8 best photo stocks for Instagram

8 best photo stocks for Instagram

As they say “you can’t spoil a little porridge,” so high quality graphics will not be superfluous for your Instagram account. This is me now about photo stocks. Everything, of course, very much depends on the account itself. For example, it’s best for a restaurant to take your own unique photographs of food and drinks. Otherwise, you can “run into” customers who will make claims that your burger in reality looks different from the photo on Instagram.

But for all other cases, photo stocks will always come to the rescue. After all, a photo should “enhance” the meaning of the text or “catch” attention. And on those photo stocks, which I will write about now, you will have something to choose from the proposed options. I bring to your attention convenient services with a large number of high-quality images. Save the article to your browser bookmarks so that you always have it at your fingertips.


Photo stock for designers and photographers, images from which can be used for any purpose. More than 56 thousand free images distributed by thematic blocks. There is a search facility. New illustrations are added every day! Any picture can be used for personal purposes. No registration required to download.


An extensive database of images with a Russian-language interface. This is a godsend for anyone looking for an easy-to-use, user-friendly file storage. It features over 1.5 million photos, videos and vectors. For full-fledged work, an account registration is required. An alternative is linking to a Facebook profile site. Photos are licensed under Creative Commons license. They are suitable for solving personal or business problems.


The Morguefile contains a selection of various photographs. The photobank contains photographs of various photographers that are suitable for both public use and corporate purposes. This site also contains helpful tips, contests , etc. Using the search option, you can find what interests you. Registration is not required to download the options you like. There is an option to search for a photo by keyword.


Here everyone can easily find many good images on the desired topic. You have half a million images at your disposal, sorted into sections. Every ten days, 10 new high-resolution photos appear on Unsplash. They can be copied, modified, redistributed and even used commercially.

Just scroll down the page until you find a suitable image. Most often, on Unsplash comes across landscape photos . All images are CCO licensed. They are considered public domain – this allows you to use the found options for any purpose. Registration for download is not required. No search facility.


Dreamstime is more than just a repository of free, high-quality images. And a whole community with various options for both photographers and photo seekers. To use the photo from this stock photo you will need to register . There is a search engine for sections and keywords.

Free Range Stock

An excellent database of first-class free photos of different directions with search by keywords. Fast registration is required to download. After this procedure, you can save the image to your computer in small or full size. It is possible to export a picture for further editing in PIXLR.


This is a large-scale photography community with tens of billions of illustrations and two million thematic groups. You can download photos for Instagram in a priority size for you without registration. They are open under the Creative Commons license, that is, besides the copyright holder, other people can also use the images .


The site contains 28 collections with free photos, which can be downloaded without registration. Saving pictures in low and high quality is provided. The project positions itself as an assistant for improving marketing campaigns, therefore illustrations are distributed according to business ideas.

I hope these photo stocks will be useful to you in your work. I would be grateful if you could share your options “where to find good high quality photographs”. Successful promotion and visual appeal of your account.

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