6 marketing mistakes, myths and misconceptions that harm your business

6 marketing mistakes, myths and misconceptions that harm your business

The Internet is full of various tips, guides and “one hundred percent strategies” for successful marketing. Unfortunately, such a number of different opinions confuses users, and the advice sometimes completely contradicts each other. We decided to voice 6 common marketing myths that may not be relevant to your business or even distort reality.

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Advertising needs a huge budget

Yes, there are large projects that require serious financial resources. With a budget of 3000 rubles per month, it will not be easy to get a return on contextual advertising.

However, there are more affordable and free ways to promote. For example:

  • Partnerships with other stores (Mutual reposts);
  • Quality content. Ideally, creative viral content. Shoot stories, write interesting texts – it’s free and effective;
  • Automated Instagram promotion. (Instaplus.me will cost 1199 rubles for 5 accounts – an affordable analogue of the target);
  • Barter advertising for small bloggers. The cost of goods + 300 rubles for delivery is a good option for affordable advertising for a starting store.

Starting with no budget at all is, of course, very difficult. However, with a budget of up to 5,000 rubles per month, there are quite high-quality promotion options.

Constant testing required

Testing is an important part of marketing, but it is useful only when there is a lot of traffic. If there is no traffic flow to your resource yet, concentrate on expanding your coverage. You shouldn’t jump into testing until you have collected data from a significant number of audiences.

Do not forget that constantly jumping from one theory to another is also not worth it. Any testing requires distance. In the meantime, while the data is being collected, you can always engage in useful activities that do not require verification: spend more time working out content on social networks, shooting stories, coming up with improvements for your product, and so on.

All elements are subject to testing

You’ve probably heard these beautiful stories: the marketing department of a huge corporation conducted a study by changing the color of the “Place an Order” button, which increased conversion by 12.5%. Every detail on your site is essential and blah blah blah.

Yes, the details are important. But you should not focus on the elaboration of the color of one button if you have a small business or just a starting Instagram store that you run on your own. Whole departments don’t work on your design and marketing, and you don’t have the corresponding volume of traffic and resources.

Test only those elements that can produce noticeable results over a short distance. Block order, text content, price.

Believe me, it will take a long time before you come to the optimal setting of the basic parameters. Concentrate on what’s important.

Negative reviews are scary

Negative ratings are normal.

You don’t need to be afraid of them, you need to work with them.

Today, too ideal reviews raise suspicions of their sincerity. Mixed reviews with a reasonable margin on the positive side are perceived much better. It’s enough to show your audience that you are dealing with negative customer experiences. Be sure to answer, understand the situation and learn to find compromises. And you will make sure that negative reviews are not scary at all.

Copy competitors useful

Tracking your competitors’ activity will help you understand what works in your industry and what doesn’t. However, you cannot rely on the fact that your competitors really understand what they are doing, or are working for your target audience, offering a similar solution.

If even one of these statements turns out to be wrong, blind copying will lead to dire consequences.

It is much more efficient to look at competitors and try to do better, but at the same time go your own way.

If you outsource marketing, you can forget about it

If you have the ability to pay for hired labor, do not think that you can outsource marketing and forget about it.

Of course, your tasks will decrease, and competent specialists can increase your profits. However, a high-quality result will inevitably require your participation. No one is as interested in the success of your business as you are. And you should surely understand the goals of your project better than anyone else.

In conclusion, I would like to say: constantly analyze information. This is a very important skill in the information age, when the amount of data on any topic is simply cosmic. Consider the specifics of your business, study different sources and compare the results yourself. Successful promotion!

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