6 ways to save time on Instagram

6 ways to save time on Instagram

Are you looking to be more efficient & productive in managing your Instagram account? When it comes to communicating for a business on the social network, it will be essential to create content that will capture the attention of your audience and have a solid strategy to gain Instagram followers .

And the good news is, you don’t have to spend a lot of time to liven up your Instagram account!

Throughout this article, I will reveal 6 simple and concrete tips to save you time in animating your Instagram account, which will allow you to devote yourself to other tasks.

1) Use a visual post planner

Being able to predict ahead of time how your news feed will look helps you make sure it looks good and never repetitive. This also allows you to predict how often you will share photos / videos of products alongside your more “lifestyle” content. I give a full update on this topic in one of my articles available here: 3 free applications to predict the appearance of your Instagram feed .

Plan your Instagram feed with Unum

2) Schedule your publications

Want to post on Instagram without having to open the app? It is possible to perform this maneuver by going through complementary applications to the social network. The only condition: switch to the professional profile .

For more information on this subject, I invite you to consult my article available here: 6 free tools for programming on Instagram .

The Instagram programming module on Hootsuite

3) Write a week of post captions in advance

Have you ever run out of inspiration when it comes to writing the caption for your next post?

A good Instagram caption is very important to get more views & interactions on your post. The new Instagram algorithm tends to favor posts that have high user engagement, that is, that receive many likes, comments and shares. You could even, if your content is very popular, be displayed in the Explore section of the application.

Producing great captions with effective calls to action is one of the best ways to get your followers to take action, which will snowball and put you in the right favor of the algorithm. I explain how you too could produce great captions in my dedicated article: How to write Instagram captions that improve engagement?

Example of a well-written Instagram post caption

4) Use models to produce your Stories

This trick is important to implement for two main reasons:

  • you will save time in the production of your content
  • you will be quickly identified when viewers scroll through the Stories

And for that, no need to go through professional visual production software! There are free online services that allow you to create Stories in your brand colors. I explain this to you in my dedicated article: 10 free apps to create successful Instagram Stories .

Example Instagram Stories template

5) List the best hashtags for your account

Posts with hashtags get over 10% more engagement on average, so you need to be strategic when using them. One easy way is to build lists on your smartphone, in order to reuse certain hashtags, but be careful that they are not always the same in your posts. I invite you to dig deeper into this subject by browsing my article: Instagram hashtags: best practices .

If your business uses Instagram as a customer relationship management tool, you might see your private messaging system filled with the same questions from people online, like how to track an order or store opening hours. Being quick in this context is therefore essential, so it is important to create “quick replies” in your Instagram app.

To do this, go to the “Settings” of your app, then on “Company” and finally on “Quick responses”.

Steps to access the “Quick responses” feature

Then, click on “Create a new quick reply”, then fill in the shortcut and the message to display:

The menu to create a new quick response

The text you define as a shortcut will be the one you need to type in the private message or comment so that it is replaced by a complete reply.

To go further:

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