6 concrete strategies to sell more with Instagram

6 concrete strategies to sell more with Instagram

Understanding how to drive traffic from Instagram to your storefront / e-commerce site to sell more is essential.

The social network is filled with a lot of great features that are great for growing your business, and with the right strategies, they can really get you more clicks & conversions .

Throughout this article, I will share 6 concrete and effective strategies to generate more visits to your site, with free or paid levers.

1) Draw all opportunities from the link in the biography

Your Instagram biography link is very easy for your followers to find, making it an essential tool for driving traffic to your e-commerce.

And the good news is that it is possible not to stop just sharing a single link: with Linkin.bio , you will be able to convert your entire Instagram feed as a landing page, updating with each of your posts.

For example, the @elleaus account provides easy access to articles corresponding to Instagram posts through a Linkin link in his biography.

A page listing the images posted to the account then allows us to click on one of them to access the related content.

In the case of the magazine, it is about redirecting internet users to its articles, as we see an example below:

As a regular content producer, @elleaus shares multiple Instagram posts every day.

Using Linkin.bio, the media redirects their subscribers to their latest content by adding a call to action in the post caption:

The advantage of going through this tool is that you will never have to worry about removing in the caption of your old post “Click on the link in the bio”, and most importantly, the content will always be accessible even several months later.

The crucial role of calls to action

One of the best ways to generate more traffic from your bio link is to add calls to action that explain why the link is useful.

We saw an example above for @ellaus, but if you don’t want to go through Linkin.bio, here is an example of what you could include in your caption:

On the other hand, it will be especially important to add calls to action directly in your account bio, and it will only take you a few minutes.

With the addition of a dedicated line to encourage clicks, you could significantly boost the number of visits to your site.

Here is an example below from my account, where I want to encourage visitors to subscribe to my Instagram newsletter:

2) Stories as a sales accelerator

No matter how many subscribers you have, it’s possible to drive traffic to your site with Instagram Stories.

These constitute real opportunities for brands to connect with their communities on a more personal level, which is an asset for increasing engagement and fostering the development of brand awareness of products & services.

Regarding the generation of clicks to the site, two main options are available depending on your number of subscribers:

  • you have more than 10,000 subscribers : it is possible to add a “See more” type feature at the bottom of your Story which makes it clickable
  • you have less than 10,000 subscribers : use the authoring tools to encourage clicking on the link in the biography

Interactive stickers are also great opportunities to entice users of the application to visit pages on your website.

I am thinking in particular of the Countdown sticker allowing to send a notification to those who wish it when it is finished.

You could also take the “temperature” of your subscribers through surveys, and thus understand what they really like about your different products & services.

The Leroy Merlin store chain regularly asks its subscribers for their opinions on styles, products or interior designs.

Last concrete tip: use the Featured Stories to promote your flagship products & services. This is for example what the company Yves Rocher France is doing by promoting its “Bodycare” product line as we see below:


3) Invest in Instagram ads

If you are looking for a lever to accelerate in the generation of traffic to your website, you can go through Instagram ads .

With these you are guaranteed to reach more users of the application, and with the right strategy they can prove to be very effective weapons.

To make your ads as successful as possible, it’s important to define your end goals. If you are looking to bring more people to your site, be sure to choose a call-to-action button to do so.

For example, the company Wework encourages below to know more about the different types of offices that it offers to professionals:


4) Exploit Instagram Shopping

The built-in product buying functionality is one of the most effective ways to get your subscribers to your e-commerce pages, which often means generating more sales.

With Instagram Shopping , you can identify items on your classic publications and Stories, and link them to their corresponding pages on your merchant site.

For example, look at how the Sézane brand uses this feature to sell its clothes:


To be able to add clickable product labels on your publications & Stories, you must meet the criteria imposed by Instagram, namely:

5) Collaborate with influencers

When the right influencers make posts & stories about your brand, it can often generate a large influx of traffic to your website.

Since the number of subscribers is not the best benchmark for identifying the right partners, what should we do?

It’s more interesting how well a popular user’s editorial line fits with your brand and its values.

To dig deeper into this topic, you can check out my article: the guide to identifying and working with Instagram influencers .

6) Know how to promote content created by users

Do you make your customers happy with your products / services and they talk about it on Instagram?

Think about how you could integrate their content into your editorial line.

For example, the Daniel Wellington watch brand regularly shares photos taken by its customers, adding a dedicated #DWPickoftheDay hashtag in its captions.


Another way to promote your customers: through the distribution of Instagram Stories.

The cosmetics brand Birchbox encourages its subscribers to identify it in a publication in order to hope to be featured in its Stories.


To go further:


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