7 best Instagram ad exchanges

Social networks have long become for Internet users not only a way to communicate and exchange materials, but also a way to make a profit. Instagram has also become a platform for the development of online entrepreneurship. Instagram advertising has become an integral part of online business. In this article we will tell you how to promote your profile on Instagram and what services can be used to do it effectively.

Types of Instagram Ads

Instagram, like other popular social networks, offers users 2 ways to promote a profile. The first method is targeted advertising. The resource provides a platform for promotion by showing advertising materials to potential clients. Instagram targeting has three powerful benefits:

  • Quick launch of an advertising campaign.
  • It is easy to select the target audience, which is determined by several parameters: age, place of residence, interests.
  • You can start from 20 rubles.

Today we will analyze in detail the second way to advertise goods and services – by purchasing advertising through Instagram from bloggers, as well as in thematic pages. This method has several advantages:

  • Advertising from bloggers is perceived by subscribers as a recommendation, friendly advice. This will increase the chances that the audience of the advertising platform can move to you.
  • Fast effect – you will see the result within a few hours after placing your ad. What it will be depends only on your creativity and understanding of what the target audience wants.
  • Even having studied the target audience in detail, you may not attract a sufficient number of users through targeting. Through advertising, you are in direct contact with them.

Exchanges are intended for this method of promoting a profile.

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What are Instagram ad exchanges

If social networks are a place where users meet in order to exchange materials, communicate with each other, then exchanges are a platform for interaction between buyers and sellers of advertising spaces. Buyers are users who want to promote their profile on Instagram, or to promote certain goods and services. Sellers, on the other hand, provide buyers with an opportunity for other users to purchase advertising space for money. For customers, an advertising exchange has a number of advantages:

  • You can view statistics for both your account and advertising materials. Thanks to this tool, the effectiveness of the acquisition of space on the advertising platform is determined.
  • It is easy to find a platform for PR, of which there are more than one thousand. There is a search tool.
  • You get a guarantee that the order will be fulfilled. How effective the advertising will be depends only on you and your choice of advertising space. Study the needs of the target audience in detail.

Benefits for bloggers:

  • You no longer need to search for advertisers – they will find you themselves.
  • Orders for the purchase of ad space will be received on a regular basis. A permanent income is provided.
  • You are guaranteed to receive money for the work performed.

The Instagram advertising exchange is a platform for both finding advertisers and advertising spaces. It is worth noting that such services have a drawback that scares off some users – the commission they charge for mediation services. But this commission pays off, because if you are an Instagram blogger, you don’t have to worry about the flow of customers and getting money. If you are a customer, you are provided with a list of advertising platforms that undertake to complete the task.

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TOP-7 Instagram exchanges

Earlier, we have already considered what an Instagram exchange is and what advantages it has. Especially for you, we have highlighted seven services for finding advertisers and advertising platforms on Instagram.


7 лучших бирж рекламы в Instagram

Storiesgain is a service for buying and selling advertising space in stories. Advertisers get a tool to analyze bloggers and buy ads. If, after PR, part of the budget remains on the account, it can be withdrawn without barriers. Bloggers, on the other hand, get the necessary audience, part of which is ready to become their advertiser.


Epicstars is an instagram exchange that is in demand among users of social networks around the world. Here you can order advertising not only on Instagram, but also on such social networks: Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, Telegram, YouTube. The service opens up the following opportunities for bloggers:

  • If the number of subscribers on your account has exceeded 1000, you can add your profile to the system.
  • Receive bids from advertisers.
  • Independently adjust the cost of services.
  • Use mutual PR.
  • Payment instruments are available: withdrawal of funds will be available upon reaching the mark of 1000 rubles to a bank card or to accounts of popular payment systems (Webmoney, Qiwi, Yandex.Money).

By registering with Epicstars, you have complete freedom of action. You decide with whom and on what conditions the cooperation will take place.

7 лучших бирж рекламы в Instagram

Advertisers also get advanced features:

  • Tools are available that allow you to view statistics, comments from other users. These factors contribute to the selection of an effective platform for profile promotion.
  • You can order advertising of a native character, review, hold a competition.
  • Calculation of the planned output.
  • The service provides an extensive list of bloggers who provide their platforms for advertising.


The exchange of bloggers on Instagram Plibber is an old platform for promoting accounts on social networks, such as: Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. The resource is used by thousands of bloggers and advertisers. For the former, the service provides such opportunities:

  • You can register in the system as soon as you reach 150 subscribers and 30 publications.
  • Freedom of action – you yourself decide on cooperation with this or that advertiser.
  • Self-determination of the cost of the services provided.
  • Simplified system for withdrawing funds to WebMoney from 100 rubles.

If we compare this site with those that we considered earlier, then for bloggers it provides loyal conditions for adding to the system. The main thing is that you publish live content. But the platform also has disadvantages: you can withdraw money only to WebMoney, the impossibility of independently searching for advertisers in the service.

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7 лучших бирж рекламы в Instagram

What customers will get:

  • There is targeted advertising on Instagram, search for advertising platforms with filters.
  • Jobs are added quickly.
  • Comprehensive campaign reports: reach, click-throughs, user engagement.

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The LabelUp platform is engaged in attracting creative bloggers, whose accounts are not even in great demand yet. The resource offers such opportunities for bloggers:

  • You create the conditions for the sale of ad slots yourself.
  • Competitive average ad cost.
  • Withdrawals to bank cards and Qiwi-wallet are available.
  • To register in the system, an account must have 3,000 followers, 15 posts.
  • Barter is available – audience exchange through the use of mutual PR.

7 лучших бирж рекламы в Instagram

For advertisers:

  • A way to create complete ad campaigns with bloggers.
  • Placement of creative assignments.
  • A large number of advertising sites, depending on the budget.

You can register for the LabelUp service using your Facebook, VKontakte, YouTube account.


Instagram Sociate Advertising Exchange is one of the first platforms to buy and sell ad space on social media. Let’s consider what the service offers to the owners of advertising platforms:

  • Access to tools with more than 500 followers.
  • Independent selection of advertiser bids and price determination.
  • Easy tasks, but the payment is appropriate.
  • Withdrawals from 100 rubles to Webmoney, Yandex.Money, Qiwi are available.

7 лучших бирж рекламы в Instagram

For advertisers:

  • Detailed reports on advertising campaigns performed.
  • Advertising is cheaper than most similar exchanges.
  • You can select sites manually, or you can place an application on the service so that bloggers find you themselves.
  • Payment from individuals and legal entities.

After reviewing the reviews, we concluded that Sociate does not always track the quality of profiles and publics on social networks. Thus, we recommend that you personally check the sites before placing them, so as not to waste your budget on advertising for bots.

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Thanks to GetBlogger, co-advertising with Instagram bloggers has become a reality. You can also promote your profile on the YouTube site. The following options are provided for page owners:

  • You can start earning on your account when you reach 3,000 subscribers.
  • Bids from advertisers come directly.
  • It is possible to complete tasks both for money and for barter.
  • Self-regulation of prices — the ability to negotiate with each advertiser.
  • Most of our customers are solvent companies with a large budget.

7 лучших бирж рекламы в Instagram

What opportunities advertisers get:

  • The selection of advertising space owners is carried out carefully.
  • The service works on the basis of mathematical calculations to select an Instagram page for advertising with a suitable audience.
  • The cost of services is recommended.
  • Statistics of the work done are provided.

Administrators of the GetBlogger service know firsthand what advertising on Instagram is. They are serious about choosing ad sites, which increases the rate of return on investment.


7 лучших бирж рекламы в Instagram

There are platforms that promote in one social network. The Instach service is a prime example of well-coordinated work in Internet marketing. The resource offers advertisers to launch an effective advertising campaign, in which more than 150 million users can take part. To become part of the team, you must register.

How to efficiently work with exchanges

The advertising sites listed above try to work for the result and attract thousands of new advertisers and bloggers every day. Service tooling is similar everywhere, but there are differences. Read the detailed description of each in order to finally decide on the choice. To form your own opinion about a particular service, you do not need to spend time looking for reviews and articles on the topic of each resource. Try to create a campaign yourself, or place your own advertising platform.

If advertising in a particular service turns out to be effective, keep using it. But if it is not effective – money is spent, but there is no sense, then try to apply a number of actions:

  • Change your marketing materials. More often than not, the Instagram ad exchange is not to blame for losing your budget. A beginner advertiser can make gross mistakes in the analysis of target audience.
  • Try changing your profile data, type, subject, geolocation.
  • Analyze your reach and engagement metrics. If the reach is large, but the percentage of engagement is not, either the wrong advertising platform was chosen, or the audience simply was not interested in the advertising materials.
  • Do something new. Change the content type, make a video review, or upload a post to Stories.

If you have done all these steps and there is no result, then we advise you to change the site.

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Today we told you what advertising exchanges are and how to work with them effectively. Whatever the advertisement, there is always a blogger to place it. Naturally, if the materials do not contradict the Legislation and the rules of the social network. Don’t invest heavily in the promotion of a newly created profile – start with small sites and a minimal budget.

If you have any questions about the article, then you can share your thoughts in the comments below and the author of the material will definitely answer you.

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