7 video ideas for your IGTV channel on Instagram

7 video ideas for your IGTV channel on Instagram

What to post on IGTV ?

Here is a question you may well ask yourself when communicating your brand on Instagram.

This feature, which aims to compete with Youtube, is increasingly adopted by private and business users, in order to offer content that is different from publications & Stories .

The particularity of Instagram TV videos is their duration : 10 minutes maximum for non-certified accounts & with less than 10,000 subscribers; up to 60 minutes for accounts certified or with more than 10,000 subscribers.

But then, what could you publish on your IGTV channel in order to develop the notoriety of your company while being connected with the good uses of this platform?

I will present to you throughout this article 7 ideas and concrete examples of videos that you could post, while ensuring a certain complementarity with the publications & Stories that you already distribute.

1) Tutorials & advice

When developing a branded editorial calendar, it is always important to keep a share in the distribution of content with high added value for subscribers.

Tutorials, DIY or advice are excellent excuses to get your brand talked about on Instagram, but it is sometimes complicated to offer really detailed ones due to the limits imposed by the format of classic publications (60 seconds maximum for a video) or Stories (15 seconds maximum for a video slide).

So IGTV is the ideal platform to upload longer content, in order to offer a more complete explanation of a goal to be achieved, whether it is a cooking recipe, DIY advice and many more.

In the example below, Maisons du Monde shows us how to make your own aquatic terrarium:

2) Customer interviews

More and more, brands are incorporating content produced by their customers on Instagram into their news feeds and their Stories.

So it’s only natural to think about how you could showcase them on IGTV as well.

Due to the possibility of uploading long formats, customer interviews can be a good idea for content to upload to your channel.

This is what the company Gemmyo offers for example below:

3) Behind the scenes of the company

In a world where consumers want to know more about the way products are made, and above all, who is in charge of this, valuing behind the scenes of the company is an often essential step to reassure prospects.

This form of transparency has become a must for the biggest brands, and beyond publications & stories, it is possible to use IGTV to share it.

The My Jolie Candle brand shared a behind-the-scenes video on their channel of part of the organization of an event:

4) Collaborations with influencers

For some companies, collaborations with influencers are real events, especially if they are very well known to the general public.

Because these operations are sometimes very expensive, it is essential to capitalize on them as much as possible. Creating a long video is therefore interesting to keep track of a partnership.

This is what the Nocibé brand regularly offers with this type of video below:

5) Presentations of new product collections

Naturally, your brand presence on Instagram has a business purpose.

It is therefore very relevant in this context to share presentation videos of your new ranges / product collections, and this through your IGTV channel.

This is what the brand Sézane offers from time to time, as we see below:

6) Web-series

The web series are not dead!

Many brands continue to produce video content in the form of episodes, most often on a specific theme in order to educate their audience on a particular approach or to tell a story.

The company Balzac has shared several videos of a web-series called “TPR or Always More Responsible” in order to demonstrate its desire to limit its impact on the environment in the manufacture of its products.

7) Challenges

Having become very fashionable thanks to buzz sites like Buzzfeed or Topito, the challenges aim to involve anonymous or celebrities in experiences aimed at entertaining the viewer.

The Merci Handy brand re-used this concept by filming the reaction of 3 employees from a partner company when using one of its products.

To go further:

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