64 best masks on Instagram 2021

64 best masks on Instagram 2021

This year, Instagram has seen a real “mask boom”. And if at first this innovation was just a follow-up to Snapchat, now masks have turned into a whole art. Lush lips, shimmery skin or a bright background – the abundance of effects haunts active users of the social network.

Are masks on Instagram a temporary insanity, a tribute to trends or an unobtrusive PR tool? We understand in today’s article.

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Most popular Instagram masks

Below we will tell you about the masks that need to be tested right now.

Designer masks


While bloggers and insta-divs are turned on perfect skin and even arrows, Russian designer Alena Geyser has thrown herself into creativity and extraordinary solutions. Alena’s favorite mask is Vertumn – with a face made of fruits that fly in different directions as soon as you open your mouth. It looks very cool and unusual.



Geek’s Desktop 96 by George Kedenburg is a must-have for fans of unusual masks. Do you want to be inside a desktop that has a separate life? Folders that move in random order, programs that open randomly, and, of course, a naughty computer mouse. In short, the perfect mask for those yearning for outdated Windows design.



Luke Heard is the author of psychedelic and a bit weird masks that can cause a storm of delight among those who are tired of the banal. For example, we have already tested the cool Pickle Сat mask. Flying cucumbers and a screaming cat are a fiery tandem and a separate type of insta art.



Kevin is a New Media artist based in Buenos Aires who loves to create conceptual masks. The coolest in his arsenal is the Square Wave Knight with electromagnetic interference. Ideal for those who like capturing stories from raves.



Enrique Defacio is an employee of a creative agency who loves to design unusual masks in his free time. For example, his Google Eyes turns his eyes into huge saucers, and his Mirrored mirrors half of his face. Well, cool?



A talented person is talented in everything. For example, the Italian artist Fabio B. Forgione decided at his leisure to create a mask of KZ Police Man . Have you dreamed of challenging the system for a long time? Then rather add this cool effect to yourself.


Johanna Jaskowska

It was Joanna who was the first to show the world a mask with the effect of shimmering liquid plastic that envelops the face. By the way, in the author’s profile you will find an impressive number of masks in a similar style. They look very cool and high quality, so we recommend that you subscribe.



Junji Suzuki came up with tons of animal-head masks. Here you can find wolves, zebras, and rhinos. By the way, the mask looks very realistic, so if the party suddenly gets bored and even cocktails don’t save the situation, take out your smartphones and take cool pictures.


Aaron Jablonski

And now some good cyberpunk content has arrived. On Aaron’s page, users will find many top effects with a touch of virtual reality. With masks like this, cool selfies are guaranteed. Do you want a lot of likes?



Rustam is the creator of the AR filter for Dodo Pizza. His mask with a shrimp on his head perfectly reflects our mood in the morning, when well, we really want to watch a sweet dream, but instead we need to go to work.



Crafted by artist Ines, this shimmery neon mask, almost like in Mad Max, is perfect for evening streams. According to the artist herself, her goal is “to create a virtual character that you imagine when you think about yourself.”



Have you dreamed of your own clone for a long time? This wonder mask will help you create an army of twins. Download and test for yourself soon.



This creative guy creates really bright and effective masks that will help you gain a third eye, experiment with complexions and immerse yourself in extraordinary textures. Subscribe not to miss the most interesting effects.


Kym Fiala

Pixel chefs co-founder creates incredible virtual reality effects and stunning motion graphics. Masks allow you to add a variety of living creatures to the environment: caterpillars, praying mantises, little ladybirds and doves. Get a little closer to nature, even if you are at home now.



Allan generates very unusual content, and his masks can be safely ranked among the imperishable objects of contemporary art. Do you want to feel the wings of a butterfly on your back or transform into a fantasy elf? Then immediately go to the creator’s page. It will be interesting, we promise!



Luminous and Awakening cosmetic masks can turn any follower into a true magician or elf. Magical shots are guaranteed, so get ready to receive compliments and quick reactions in Direct.



Here you will find just a shock dose of creativity and inspiration. For lovers of neon scorpions there is a SCORPIO // mask, but users who want to acquire 4 steel hands at once can save themselves Self Help .



Bright tattoos on the face are a real trend that you must try on yourself. No, we are not talking about domes now, but about contemporary art at its best. Colorful characters from your favorite cartoons, pop art and flashy inscriptions – it looks very fresh and unusual.



A crown consisting of slices of pizza, a realistic unicorn horn and your favorite glazed donuts that swirl around your head – you will find all the most “delicious” masks here. Oh, I really wanted to eat.



The mask Glow on Black seems to be created in order to remind: we are all nothing but stardust. To realize this, it is enough to turn on the desired effect on Instagram and slightly open the curtains. It turns out to be real magic!


Julia also created an incredible Art is Everywhere filter. Do you want reproductions of Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh to show off right on your living room door? Then urgently save yourself this wonderful mask with incredible landscapes.



A mask that can completely change the space around you. Purple sky, shining stars, neon halo overhead and huge angel wings – in short, the perfect filter for inspiration.


Masks from bloggers

Free masks are created not only by brands, but also by Instagram stars, who will never miss the opportunity to remind followers of themselves again, and at the same time acquire new subscribers. Check out the list of bloggers behind trend filters.


Irena Ponaroshku is an eco-blogger with an army of loyal fans. The girl makes sparkling jokes in stories, generates unique content and, without undue modesty, calls herself the Green Goddess. True, the Instagram star is not greedy and is happy to share the honorary title with her loyal followers.

I must admit that Irena closely monitors the quality of the filters, so the blogger’s masks are well detailed and thought out to the smallest detail.



Don’t you want to waste your precious time drawing perfect arrows? Then the mask of Klava Koki will help you. Subscribe, tap the screen and admire the bright makeup!



Marie Senn invites followers to try on original tattoos. Bold lettering, emoji and vibrant drawings are just what you need for a cool story. And if you also love the XO Life show, then you will definitely like it!



Shining skin and a lot of sparkles … a lot of multi-colored sparkles. In short, a mask in the style of Katya Adushkina. The girls will love it too!


Masks from the stars

The stars also do not graze the back ones and create really bright and original effects. We offer to test!


Sergey Lazarev created a series of masks with his most striking stage images. You can be a humble student Zhorik or feel like a Young Pope. It remains only to subscribe to the star’s page so as not to miss anything.



Olga Buzova never ceases to amaze her loyal fans. Now he will sing, then he will make a scandal, then he will release a book. Now it was the turn of the masks. One of them is neon glasses with animated words “Buzova In Da House”. The surprises don’t end there. Especially for Muscovites who miss the real winter, Buzova released a mask with snowflakes and frosty patterns. And zealous fans can be content with a 3D copy of their favorite performer.



Singer Lena Temnikova is the leader in the number of filters among her stellar colleagues. The performer has 24 effects and this is far from the limit! In her gallery there is a place for both classic masks with perfect skin tone and full lips, as well as butterflies soaring around the head.



According to Forbes, the singer Polina Gagarina in 2019 ranked fifth in the ranking of the highest paid Instagram bloggers in Russia. The performer released her first mask in honor of the release of the single “Look”. And if you really look closely, you can see this word in her pupils.


Brand masks

For business profiles, Instagram masks are a great way to tell users about yourself. At the same time, the promotion costs can be considered relatively small, because the brand spends money only on creating a filter.

Briefly how it works :

  • subscribers post a story with masks with a link to the creator’s account;
  • viewers, if they like the filter, go to the brand page and add the effect to themselves (while getting to know the page content);
  • the more unique the mask, the more it will flicker in stories (therefore, this way you will significantly increase your company’s awareness and expand your target audience).


A modest tiara with crystals and earrings with the logo of a famous brand. It doesn’t take a lot of flashy details to feel like a luxury.



If you are still not friends with a bronzer, highlighter and other beauty pieces, then urgently save yourself a mask from @goldapple_ru. Bright stickers will tell you what to apply and on which parts of the face. You won’t get confused with such a cool cheat sheet!



Designer Marina Glotova from the TEDxNovosibirsk team has created masks in the corporate identity of the international TEDx community. For example, in a TEDx Lamp , small Xs fly out of your eyes when you blink, and a light bulb with a logo inside lights up when you open your mouth.



Girls are such girls. They need new shoes, a ticket to the Maldives and a hearty burger with big fries. For those who do not want to decide anything, the kari brand has prepared a batch of neon masks with rotating desires. By lightly touching the screen, you can change the color of the inscription.



Two-Ta is a family-owned workshop that makes leather bags. The guys will present their masks in a very unusual format – on monuments and plaster busts. For example, we had no idea that Mayakovsky dreamed of a yellow backpack. That’s a discovery!



Mercedes-Benz invites subscribers to plunge into the atmosphere of drift and feel like a real racer. The masks are available in the official brand account.


Masks with questions

There are only two types of question masks :

  • in the first case, the user receives a specific answer from the mask, but this does not look like fortune telling, but like a simple test;
  • the second type – the mask gives the question that you need to answer. A great option for those who have a boring Friday night.

Truth or Dare

A mask that works like a popular game. You must either answer the question or take the indicated action. Tagging a user who admires you in a story, eating a clove of garlic, yelling out an open window, or kissing a stranger – there are a lot of options. With such a filter, any party will cease to be languid. Are you ready to take a chance and show all your cards?

Then grab a list of the most popular effects from this category:

  • A mask with very crazy, but funny and original tasks.
  • And here you will find a lot of cool questions that will help you fully reveal yourself to your followers.
  • This mask fully captures the atmosphere of the classic game, as you can choose “truth” or “action”.


Questions from @gegam_muradyan

A mask with simple questions, answering which will kill two birds with one stone – increase your reach and allow subscribers to learn a little more about yourself. Look for the link.



A mask that will help you remember your school curriculum and catch up. Are you ready to use your brain? Then make yourself comfortable!



Remember how Tina Kandelaki bombarded poor schoolchildren with abstruse questions? So, we invite you to take part in a popular TV game and feel like a genius. Of course, the tasks here are not so difficult, but very interesting.



A DJ-creator from Spain has created a very cool test mask, which is actively used by world celebrities, from Sam Smith to Ariana Grande. Yes, yes, we are talking about a filter with the most pressing question: “What kind of Pokemon are you?”.



Digital marketer Greg Swan is convinced that all of the above masks are a waste of time. Therefore, he created a really useful filter that will determine which roasted toast you will definitely like. Pure innovation.


Prediction Masks

In just a few seconds, you can find out the answers to the most burning questions: what character from the cartoon do you look like, where is it better to go this summer and what awaits you in the near future. Yes, yes, now we will tell you about the coolest randomizing masks that need to be added to the collection.


Can’t decide where to spend next weekend? Don’t worry, Aviasales will help you quickly make your choice. The Russian airline ticket metasearch has created a cool city list mask with which you can easily learn IATA airport codes.



Would you like to know who your Patronus is? Masks from @maximkuzlin have long been a favorite with avid fans of the Harry Potter saga. Here you will find the Sorting Hat, which will tell you which of the four faculties of Hogwarts you can apply to, and cool texts about the heroes. After such filters, you will immediately want to revise all the parts.



AR designer from Spain Kevin Storm at the end of 2019 conquered the world with an incredible mask, in which he collected characters from his favorite Disney cartoons. He invited his followers to find out which princess lives inside each of them. It turned out very nice, so the fun quickly reached Runet users.



Arno Partissimo decided not to limit himself exclusively to princesses, so he included other bright characters of his favorite cartoons in the game.


Mask Who are you from Disney? became so popular that it even appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s program. He and the guests of the evening show chose the heroes on the air. You can watch a piece of the video on Arno’s Instagram – @arnopartissimo.


Designer Mikhail Evstafiev not only creates cool masks, but also teaches others this by no means easy craft. Its filter 2020 Prediction looks simple and straightforward, but Instagram users are not at all embarrassed by this fact. By the way, the mask has gained unprecedented popularity among domestic celebrities.


And recently Insta-oracle almost became the cause of a family quarrel between Ksenia Borodina and her husband Kurban Omarov. The randomizer mask predicted a move for the TV presenter, which she did not plan, but Kurban was betrayed. True, Ksenia was not taken aback and quickly restarted the effect. Fortunately, it all ended with a happy ending, and not another stellar divorce.



A pure girly mask that will help you uncover the most intimate secrets about guys. As a bonus, a perfectly even complexion and shimmering skin are included. Let’s gossip, ladies?



Want to know what’s in store for you in 2020? Run the prediction and wait for the result, no matter how strange it may be. You can find the mask by the name VANGA2020 , or in the creator’s @kilderov instantiation account.


Animal masks

Developers love to be creative and create quite realistic animal masks. Yes, yes, with the help of this effect, you can turn into a cute dog for 15 seconds or surround yourself with a flock of colorful parrots. Below we have collected the most famous and exciting filters.


SMMs of the mobile operator MTS entertain their followers with outlandish animals. Sphinx with wings, Dragonfly-Pug-Octopus, and a beast that cannot be described in words – creative on the face.



Almost eight years ago, Varisiri Mathachittifan took a five-month-old kitten, Nalu, from a shelter and created a personal Instagram profile for her. Now over 4 million people follow him. By subscribing to an account, you can add Nalu to your story, which looks directly into the camera. Isn’t that cute?



This mask was not used, probably only lazy. The Jerry effect won the hearts of all Runet users. This funny 3D frog will definitely decorate your room.



How about placing a real Bengal tiger on the rug in the hallway or on the balcony? This filter has a unique feature – the tiger can not only lie down, but also move. Use your fingers to resize and position it.



Bored at work and don’t know how to diversify your lunch break? The Office Cat filter will cheer you up to a new level. A fluffy cat lying imposingly on a mountain of important documents is +100 to productivity. Hint: By clicking on the cat, you can change its position.



Yes, this is the same funny cat from the meme. Use it to share your bad mood with subscribers.
P.S .: it will perfectly convey the autumn mud or the fullness of the sadness-sadness of early waking up to work.



Do you like parrots? Then find the Lovebird effect and place the feathered companion right on your head.


Funny masks

And we will end our selection with funny masks that will melt the hearts of even the most spoiled Instagram users.


A game filter that will help train your reaction. The essence of the entertainment is extremely simple: you must blink as quickly as possible so that little Momo does not fall into the clutches of toothed monsters. Carefully, with such a mask, you risk forgetting about work matters for a long time.



Do you want to plunge into childhood and feel like a carefree student who sits at the back and plays tic-tac-toe with a friend? Then download this wonderful mask for yourself. The rules are very easy to learn: turn your head where you want to put the sign, and then blink.



If you have long dreamed of establishing contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, then urgently test this filter. The green man can be seated both on the keyboard and on the sofa in the living room. True, you will have to communicate exclusively in the language of dance, which is also not bad.



Pure satire on modern society. Just imagine: first, a huge bee hovers over your head, then a dozen more fellows join it. They begin to sting the face and literally in a moment you become like a person obsessed with plastic. Oh yes, they forgot to add: all this happens within 15 seconds.

To imagine something like that, you have to do a lot of strain, or use the mask BEEauty .



Designer Suzuki Junji invites you to feel like a Mona Lisa or a girl with a pearl earring. The picture comes to life: grimaces, smiles, yawns or sad, depending on the user’s facial expressions. Looks cool … and a bit creepy.



A mask with which you will turn into a cute child for 15 seconds. Chubby cheeks, big eyes and a small nose – a shock dose of mimimi.



Are you still afraid of clowns? It’s time to face fear with the fun MR.CHUCKLES mask. Despite the fact that the filter will make you a sad clown, such a transformation will amuse your followers and make them keep the effect.


Where are the masks on Instagram

Can’t find masks on Instagram? Do not worry, right now we will tell you a few effective ways.

Follow your friends’ stories

Do you like someone’s story with a mask? Then notice that in the upper left part of the screen there is information about the author of the filter. Click your finger on the nickname to access the panel.

Select Save Effect . This button will allow you to quickly add a mask to the menu. You can also try the filter before you save it, or send the effect to a friend.

To see other author masks, click on “…” .


Explore the Effects Gallery

Instagram adds popular masks and filters to a special section “Gallery of effects”. All of them are categorized under headings. For example, “Animals”, “Love”, “Selfie”, “Humor” and so on. You can go to the gallery while testing any mask on Instagram.

Subscribe to special accounts and thematic hashtags

Do you want to always keep your finger on the pulse and track the emergence of new masks? Then subscribe to special accounts, which contain the coolest filters (for example, @instmask and @ vse.maski) and hashtags.


Please your followers with bright and interesting stories with the help of unique masks!

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