7 viral TikTok video ideas for your business

7 viral TikTok video ideas for your business

Do you have a branded TikTok account or are thinking about starting a social media account, and looking for inspiration to produce your next videos?

An essential ingredient in gaining TikTok subscribers, video is the only type of content you can upload to your account, lasting up to 15 or 60 seconds.

Throughout this article, I will present you with multiple ideas for TikTok videos that will allow you to adapt to the codes of the social network and promote your business as well as its products & services.

1) Bounce on TikTok trends

Regular TikTok users are used to seeing videos on their “For you” menu featuring the same music, the fate of which is always somewhat the same.

For example, a very popular sound is called “Oh no”, and is associated with videos where small catastrophes happen: someone slips, a dish falls to the ground, etc …

Mcdonalds took over the music and linked it to a humorous video of someone dropping their take out order.

Some would say that this is a little dark humor or a little trite from a brand perspective, but it is quite the spirit of TikTok.

2) Combine trends & promotion of your products / services

Another example is the Merci Handy brand which took over Adèle’s famous song “Someone like you” with a video whose concept has become extremely popular on TikTok: it is about filming a bottle first. on a stage, with then a view of several tens / hundreds of bottles in the background.

Using TikTok for several years, I can tell you that new music / trends arrive almost every week, so you have to know how to keep up to date so as not to miss the point because the music you use is now dated, and suddenly users have already had their “dose” of this type of content. However, there are some timeless music from TikTok-wide videos that have worked and will still do in the future.

3) Share useful explanatory videos for your prospects & customers

Tutorials and how-to videos on a topic are very popular on TikTok.

People’s accounts have become extremely popular in just a few months because they add useful value to their videos.

It is therefore necessary to integrate the provision of advice into your TikTok video content strategy.

This is the case, for example, with the Ipsy brand, which shares numerous makeup & beauty tutorials on its account, with the integration of surveys for subscribers.

In the video below, it’s about comparing makeup methods between 2016 and 2021, and asking the community for feedback on their favorite style.

4) Share exclusive content

Another way to share useful value with your (potential) TikTok subscribers is to broadcast videos where we know more about how you make your products / services, behind the scenes of work within your company, or any other proprietary information to which we would not otherwise have access.

This is for example what the Palace of Versailles offers, where we can see in video how the restoration of certain works present within it is taking place.

5) Entertain your audience with fun video content

TikTok users expect to have a good time while browsing. They want to smile, relax, have fun watching videos that are not meant to sell them something too blatantly.

I think that at the present time, this is the biggest concern encountered by brands on the social network, which take up Instagram-type commercial communication, and this is absolutely not what thrills people on the social network.

One account that regularly posts funny video content is that of Mcdonalds France, which for example posted a video showing a person trying to eat with small hands. Result: over 193,000 likes.

6) Organize contests on your account

It is quite possible to organize a contest on TikTok to engage your community a little more and hope to gain new subscribers on your account.

This is what Nocibé France did, via a video in which the brand explains that it is necessary to respect the following rules to validate your participation:

  • follow account
  • like post
  • comment on post

This is an interesting maneuver because all the engagement gathered will be seen in a beneficial way by the TikTok algorithm, and it could thus choose to put more emphasis on the next videos of the account.

7) Share good news

Positive content or any form of celebration is generally well received by Internet users, regardless of the social network.

Whether you’re launching a new product / service, getting a new certification, or welcoming new collaborators, there’s a good chance your content will be successful.

An example is the sharing of the video below by Xiaomi France announcing the availability of one of its latest phones.

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