5 reasons for ineffective social media promotion. Why is SMM not working?

A negative trend in the 10s in Internet marketing was the repeated comments of business owners about the senselessness of SMM. This is often accompanied by emotional comments, such as: “We have buried so much budget in these social networks!” or “SMM doesn’t pay for itself.” We have selected only innocuous formulations.

When this phenomenon became widespread, it made sense to analyze this topic, look at the reasons, and “separate the wheat from the chaff.”

Is SMM really questionable

5 причин неэффективного продвижения в социальных сетях. Почему SMM не работает?

If you look at the situation from the inside, or even look from a different angle – from the side of those who sell SMM as an advertising promotion service, then large market players sell SMM in conjunction with other services of the company, or “give” it to the customer. Why is that?

It can be assumed that not only customers, but also advertisers themselves consider SMM to be insufficiently productive for a single service, and use it as a gesture of loyalty without requiring additional payment.

But this was not always the case. When SMM was still an unknown area and all marketing steps in it were done on a whim, profits organically “poured” into small and large businesses. But over time, this phenomenon began to fade away. Firstly, everyone rushed to social networks, and secondly, SMM moved from an amateur and underground advertising format to a professional and somewhat aggressive promotion.

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Nevertheless, the SMMs of All Russia are stuck somewhere between professionals and amateurs. This professional vagueness is due to many factors and today we are not talking about them. Today we will look at the consequences of this phenomenon, or more precisely, we will outline 5 reasons why SMM may be ineffective.

Reasons for the decline in SMM efficiency

Reason # 1. Competence of an SMM specialist

The struggle for the attention of users, the device for issuing posts, the algorithms for ranking posts in the “smart” feed of social networks – all this forces us to sacrifice quality for the sake of regularity. That is, you can often see “far-fetched” posts, sometimes even absurd in content, but still posted by a carefree admin. The question is: why? Answer: so that it was (it certainly sounds different).

The solution to this, at first glance, absurd problem should be sought in the level of professionalism of the SMM-specialist himself. His task in this case is to find a balance between rules and common sense. That is, immerse yourself in the project, study the audience and provide them with relevant content. Even if rarely, but of high quality.

Reason # 2. Useful content is not a priority

Excessive and sugary glorification of the merits of a brand or company in the minds of the audience – this is the line, crossing which, you can sharply “fail” in the eyes of subscribers and cause a negative, expressed in unsubscribes and mistrust.

Here it is worth being guided by the principle of the benefits of content for people. This is an ideal format for presenting information, which does not carry artificial meanings. People consume useful content and unwittingly become brand loyal.

5 причин неэффективного продвижения в социальных сетях. Почему SMM не работает?

Reason # 3. Commercial posts

Social media accounts of companies clogged with commercial posts, as a rule, are irrevocably “dead”. Nothing happens in them. Call-to-buy posts are released daily, as scheduled. But even if it is food or daily hygiene items, this does not mean that people should buy them every day. Such content will only cause rejection and a desire to close from constant offers to part with money.

The solution should be found in the creative approach mentioned above, in “Reason 2”.

Reason # 4. Sales funnel

Surely, you yourself have “got lost” more than once in a new public for you, but a clear desire to learn something about the company or immediately purchase a purchase disappeared instantly. In the language of advertisers, this is called a chain break. That is, the usability and design of the company’s profile on the social network is either not worked out at all, or it is done ignorantly and the user does not understand what is the next step to purchase. This understanding should occur unconsciously, that is, the visual and interactive elements of the profile should lead a person to the target action.

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If a person does not understand where to “press”, he leaves. If this is not a one-time malfunction, then in fact the profile does not sell or sells mediocre. This means that SMM, as a result, becomes unprofitable.

Reason # 5. Lack of knowledge of audience behavior patterns

It is impossible to eliminate the 4th reason without knowing how an ordinary user of a social network behaves in the segment of the target audience of a particular public. Predicting this behavior will allow you to create the right design, draw up a content plan, choose the right language for communicating with the audience and, ultimately, create a kind of community of people ready to buy. But before this community springs up, you need to create a user-friendly page. Convenient in every sense that is assumed when using social networks.

The general marketing thinking of the SMM-specialist will play a role here. How quickly a set of actions will be found to finalize the SMM work on the project, which is understandable to the end user, depends on the practical experience of the SMM-specialist and the ability to “get used to” the page visitor, to be able to look at him with a glance.

5 причин неэффективного продвижения в социальных сетях. Почему SMM не работает?

This is a basic set of reasons that should be worked out in the first place if the social networks of the project, as they say, “do not convert”. Here it is recommended to use not only a subjective view, but also to ask for help from colleagues who are far from Internet marketing. This will create a clearer picture and spot imperfections.

With amendments in accordance with these reasons, the results will already be visible, and if within a few months the situation does not change or worsen, you should pay attention to the quality of elimination of these reasons and the qualifications of the community administrator.

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