7 main social media marketing trends of 2018

7 main social media marketing trends of 2018

2018 promises to be a very rich year for social media marketing.

Social media marketing platforms have now been adopted on a large scale and, for quite a long time, companies are really starting to use social networks as real marketing strategies. The time spent on social platforms is set to increase, and consequently so is social media marketing. In 2018, Instagram stories, influencer marketing and online video hangouts are certainly among the trends to keep an eye on. Let’s see them in detail now.

Here are the 7 main trends expected in 2018:

1. Instagram Stories Drive Next Instagram Trends
Instagram Stories have smashed everything and everyone. Instagram Stories daily viewers have surpassed SnapChat viewers every year just a year after launch, and growth isn’t stopping.

Instagram Stories can be said to be the biggest news to Instagram, and its marketing implications are huge.

A great deal with Instagram Stories is this: business accounts with over 10,000 followers can add a link directly into the story. Considering the fact that the only other place you can put a link on Instagram is just the one buried on your profile page, this is a big hit, as it multiplies your purchase or request opportunities by order of magnitude .

Instagram Stories in particular will be relevant from a marketing perspective because, compared to other transient video platforms, Instagram metrics are eminently traceable.

One last note on Instagram Stories: their foundation is the gold of social media engagement. The videos dramatically outperform all other forms of content in every test.

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2. Influencer Marketing Makes Important Contributions to Social Media Encouragement
Influencer marketing is big business – a billion dollar industry. There is a complete list of micro-celebs earning 6-figure numbers. And this is not a fluke. Influencer marketing is uniquely aimed at leveraging certain data on a growing number of buyers.
As Millennials (born between 1980-1997) advance in their careers, and Generation Z (all those born after millennials, therefore after 1997) theirs begins, the purchasing power of a huge population is rapidly increasing. These two groups – which, combined, comprise literally the majority of the world’s population – are uniquely influenced by this marketing method.

3. Generation Z to decide social media trends
We mentioned Generation Z in both of the above topics for good reason.

RetailDive said about Generation Z and their associated social media trends:

“Gen Z is two to three times more likely to be influenced by social media than by sales or discounts – the only generation to value social media on price when it comes to making purchasing decisions. . “

Additionally, 81% report watching at least an hour of online video a day or more, according to a study by Fluent, covered by AdWeek.

4. Messaging platforms make businesses accessible
WeChat and WhatsApp are absolutely ubiquitous in both oceans, reaching multiple functions to dominate social media, direct messaging and even shopping and commerce.

Every year more and more shoppers are Millennials and Gen Z, and fewer and fewer are older. These two categories of buyers prefer quick and easy means such as Whatsapp to talk to companies, rather than calling or sending emails.

5. Twitter is about to change
And they themselves may not even know how yet. Twitter needs to make big changes to stay relevant, as its growth is the slowest of all major social media platforms.

6. Online hangouts become the norm
Online hangouts go hand in hand with the live streaming trend and Generation Z. Consider Houseparty – a friend app that essentially relies on FaceTime in a group , which experienced rapid growth in 2017.

The trend of online hangouts also intersects with virtual reality. Sure, everyone promised everything this year with VR and AR, and all that came with it was two weeks of Pokemon GO. (I mean, two weeks AWESOME! Man, wasn’t that awesome?)

But this year has the potential to be different. Many promising programs still have another year of beta testing, but technologies are excitingly improving. Once again, Facebook is at the epicenter, with Facebook Spaces.

7. Social Platforms: Continued Engagement in Content Moderation
The past year or so has forced the hand of several tech and social media titans to step in and play a more active role in content moderation . Those maneuvers, in retrospect, seemed more like damage control than any kind of final solution.

We’ll likely see companies revisit them in a more meaningful or lasting way, and certainly more proactive than reactive.

2018 is almost here … are you ready?
Social media trends of 2018 predict that time on social media platforms will increase. This means that you will need to improve your online presence in the year to come.

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