5 reasons why you are losing Instagram followers

5 reasons why you are losing Instagram followers

Why am I losing Instagram followers? Why is my number of subscribers decreasing?

These are certainly questions that you have already asked yourself when managing your profile.

It is true that this can seem worrying because the logical sense in the animation of an account on the social network is to constantly gain subscribers , because you should get better as you go. measuring your Instagram presence.

However, this is by no means inevitable, and it is important in this context to understand what can be the different reasons why you are losing followers on your account.

I will give you throughout this article concrete causes that can impact the size of your community, and we will see that in some cases you are responsible, but in other cases, external factors can plague your counter.

1) You post too often

This first reason is often underestimated by many Instagram users, especially businesses. It may seem relevant from a business point of view to say to yourself “The more we post, the more we are visible to our subscribers”, which is true, but beware of the backlash!

People who have chosen to follow your account are ready to receive a certain amount of content from you, but may not be happy to “see only you” in their news feed.

Posting too often is therefore dangerous for two main reasons:

  • you can tire your subscribers who, in fact, will interact less, and this will penalize you in the Instagram algorithm
  • you can disgust your subscribers who will unsubscribe from your account
  • While some influencers or brands may have a high post frequency , this is because they are able to produce high quality content every time. publication, which may not be the case for you.

    2) You post low quality content

    This second reason inevitably happens when you post too frequently on Instagram.

    But not only: your Instagram presence must bring real added value to those who follow you, and it happens that some brand accounts or people publish photos & videos that do not arouse any emotion among the subscribers.

    To overcome this second point, here are some reasons why Instagram users subscribe to accounts:

    • they want to discover new places, new recipes, new clothes, new cosmetic trends
    • they want to master a new skill
    • they want to be entertained
    • they want to have fun

    To go further, I invite you to read my article on the subject: 20 ideas for marketing publications to post on Instagram .

    3) Your editorial line goes all over the place

    This is a common mistake when you don’t define a real strategy for animating your Instagram account.

    In fact, in this case, the content is sometimes fed to the account on a daily basis, or when “we have something to say”. And maybe you find yourself in this situation.

    The concern is that visitors to your profile, when subscribing to your account, followed you for a specific reason. If for some reason or another you start posting photos taken with a phone, then a flyer created in Photoshop , then an unsubtitled video, you might lose it. interest of your subscribers.

    It is important to think upstream about a form of standardization for your Instagram account, so as not to “shock” the people following you, and to give them “what they came” sought “.

    4) Some of your subscribers have questionable practices

    In this case, you should not worry about losing subscribers: it is a very common practice (but one that I do not recommend) to subscribe to tens, hundreds or even thousands. of accounts over a very short period of time, then unsubscribing from accounts that did not follow in return.

    This practice is called Mass-Follow , and when it is detected by Instagram, the platform severely punishes the owner of the account for breach of the general conditions of use of the social network.

    You can detect them quite easily: they are often accounts from countries other than your own, or people who obviously do not correspond to your core marketing target.

    5) The Instagram algorithm cleans up your subscribers

    To determine which posts appear in your news feed, Instagram has developed a computer program that sorts the content delivered by the accounts you follow, and only shows a portion of it.

    This one is also able to identify the accounts having questionable practices, and coming from “farms” of Instagram users, that is to say created in mass, with biographies filled in an automated way and almost no photos published.

    The last big cleaning of Instagram followers arrived in February 2019, which, depending on the size of the account’s community, caused the number of followers to drop to millions for most popular users.

    We don’t know when the next one will be, but rest assured in this case, it’s not your fault, this is a normal procedure regularly put in place by Instagram, to clean up and give more credibility to the number of subscribers displayed on the profiles.

    Would you like to know which people & brands have decided to stop following your Instagram account?

    This information is not available on the social network, but provided through complementary applications.

    But beware: it can take your spirits down a bit if you see that a friend of yours has cowardly unsubscribed from your account. 😉

    An example of a tool available to find out who has unsubscribed from your account is the “Unfollowers for Instagram +” app.

    Once installed on your phone, you will then need to log into your Instagram account with your username and password.

    You will then see in the list a line called “New Unfollowers” with the corresponding number on the right, and the names of the accounts in question:

    Please note that the function for generating people who have unsubscribed from your account will not start collecting data until you log into this application. This means that it is not possible to find out about unsubscribes from the past.

    To go further:

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