5 pro techniques to bring traffic to your website

5 pro techniques to bring traffic to your website

Looking to increase traffic to your website, but don’t know how? Find out how to easily generate traffic on your website.

Traffic is the basis of a website, it is one of the first data you analyze every day. How many people have visited your site? Is this figure increasing? And if not, how can we increase it? This is what we will see.

This article will help you better understand how to generate traffic on your website easily , by presenting 5 techniques to apply now to boost your website.

How to bring traffic to your site?

1 # Use social networks to bring traffic to your site

Social networks are a significant source of traffic for your website. You must use them wisely to generate web traffic in the best conditions .

And for that, you obviously have to be active on the different platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin…) on a regular and constant basis. The more you share on your networks, the more likely you are to be seen and people to visit your account.

Be careful, however, to publish your content at the right time , to get the best possible feedback. Depending on what time of day you post, your content will not show up the same way and your interaction and web traffic results will not be what you expect. To know when to post on social networks, we recommend this article dedicated to the best times to post on social networks.

To boost your web traffic and the distribution of your publications on social platforms, remember to encourage sharing and seek virality. This should be your goal every time you post on any social network. If you manage to achieve this goal, you will have succeeded in driving traffic to your site (on an ad hoc basis, but in droves).

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If you have a budget to promote your site and increase your traffic, you may also decide to advertise on social networks to highlight and promote your publications. In particular, on most platforms, you will be able to decide on a goal to achieve (in your case: to generate traffic on a website), use that to carry out the promotions that convert the best.

Tip : Managing social media can be time consuming and very time consuming. To save this time that you could spend on other things, you can use automation tools such as Zapier, to automate the sharing of your new blog posts on all of your social networks, for example. Or Instaboss to automate the management of your Instagram account as a whole.

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2 # Create quality content to boost your site for free

If you are new to SEO, I strongly urge you to educate yourself on this, it will be a great help if you do not know how to generate traffic to your website .

You will quickly learn that the basis of SEO is the content of your website . A simple definition of SEO would be to provide quality content for your visitors and optimized for search engines. In other words, it will put you first on Google when people search.

It is important to know that on average, the result displayed first on a Google results page takes about 32% of the traffic and that the second gets 21% . As much to say to you that if you are under these positions, you do not have much left. writing quality content is therefore essential to generate web traffic. But then…

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How to generate traffic on your website with content?

We won’t be able to teach you SEO in a few lines in this article, but we can still give you some tips to get you started.
However, if you are looking for more information, this is the site for you to learn all about SEO.

First, before you even start blogging to offer new content and drive traffic to your site. You need to define the keyword that you are going to target, the one that you want your blog post to refer to. To find the most relevant keywords, many strategies can be put in place, here is an article to help you find the right SEO keywords.

Once done, you can then start writing your content on a regular basis. We recommend that you publish at least one article per week to ensure you get placed on a significant number of varied keywords. The more quality articles you have online, the more likely you are to drive traffic to your website . However, make sure that your content is of high quality and up to date.

To optimize your placement on search engines and therefore your traffic acquisition, be sure to define article titles that are impactful and encourage people to click on your link rather than on those of other pages. You can also embed videos in your articles to be better referenced.

titre accrocheur article google

Once your articles have been published for some time, analyze which ones are performing best, which generate the most web traffic for you and optimize those which are having difficulty to perform.

3 # Bring traffic to your site with an email campaign

Setting up an email campaign should obviously be integrated into your site if it has not already been done. This is one of the basics you need to make sure you have when launching a website. You manage to develop your web traffic by attracting new people, why not encourage them to come back?

An email campaign will allow you to guide your community towards a specific objective, whether it is to encourage them to buy your products, follow you on social networks or simply come and visit your last article.

But above all, this will allow you to forge a real link with the people who discover your site and want to know more. To create your email campaign and boost your site traffic, you can use tools such as ActiveCampaign.

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4 # Increase your website traffic through promotion

You may not know it, but there are plenty of opportunities to promote your site and increase your brand awareness. Putting these strategies in place will allow you to rank better on Google and attract new traffic to your website.

For example, you can promote your site or your various articles by responding in a relevant way to community groups (Telegram, Slack, Facebook…). You will thus respond directly to questions asked by Internet users and provide them with an answer adapted to their needs, served on a silver platter. What to make a good first impression and encourage them to visit your site again.
Also, feel free to browse the forums to find relevant topics where you can recommend your site.

The second tip for promoting your site and generating traffic is to write guest articles on other sites. This will allow you to gain real credibility and diversify the sources of your web content by inserting backlinks in the articles you write.

To do this, all you need to do is find referral sites in your field of activity and contact them to make them your proposal. When approaching them, be sure to be professional and give them a concrete article proposal that fits their blog and audience.

You can also allow others to post guest posts on your blog to build long term collaborations . Collaboration with bloggers can also be likened to this.

Finally, you can publish articles on your own on referral sites to present your site in a smart way. Publishing on platforms such as Medium, for example, will increase your site traffic .

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5 # Optimizations to do to generate more web traffic

The last option available to you and which is not negligible for driving traffic to your site is to perform optimizations . You have indeed a certain number of points to ensure that your site is well perceived by google and increase your traffic.

First of all, make sure that your site is responsive and well accessible on smartphone. More and more web searches are done by phone, so you need to make all of your content readable on the small screen . Without it your users won’t even bother to read your content, so won’t share it and you will lose traffic unnecessarily.

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You must also ensure the quality of the links on your site . You must make it as easy as possible for users to navigate between your pages, and for that you must define internal links from some of your pages, to one or more others. By implementing this, you make sure that your user stays on your site longer and therefore that you are better perceived by Google.

Also make sure you have as much backlink as possible (link to your site from outside sites) that is relevant to facilitate promotion, generate web traffic and enhance your account in the eyes of Google’s algorithm.

Finally, make your pages load fast. A page that takes more than 3 seconds to open has a good chance of not being read. To avoid this, the size of your images should be optimized for the web (among others).

Conclusion: How to bring traffic to your site?

You now know how to simply generate traffic to your website , all you have to do is implement the tips you have seen to boost your performance.

We hope that these few tips will have enabled you to see more clearly and to understand the fundamentals of the creation of traffic on its website. If you want, you can start promoting your site on Instagram now by discovering our Instagram automation tools for free.

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