7 strategies to recruit your Instagram community

7 strategies to recruit your Instagram community

The most popular accounts on Instagram aren’t by chance. If we analyze what they do or have done in the past, various strategies have been employed to recruit their community quickly, taking into account the specificities of the social network.

Do you have a clear vision of the levers that will allow you to reach 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000 subscribers?

It’s hard to be at peace when you don’t have in mind the different options available to you to gain more followers on your Instagram account.

In this context, I will detail throughout this article 7 ways to recruit your Instagram community, often complementary, universal and viable in the long term.

1) Bet on the inclusion of hashtags in your publications

This first lever is undoubtedly the most obvious and easy to set up.

This is about writing captions for posts that include hashtags watched by your potential customers.

So the real question many Instagram users ask themselves is: should I choose popular hashtags or more “niche” hashtags?

The answer to this question will depend on your number of subscribers because:

  • if you have several thousand / tens of thousands or even more subscribers, adding popular hashtags could allow you to appear in the popular posts section, as long as you have at least several hundred likes
  • if you start, it doesn’t have much value to add popular hashtags, you will never be shown in the top posts section, and you will only appear for a few seconds in the most recent posts

How many hashtags should you include for each of your posts?

Theoretically, you can go to 30, but it is very rare to be able to add that much in each of your posts.

So how do you do it?

I advise you to add about ten of these keywords in your captions, always original, to regularly scan multiple threads of posts.

2) Think about what Internet users want before promoting your products & services

In order for brands to continue to be interesting on Instagram, I really think they need to go beyond promoting their products & services to delivering useful content.

This is particularly true for small & medium-sized companies needing to develop their reputation in general, and therefore lacking this lever of natural user attraction, unlike major brands.

I will give you a concrete example of a small structure seeking to develop its presence on Instagram: mine!

I could have chosen to use my Instagram account to share photos & videos of myself, my daily life and the various training courses I organize, but I know very well that this only interests very few potentials visitors to my profile!

Instead of egocentric communication often conducted by professionals of all kinds, I favor my subscribers by posting them content that will be useful to them on a daily basis.

A way of thinking about you, rather than thinking of absolutely selling my services with each publication.

Ask yourself: how can you do the same?

3) Extend the time spent by users on content

The Instagram algorithm is an essential concept to take into account when defining your content calendar.

One of the success factors of your presence is the amount of time users spend on your posts.

It is therefore essential to ask yourself the following question: what are my opportunities to capture the attention of my subscribers for longer?

Here are several ideas:

  • share carousels
  • write long captions that encourage reading
  • post videos up to 60 seconds long
  • share Stories integrating interaction stickers
  • post long videos on IGTV
  • post content that deserves to be stopped on
  • encourage comments on your publications

4) Interact on the contents of other users

Want to be interested in what you’re doing?

How about taking the time to interact with posts on other accounts to get noticed?

If the hashtag lever is still functional nowadays to promote the discovery of your publications, it should also be seen as an opportunity to make you discover in an ultra-qualified context.

Think about what hashtags your potential customers use in their posts to connect with them, either by simply liking their posts or commenting in an authentic way.

Let’s take a concrete example: you market jewelry for women and you want to grow your Instagram community.

Then ask yourself the question: what could be the hashtags used by women interested in fashion accessories?

List all of these keywords and get to work.

The condition for success is naturally a well-optimized Instagram profile .

5) Set up targeted advertising campaigns

There are two great tools for setting up ads on Instagram:

I posted on my Instagram account a summary of the differences between these 2 options:

In which cases is it interesting to implement such actions?

Here are some ideas:

  • published content works very well organically (free) and you want to give it a boost
  • you have an important announcement to make to your community
  • you want to retarget your website visitors to remind you of the existence of your products

6 ) Organize contests regularly

Have you ever participated in a quiz from your Instagram profile?

If so, you must have noticed how easy it is to set up such an operation on your behalf, because it is almost always the same mechanism that comes up!

Here it is:

  • subscribe to the account
  • like the publication of the competition
  • comment by inviting at least one friend
  • increase your chances by reposting the post in his own Story

The big advantage of running contests is that you can gain subscribers extremely quickly, because users of the app clearly understand the financial benefit of participating.

There are, however, several conditions for success:

  • have an engaged audience and enough subscribers to activate the virality mechanism (certainly several thousand subscribers)
  • publish the competition at the right time
  • go through Instagram advertising to promote the publication

7) Collaborate with influencers

Last but not least, the regular establishment of partnerships with Instagram accounts that have a good engaged audience is a good opportunity to grow your community on an ad hoc basis, with qualified audiences.

The question will then be: how to identify the right influencers for your brand and how much to pay them according to the size of their community?

It’s up to you to see what makes the most sense for your brand between:

  • working with many “small” influencers
  • working with few “big” influencers

When the former will often have more communities committed, others can have this unique strike force to promote a flagship product.

To go further:

Trainer & social-media consultant, I am the author of the “Community Manager Toolbox” at Editions Dunod. I have trained several thousand employees in the professional use of social networks since 2011.

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