8 reasons why we subscribe to your Instagram account

8 reasons why we subscribe to your Instagram account

Why does an Instagram user decide to subscribe to your account? What are the different factors that prompt him to click on the blue “Subscribe” button?

Without knowing it, you could lose a lot of new subscriber opportunities by changing certain aspects of your account layout, but also by reviewing your overall strategy for presence as well as content.

Throughout this article, I will take stock of the different reasons why a user decides to join your community, and therefore conversely, which could dissuade them from subscribing to your account.

1) Your subscribers / subscriptions ratio is consistent

It has become an automatic reflex in the age of social media before going any further: how many followers does this person / company have and does it seem popular?

While one naturally looks at the number of subscribers first, the quantity of subscriptions is a critical component in understanding the account’s community recruiting.

For a similar number of subscribers, you won’t have the same picture of two accounts with a large subscription gap at all.

I can understand that some particular users seek to make themselves known through this means, but this practice is absolutely to be avoided when you represent a brand on the social network.

If the user is following 1,000+ accounts, frankly, it gives us the impression of some kind of eagerness on their part to gain followers , which is not good long-term practice.

This ultra-fast analysis of the Internet user aims to understand one essential thing: is the account influential and is the content of good quality?

2) Your biography is clear and well structured

I wrote a very complete article on the subject ( 50 concrete examples to write an effective biography ) because this small text seemingly harmless can seriously amputate your success if it is not not optimized for comprehension and reading.

These 150 characters (spaces included) impose a real concision in the writing.

It takes 3-4 lines to explain how you are different from others, and the value you will bring through your account.

To get ideas of good bios, I always like to look at what influencers are doing because they are particularly comfortable with this communication tool, and where the financial stake is capital for these people, often paid by brands.

The idea here is to present in a very structured way the various essential information about the person, and in the same way for brands:

3) You have enriched your biography with Featured Stories

Do you market physical products or offer services that need further explanation?

Featured Stories have become essential in providing more useful content to your potential subscribers, before they make the decision to follow you.

It will be interesting initially to ensure a certain standardization of the coverage of these Stories, to give a good first impression to the visitors.

Take a look at what Jewel Candle has to offer on her Instagram account:

The icons offered are pretty, polished and consistent with the brand’s graphic charter.

We instantly understand the added value of each of these featured Stories, and give the company an excuse to capture the attention of visitors to its profile even more.

Then, you have to ask yourself the question of the content to include in them.

It can be:

  • the game of the moment
  • the different categories of products / services that you market
  • the latest arrivals
  • the addresses of your different stores
  • answers to common questions (FAQ)
  • content from satisfied customers
  • photos / videos sharing behind the scenes of your company

4) You give the impression that your account is regularly funded

There are a number of ways you can give your profile visitors the impression that your account is running regularly.

The first thing you see when you land on an account is if it is currently offering a Story.

This makes a distinct difference and instantly gives an image of dynamism to the account, and reassures you that you are not going to subscribe “for nothing”.

The second thing that users will naturally look at is when was last posted, and most likely how often you post to the account.

5) You have been able to standardize the production of your content

When I talk about standardization, it’s not about sharing the same thing all the time naturally, but about having an equal qualitative approach in the way you produce each of your posts.

Mixing up photos taken from the phone, then by a photographer, then a visual produced through software can quickly confuse visitors to your profile, especially if you are marketing physical products.

Is it always posting “catalog” type content on a white background?

No, of course.

It’s about being consistent in the way you produce your content, and clearly communicating what the visitor, potential subscriber, is entitled to expect if they start following you.

Here are some examples of interesting feeds in this context:

6) You bring real added value to your subscribers

How can you have a positive impact on the daily life of subscribers through your Instagram communication?

Promoting your products & services is important, it’s true, but what are your (potential) subscribers really expecting when they decide to follow you?

Not every business sector will demonstrate the existence of this added value in the same way naturally.

If you are marketing services, you have two main options:

  • show how well you master your profession by publishing “Before / After” content
  • share free advice to educate your audience and thus reassure your prospects

In the case of product promotion, it is a little more difficult to talk about added value in the sense of “learning something”, rather then in the spirit of “how to make people want / make people happy” by your “beautiful” publication.

7) You show that you interact with your subscribers

It may sound obvious, but not all brand accounts.

It will not only be necessary to answer Internet users’ questions about your products, but to find reasons to interact with them, by comforting them in their choices or sharing their favorites.


8) You have been able to promote it on your other communication media

Have you ever thought about promoting your Instagram account in other digital communication spaces or in your establishment?

People who subscribe to your Instagram account will often be people who already know you, so how do you let people know that it exists?

I see multiple opportunities:

  • promote the account on your website with icons and news feed integration
  • add an Instagram tab on your Facebook page
  • promote the account through the newsletter & employee email signatures
  • add the Instagram logo to your paper media

To go further:


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