8 Instagram metrics to monitor

8 Instagram metrics to monitor

Knowing how to use Instagram metrics is critical to improving the performance of your account. Monitoring insight data may seem like a useless task, but what you don’t know is that this data can be revolutionary for your growth.
To make your job easier, we suggest the 8 Instagram metrics to analyze to enhance your strategies of growth.

1: Reach – Coverage

If you need to monitor your brand’s performance on Instagram, reach is one of the metrics to consider.
Previously, the focus was on engagement rate, but since the number of likes is no longer visible, the analysis of the metrics has also changed.
As a result, reach is now a metric much more valuable and accurate than ever before that brands can track.
Coverage shows how many unique accounts have seen your post and thus how much awareness and value you are gaining.
Le 8 metriche Instagram da analizzare
So if your goal is to increase brand awareness ( brand awareness ) and reach as many users as possible, you should focus on increasing this metric on Instagram.
If a post receives more (or less) coverage than usual, you can turn this information into useful information. ile for your future posts.
What you need to ask yourself is: “ Which ones hashtag did I use “? “ Has the call to action ( call to action ) been optimized for engagement “? “ I published the post at the best time “? “ Is your content consistent with your feed and brand “?
All of these factors can have a direct impact on a post’s reach, so it’s worth taking note of any changes that could help increase or decrease the metrics.

What is the difference between coverage and impression?

If you’re wondering what the difference between coverage and impression is, you are probably not alone!
The reach refers to the number of unique accounts that have viewed your post, while impressions track the total number of times the your post has been viewed (although the same person has viewed it 5 times).
Le 8 metriche Instagram da analizzare

  • The reach metric reflects the number of unique views on a post
  • The impression metric reflects the total number of views of a post

For a brand, tracking reach (rather than impressions) is the best way to keep track of the brand awaraness each post provides.

2: The saves

Instagram saves are the most important engagement metric brands are tracking right now, especially since likes are no longer visible.
With Instagram saves, users can collect and save a post by simply tapping the “bookmark” icon in the lower right corner of an Instagram post:
8 metriche Instagram da analizzare
These saves are a key signal for the ‘Instagram algorithm as they indicate a strong interest in your content.
By tracking the number of saves your posts receive over time, you can figure out which content requires the most saves and use this information for future strategies.
8 metriche Instagram da analizzare

3: Sales

Everyone is talking about TikTok right now, but when it comes to marketing your business and driving sales, Instagram is definitely the best (and most sophisticated) platform to focus on.
Over the years, Instagram has helped brands drive and monitor sales on the platform, introducing the shop, product stickers in posts and stories.
To keep track of sales from Instagram, simply add UTM parameters to all links you use.
This way, you will be able to track conversions using your chosen web analytics program, such as Google Analytics.
This is a great way to understand not only how much traffic your content generates, but what it converts into actual sales.
Instagram also has a great advantage for e-commerce: a clickable link in bio. The link in your bio is one of the most valuable tools for driving traffic and sales from Instagram.

4: Engagement rate – Engagement

The engagement rate or engagement on Instagram is a key indicator of how your audience is responding to your content. If your followers comment, like and share your content, your engagement rate will show.

How is engagement calculated?

Divide the total number of likes and comments by the number of followers, then multiply by 100 to get a percentage.
If you notice that your engagement rate is high means that most of the people who follow you are actively engaged with your content!
If, on the other hand, the engagement rate is low, it could mean that your content is not attracting your followers or that you’re not posting at your best time.
Keeping an eye on this metric is the key to long-term success, as you can pinpoint exactly what your audience is interested in.
Engagement rate
Engagement rate can be misleading when it comes to video content, as people often interact with a video by watching it rather than “like it “.
This can result in much lower engagement for video content than for photos. Use metrics like coverage or comments for a more reliable benchmark .

5: Views of Instagram stories

One of the hardest parts of creating content for Instagram Stories is understanding what interests and can entertain your audience. The contents must interest and keep the user’s attention alive until the end.
Once you understand the type of content your followers may be interested in, you can continue to create content that suits them.

How to understand which content works best?

It all depends on the Instagram metrics of your stories.
metriche storie Instagram
Always check the interactions, the number of people who have viewed the entire story, who has moved on or has passed to the next story.
metriche storie Instagram

6: Best time to publish

Did you know that you could hinder your engagement rate by simply posting at the wrong time?
Understanding when to post is the best way to reach your audience.
In Instagram’s Insights data, in the Audience tab you’ll find an overview of when your followers are most active. The metrics are broken down by day of the week and time of day.
matriche a che ora postare

7: Growth

Keeping track of profile growth has always been important, but now, thanks to the metrics “ have started following you ” and “ have stopped following you ”You can see exactly how many followers you gain and lose each day.
metriche crescita Instagram
Having this level of knowledge is extremely helpful in understanding what content helps grow your followers and what content results in a series of errors.
For example, if you notice a spike in “ they have stopped following you “after sharing a post could be a clear indication that your audience didn’t like the post, so you should take some action for future content.
Actually the number of followers can vary due to a number of reasons and, it is not certain that many followers correspond to a truly interested audience. Having a smaller but more engaged audience will even increase engagement.

8: Traffic

There are many ways to target traffic on your website from Instagram, but how do you know which tactics work best for your business?
If you have over 10K followers on Instagram you are one of the lucky accounts because you can add an external link to your story, the so-called swipe-up .
This is a super powerful way to drive traffic from Instagram and also offers a huge opportunity to understand what content motivates your audience to “swipe” on the swipe-up.
For those who do not have the swip-up, you can add the link of your site in the biography. In the Insights there is also this metric to analyze: “ clicks on the website “:
metriche link in bio
Thanks to these Instagram metrics you can understand what motivates your followers to follow you, you can change your editorial plan based on the content you like the most and start taking advantage of this really valuable data!

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