52 best Instagram apps of 2021

52 best Instagram apps of 2021

In this article, we have collected the best Instagram applications that will become irreplaceable assistants in promotion and make your account memorable. Some of them will help you make good planning, while others can turn the ribbon into a real work of art.

Want to generate awesome content and grab the attention of your followers? Then you will probably need a couple of these services. Let’s go!

Best Instagram Blogger Apps

Are you actively developing your profile? Then you definitely cannot do without useful services in this difficult matter. Shortlist of the most effective Instagram apps that will make your life so much easier.

Photo Editing



VSCO is a lifesaver for fast and high-quality image processing. Adjust exposure and contrast, add noise, dim or brighten the photo – VSCO can handle any task.



Want to get the Polaroid effect? Then download Afterlight and add scuff, dust and light effects to any photos.



An indispensable assistant for beautiful selfies, which retouches photos using machine learning algorithms, which means that you will definitely not be left without the perfect picture. Remove bags under the eyes, even out skin tone, blur the background – all this can be done through the handy Lensa app.



Didn’t have Photoshop at the right time? It doesn’t matter, the PhotoRoom application allows you to cut objects and remove unnecessary details with one touch. This is an indispensable tool when you need, for example, a snapshot of models against a solid background.



This application will definitely come in handy for those who need to compare “Before and After” photos. PhotoCompare is a must-have for makeup artists who want to showcase their work, influencers, retouchers, marathon coaches and illustrators.


A convenient service for creating simple but very cool advertising layouts. With its help, you can make collages, bright banners and covers for relevant stories, add stickers to photos and make animated pictures. For those who do not want to bother, there are already ready-made templates.


Application for perfect portraits. Do you want to quickly eliminate redness, get rid of breakouts or whiten your teeth? Just a couple of clicks and you will achieve the desired effect.

Price Tags

Price Tags

Selling something on Instagram? Make life easier for yourself and your customers with a handy Price Tags application that allows you to harmoniously insert prices on your photos. Yes, this is where the functions of the service end, but the owners of online stores will definitely appreciate it.

Video processing

Slow Shutter Cam

Slow Shutter Cam

Allows you to shoot long exposure video. Ideal for capturing crowded streets, passing subways, rushing cars, waterfalls and other moving objects.

Life Lapse

A time-lapse video application developed by Umbrella IT. It is often used by travel bloggers and influencers, whose content is based on all kinds of transformations.

Dolly Zoom

Dolly Zoom app allows you to achieve the famous Hitchcock effect (this is when the camera moves forward, and the lens moves the picture, making it feel like the subject is moving away to infinity).

Record it

Record it

A cool app for bloggers who want to record a screen and then add video comments to it (the window can be placed anywhere on the screen and even resized).

Vigo Video

Allows you to add cool graphic effects to videos.

DU Recorder

The service has advanced functionality. With it, you can add an audio track, trim a video, embed graphics, or create a series of looping videos.


The application allows you to turn an ordinary video shot on a smartphone into a real Hollywood blockbuster with effects, interesting transitions, music and even titles. Everything is in the best traditions of Tarantino.



With the help of this, you can create cool Instagram Stories by applying distortion in the form of a prism or a kaleidoscope not only to the photo, but also to the video.



A very simple Instagram application that allows you to create unusual videos. Here you can add music and a beautiful effect, shorten or speed up the video, crop it to the desired size, and even add your own voice comments.


An application for Apple designed specifically for creating videos. You can also use it to add emojis and stickers to your video, and there are also about a hundred ready-made templates here.

Dazz Cam


Have you dreamed of making a realistic video on film for a long time? All you need to do is download Dazz Cam. We advise you to test the Kino camera (suitable for horizontal videos).



A handy application that can turn a long video into a 15-second video for stories in a couple of clicks.

Story Apps


With InShot, you can add music to your video, crop it, merge videos, rotate, blur the background with one touch of your finger, or add text to your video.



The main feature of the application is the ability to animate objects in different ways. For example, one photo in the template can fly out from the top, and the text generally appears on the left.

A Design Kit


The application offers a wide range of tools for creating collages with overlay effects, emoji, stickers and gifs.

Story Maker

With it you can add backgrounds, choose effects, match fonts or make cool transitions.




trendHERO is a useful service that allows you to analyze any profiles. The platform has a database of 60+ million accounts and over 90 metrics for comprehensive verification.

With the help of trendHERO , you can find out the demographics of subscribers and their interests, audience type, growth of subscribers and subscriptions, relevance of comments, engagement rate and percentage of a quality audience.

Of the pluses , one should highlight:

  • platform appearance;
  • depth of analytics;
  • availability of unique metrics;
  • analysis accuracy;
  • security (no Instagram authorization required).
Try trendHERO for free




For those who want to keep Instagram in the same style. With it, you can create and edit content while tracking your posting performance. The main advantage is the ability to connect an unlimited number of accounts.

Content Office


Suitable for bloggers, entrepreneurs and SMM managers. With its help, you can create content plans and set reminders, as well as select images in the same color scheme through the preview function.



An indispensable assistant for commercial profiles. The service tools allow you to create draft publications, collections of hashtags and build a grid of posts. The free version has rather limited functionality, and a monthly subscription will cost you 599 rubles.


An Android app that allows you to view and organize your feed before posting to Instagram, generate captions for posts, add hashtags and reminders, and view all scheduled posts.



Of the minuses – the application works only on iPhones. An additional useful functionality is the ability to add text and hashtags for the planned post. There is no photo editor, but you can put a reminder so that you don’t forget to post the post.



InstaPlus is a simple and useful auto-posting service. There is also a built-in function for selecting the target audience by geolocation and hashtags. Up to 5 profiles can be promoted at the same time. You just need to register, add an account, select the “Autoposting” item, upload a photo and write the accompanying text, and then schedule a publication in the calendar.




You can add only one link for free, design a business card and attach a text block. Adding several links to social networks at once and tracking statistics is available on the Pro plan, which costs 1080 rubles per year.


A convenient application with which you can create a mini-landing page in just 5 minutes, share useful contacts with the audience, provide links to other social networks and instant messengers, and place an avatar.

You have the opportunity to independently develop a page design or use ready-made templates. It’s also easy to track statistics and customize SEO blocks.


The free version has a wide range of functionality: choosing a business card address, setting a background, 3 messengers. The main advantage of the site is its user-friendly interface. When buying a subscription (minimum cost – 329 rubles per month): 6 instant messengers, arbitrary links and buttons, text blocks.

Sendpulse – landing page builder

Another way to create a multi-link from a service that was once a mailing service, but now creates many services for marketers – including a landing page builder.



Here you will find tons of tags grouped by subject. Just pick a theme for your new post and copy the hashtags generated by the program.


After installation, you will be able to switch the standard keyboard on Instagram to Tags Dock, and with its help you can enter a tag with one tap.



An application for IOS that allows you to sell your photos posted on Instagram. You can set the price yourself. The main audience of buyers is advertising agencies that use snapshots of ordinary users in their integrations.


Here you can also sell your pictures (they are printed on canvas and delivered to the customer). Only in this case the price will be fixed ($ 20).


With the help of Sociate, you create and place an advertising post in thematic communities of all popular social networks, thus increasing the conversion by a few percent at least. If you register as a user, you can attract money advertisers.

Features service :

  • all sites are carefully moderated;
  • help in controlling the advertising budget;
  • advanced targeting options.


Participation in affiliate programs is a good opportunity to earn extra money on your own account. It works according to the following scheme: you placed a link (or a promo code) on the page – the user clicked on it and bought the product – you received money for this.

For example, in Storiesgain, you can get from 20% to 50% of the income of the service itself, by bringing people into the system. It is now one of the most generous offers on the market.



The bottom line is simple – you get money for completing certain tasks. The cost of one “heart” on the CashBox service is 0.6 rubles on average. Yes, not enough, but as an additional source of income it may be suitable.




The application allows you to repost in just a couple of clicks. To do this, you just need to provide a link to the publication. All files are saved in their original resolution and without watermarks.



You can repost a photo or video in just a few clicks by inserting only a link to the desired publication. The main advantage of the service is the presence of the Russian language. But there is also a minus. If you are using the free version, a watermark is applied to all saved images.

Repost for Instagram


With this application, you can not only share content with your friends, but also view the best reposts. Service users get the opportunity to see what others are reposting, and thus draw inspiration for new publications.



Service with fairly broad functionality. The application allows you not only to repost photos and videos, but also to schedule posts, set reminders, create content plans, preview the grid, and so on.


Jesica Bot

This is probably the safest service for complex promotion.

Jesica Bot work algorithm:

  • collect in Instaplus a list of accounts that need to be liked (or subscribed);
  • install Jesica on your Android phone or computer;
  • launch a promotion.

Jesica will like and follow you on your phone or PC.

What will you get?

  • increase coverage;
  • growth in the number of subscribers and likes;
  • increase profile views.



Probably the most popular and effective profile promotion application. It’s simple: you register on the platform and give live users certain tasks (like, comment on a post, or even subscribe). The price starts from 0.5 rubles.



Helps to wind up comments. Live people will comment on your posts, and unwanted posts can be rejected manually.


A reliable promotion tool that will leave likes, comments and subscribe to accounts with real people. You can purchase the activity of bots or real performers.


Not a bad service aimed at working with a live audience. Platform features: mass-liking, mass-following, auto-comments, flexible filter settings (stop words, language, “black” lists, etc.). Price – 600 rubles for 30 days.



A program with excellent functionality that helps to use various promotion methods, imitating organic activities. You can also use it to subscribe, like, leave comments, send mailing lists to Direct, and much more.

Other useful Instagram apps



A popular platform where you can find original ideas for creating beautiful and relevant content. It is enough to enter a keyword in the line and a thematic collection will open before you.


With Tilda, you can easily create a one-page business card site. Despite the huge number of blocks, it is very easy to deal with the functionality, and a large selection of ready-made templates will greatly facilitate the task.

Take advantage of your health and improve your account, spending minimal time resources!

Try trendHERO for free

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