5 ways to drive traffic with Instagram Stories

5 ways to drive traffic with Instagram Stories

If you want to drive traffic to your website, Instagram isn’t necessarily the easiest social network compared to Facebook and Twitter. Fortunately, Instagram Stories offer new ways for brands to get hits to key pages from their engaged followers.

The idea will be for you to make the best use of the link already present in your Instagram biography and above all to benefit from the traffic generation opportunities offered to accounts with more than 10,000 subscribers.

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1) Add a clickable link to generate traffic to the site

If your account is verified or you have 10,000 followers associated with a business profile , you have the option of simply adding a link to redirect viewers to your Story.

This option is available on the production screen of your content as below:

On the users’ side, they will see an option located at the bottom of the “See more” Story encouraging them to go to a web page external to Instagram:

Adding a link in Instagram Stories is even more effective than in captions of traditional posts because it allows you to use photos, videos and designs to maximize the generation of traffic to the chosen page.

Sometimes the text “See more” is not necessarily very visible and it can be interesting to use the creation features of a Story to make this call to action more visible, as is the case below:

If you want to quickly reach this level of followers, I can explain to you during an Instagram training the different levers at your disposal to get there.

2) Identify your own profile to generate traffic with Instagram Stories

Unfortunately, if you have less than 10,000 followers, Instagram will not allow you to add links to your Stories, and you will be limited to a single link from your bio.

That being said, there is a little known trick to work around this limitation. No matter how many subscribers you have, you can identify users in Stories, including your own account .

To do this simply, click on “aA” then enter the name of your account:

Instagram will automatically connect to your profile in the Story, which will create a clickable link to your bio.

How does this help you generate more traffic?

In your Instagram Stories, you can promote a product, blog post, white paper or more, and pair that with text like “Visit our profile link for more information ”.

Next, promote your username as seen above, for example by drawing arrows towards it to encourage viewer action.

There is a good chance that some of your followers will be inclined to visit your profile and then click on your bio link, if you have explained the interest to them beforehand.

3) Use Featured Stories to consistently generate traffic

With Featured Stories, you can create permanent collections of Stories that will live on your Instagram profile.

Not only are these types of Stories a great way to share your creative side and showcase your products, they’re also great for driving traffic.

These Featured Stories, if you didn’t know, appear just below your bio and above your regular post feed, and will work as a permanent Story.

So, in concrete terms, how do Featured Stories drive more traffic to your website?

Whether you have more or less than 10,000 subscribers, you can use the techniques seen previously in 1) & 2) to encourage viewers to perform an action: in the first case, the click will redirect to the right one page, in the second case, it will be necessary to ensure that the biography link takes the user to a page where he will find the additional information promoted in Featured Stories.

4) Collaborate with influencers to generate traffic with Instagram Stories

A great way to gain Instagram followers and generate traffic with Instagram Stories is to collaborate with influencers . Promotion of your brand, products & services will be done through an account takeover or “guest post” in Stories.

Ideally, choose someone with more than 10,000 followers to take advantage of the add clickable link feature in Stories.

Instagram influencer marketing is extremely common today and has grown dramatically since the emergence of Social Media Stories.

You could work with influencers to promote your products, services, mention you and add a link to the web page of your choice.

If you don’t have the budget to set up a partnership with a big influencer, try to find one or more micro-influencer (s) and ask them if they would be inclined to carry out a promotion in exchange for the products / services offered.

5) Generate traffic with ads in Instagram Stories

When you think you are running out of organic (free) options, there is always the possibility of running ad campaigns.

If you are just getting started in setting up sponsored actions, I invite you to check out my article on Instagram advertising .

Everything will play out on Facebook when choosing the location of your ad. It will be fundamental to choose “Stories” in the advertising placements:

Some tips for successful advertising in Instagram Stories

1) Make sure you are sending traffic to a mobile optimized site : Almost all Instagram users consume Stories from their smartphone, which requires your sponsored page to be easily consumable on mobile.

2) Perform multiple tests: analyze the performance of the various sponsored visuals to find out which one or those have the best click-through rates.

3) Measure conversions : Observe the path of users to see how ad clicks resulted in user action.

In conclusion

The possibility for users & brands to be able to generate traffic thanks to Instagram Stories has completely changed the situation: where it was necessary to be satisfied with the unique link in the biography in past years, it is now possible to generate visits on specific pages that may promote our products / services or blog posts.

To go further:

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