

Who is this book for: more for newbies on Instagram who also want to make money. AST, 2018

As you may have guessed from the title, this book is an improved version of the first book by Lyuba Soboleva. According to her, she has been on Instagram for about 2 years to make money. Here are the numbers she cites:

  • 17,000,000 of the medical clinic’s net profit per month (a year and a half ago it did not exist at all);
  • 60,000,000 net profit for one course from an information businessman;
  • 4,000,000 monthly net profit from advertising on Instagram with a famous blogger (not a star).

The numbers are impressive. Also at the end of the book there are interviews with the most iconic persons of the Russian Instagram.

Our opinion: If you are an advanced Internet user, then you understand that judging a book by reviews nowadays is not always rational. Especially for the very laudatory, but negative without specifics also makes no sense. If you are not new to Instagram and want to find out the “secrets” of monetization, then first of all do not look for them in books. And get them with your own experience. No specialist will tell you a detailed recipe for making money. It’s like a Coca-Cola drink. But this does not mean that you need to stop reading books on sms. No, perhaps in the process of reading you will have a second wind that will tell you what to do to monetize your pages.

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Arpine: Marketing Instagram. Instructions for use for 21 days

Арпине - Продающий Инстаграм. Инструкция по применению на 21 день

Who is this book for: for everyone who wants to read like a girl who bought a phone with her last maternity money, she established Instagram for herself and became an authority in the world of online business. Publisher: AST, 2019

Arpine promises to give detailed instructions in the book on how to turn your regular Instagram into a selling Instagram in 21 days.

Our opinion: if smm is your bread, then at least be sure to hold this book in your hands and read a couple of chapters. “Listen” to the story of a fellow smith about her results. Get inspired and share your opinion on the usefulness of the content from the book. You need to be able to rejoice in other people’s successes, even if this is your colleague in the same shop. Read on, you won’t make it worse for yourself. You will read it in 4 days, and if from the phone, using every free minute, then much faster.

View book and reviews

Indy Gogokhia: Instagram: I want likes and followers

Инстаграм: хочу likes и followers

Who is this book for: for those who want to know more about working on Instagram and other people’s experience. Publisher: AST, 2018

The book was written by the creator of the first communication agency genius.code, vice-president of the Transformator.Women club, Indy Gogokhia. Leading businessmen such as Petr Osipov, Dmitry Portnyagin, Maxim Gralnik, Gleb Yun and others are sure that this author’s book will not only help anyone understand how to work with Instagram, but also competently, and most importantly, quickly, promote their brand or business.

Our opinion: from the annotation and reviews it is difficult to understand whether this book will differ from all of the above, which promise to teach you how to make money on Instagram. But someone else’s experience, whether successful or not, always gives ground for thought. The more knowledge and practice you have on Instagram, the better you will be able to “spread straws” in the event of a fall. So read, think, practice, and harvest your crops on Instagram. By the way, this is already Indy’s third book about social networks.

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Books on smm can only be compared with modern films. You watch the trailer, you like everything very much, then you go to the cinema and there can be two outcomes. Or you come out satisfied after watching with a sense of the usefulness of the time spent. Or do you understand that the trailer was the best thing that could be taken from the film. But in any of these cases, you are resting, chewing popcorn, and enjoying life.

By analogy with books, no matter what the “filling” turns out to be, as opposed to the wrapper – in any case, you are investing your time in development. You can get the hang of “running your eyes” through the books that you think about getting a new skill – speed reading. Just remember that theory without practice has no value. If suddenly you have already read any of the listed books or can recommend your own version, please write in the comments. Happy promotion!

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