5 ways to use the Instagram Stories “Discussion” sticker for your business

5 ways to use the Instagram Stories “Discussion” sticker for your business

The new “Discussion” sticker that can be used in Instagram Stories is an extremely interesting opportunity to build an engaged community, allowing real conversations to be held between your business and your followers.

This is designed to allow you to host and participate in collective discussions with your followers. You can choose who joins the chat, and direct the conversation to a topic that’s important to you.

So, to help you make the most of this new sticker, I will present to you throughout this article 5 creative and strategic uses for your business.

What is the Instagram Stories “Discussion” sticker?

This feature allows you to initiate private discussion groups, in the same form as the private messaging you are currently using, with a number of participants of up to 32 (including you ). You will be able to make a pre-selection of the people accepted, and decide on the duration of the discussions.

Accept or decline an account’s participation in your discussion

This is a particularly interesting tool for companies looking to create stronger bonds with their subscribers, and thus allow the creation of community in real life.

Example Instagram discussion

Want to set up your first group chat from Instagram Stories?

Start by creating a Story as you usually do, taking a photo / video with your smartphone camera or roll. Then you will be able to add multiple stickers, including the one named “Discussion”:

Access to the “Discussion” sticker

Next, you will need to add a title for this discussion, which will appear in your private mailbox, in order to be able to find it.

It will also be possible to change the color of the sticker, simply by clicking on the white insert:

Examples of different colors for the “Discussion” sticker

In the same way as for the other stickers, you can of course increase / decrease the size of the sticker and position it wherever you want on your Story.

When you are ready to share it with your subscribers, click on “Your Story” at the bottom left of your screen or on “ Close friends ” in case you do not wish to propose this discussion private only with certain people.

Once your subscribers click on the sticker, you will receive a request from them, and you can then decide on the accounts of people / brands that can interact with you.

5 strategic methods of using the Instagram Stories “Discussion” sticker

This sticker is designed to build a stronger community around your brand, and get valuable conversations about your followers’ wishes / claims.

However, it is necessary to be strategic about launching these private discussion sessions, in order to exploit their full potential.

1) Use the “Discussion” sticker to invite local customers to an event

Are you organizing an event in your store, a conference or a gathering? You could perfectly use the “Discussion” sticker to encourage your community to come and answer any questions about the event.

Internet users could then ask you any questions they have about the new launch: when will your store open, the prices offered, the services, etc …

Remember to introduce yourself at the start of the group private conversation, so that each participant knows who they are talking to.

2) Organize a focus group to know your customers’ feedback on certain products / services

Are you looking to get honest and sincere feedback from your customers? The “Discussion” sticker can certainly help you.

By carefully selecting the participants of these private sessions, you will be able to learn more about their real needs and expectations vis-à-vis your brand.

Since you intend to address a specific audience, you can be very specific in your questions and conversation topics.

3) Share a promotional or exclusive code only to your Instagram subscribers

Do you want to capture the attention of your subscribers and convert them into customers?

Using the “Discussion” sticker will allow you to invite subscribers to be a member of an exclusive group, where you will announce a promotion. This will not only allow you to build a sense of exclusivity but also reward your most loyal followers.

It is relevant in this context to add a time limit to join your group. For example, you could say that the chat is only open for 15 minutes, which puts pressure on the user for good deals.

4) Target a niche of users by broadcasting the private discussion opportunity “Close Friends”

The “Close friends” feature on Instagram allows you to build a tight list of subscribers to whom you want to send a specific message via a Story.

For example, if you want to reward good customers, you might want to add them to that close friends list, and then broadcast them an exclusive invitation to chat privately. There is no limit on the number of accounts that can be added as Close Friends.

5) Create mini-communities with your local customers

If, in the context of your professional activity, you are required to contact your clients regularly (sports coaches, owners of hairdressing salons, etc.), it could be interesting to create mini-communities with your clients having common points.

This is about building bridges between your customers, and maybe giving them opportunities they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

What you absolutely need to know about “Discussions” stickers

Before you start using this sticker, there are a few things you should know:

  • the number of participants is limited to 32 (including you)
  • you have the possibility to accept / refuse requests to participate in the discussion
  • the title of the private discussion can be modified by anyone present in the group
  • each participant can add friends to the discussion group (validation from you will be necessary)
  • alone the administrator can stop a private discussion

To go further:

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