7 Instagram Reels Ideas For Your Business

7 Instagram Reels Ideas For Your Business

Looking for ideas for your next Instagram Reels ?

It’s not always easy to know how to fund your account with this content inspired by what made TikTok so successful.

So, throughout this article, I will offer you 7 Instagram Reels ideas that you can perfectly use in your account to liven up your Instagram presence.

Why publish Instagram Reels?

If you don’t post Instagram Reels on your account, you may be missing out on opportunities to make your business more visible on social media.

The reason is simple: Instagram Reels appear in users’ Explore section, allowing you to reach people who have never heard of you, but who might be interested in your content.

This is especially true as a very limited number of people & companies produce Reels, which gives your short videos more exposure.

On the other hand, Instagram notifies us with a notification when one of our Reels is included in Explorer feeds, which is quite motivating.

Adding music to the Reels does not necessarily work on all accounts: you can get around this by adding the sound yourself when you edit externally with respect to the application.

1) Share the behind the scenes of the company

Show your followers what they might not see with your classic posts or Stories.

This first type of content can be interesting for various industries, especially in a desire to show a manufacturing process or photo shoots for fashion brands.

This is the case, for example, of the Louyetu company which regularly publishes short videos in which we see extracts of the way in which it carries out its product shoots.

2) Promote your products in an original way

Thanks to its multiple video personalization features, Reels are perfect for breaking (a little) the codes of your communication into classic publications.

You can also promote a product from every angle, through several sequences, and explain how it works.

This is the case, for example, with Merci Handy, which regularly uses Reels to highlight specific features of their products.

3) Organize a game-contest

As has been the case for several years in classic publications, it is quite possible to organize a competition through Instagram Reels.

The mechanics remain the same because it is possible to like and comment on an Instagram Reel.

In the example below, Sephora prompts app users to:

  • subscribe to the account
  • mention 3 people in comment

4) Share tutorials / tips

Even with short 15 second videos, it is quite possible to share useful information, such as tutorials to achieve a specific goal, with of course the use of your products.

This is for example what the Nocibé brand offers in one of its Reels, with the participation of an influencer.

5) Surf a trend

It won’t have escaped your notice: Instagram Reels are a cut and paste of short TikTok videos. It is therefore common for brands to either take all of their TikTok videos and distribute them as Reels, or, if they do not have an account on it, to be inspired by the viral trends of it. here.

For example, this is what the Respire brand did by posting an Instagram Reel with a viral TikTok dance to the music of “Where is the love” by the Black Eyed Peas.

6) Introduce the team

It is sometimes complicated to use classic publications to promote the employees of a company, because they are more reserved to promote products or demonstrate expertise.

Instagram Reels make it possible to fill this gap by allowing you to produce short videos presenting the members of your staff.

This is the case, for example, of the company Blissim (formerly Birchbox) which announces through a Reel the replacement of its Community Manager.

7) Share before & after

This type of video is particularly common for all professionals or companies for which it is important to show the quality of their services & products.

In the example below, the company Blank Slate Reno looks at the different stages of a renovation project, compressed into a short 15-second format.

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