A million dollar post. Why is Kim Kardashian’s Instagram so popular?

A million dollar post. Why is Kim Kardashian’s Instagram so popular?
Пост на миллион. Почему Инстаграм Ким Кардашьян так популярен?

There is such an American legal drama series “Suits” or “Force Majeure” in translation. The main character is an experienced, self-confident and unscrupulous lawyer Harvey Specter. In one of the episodes, the head of an international cosmetics company summons him to help her resolve the situation with a teenage model who stopped the sale of their production cream, simply by posting on his Instagram. She wrote that this cream causes allergies and people stopped buying it.

Do you think such a social impact on the public is impossible? It’s easy if almost the whole country is watching you and you have millions of subscribers. And in the place of a teenage girl, Kim Kardashian could easily be. Kim has 144 million subscribers, and her advertising post costs about $ 1 million.

Intrigued by this success? In this article, you will learn:

  • who is Kim;
  • why ̶у̶ ̶н̶е̶е̶ ̶т̶а̶к̶а̶я̶ ̶b̶o̶l̶̶sh̶a̶ya̶ ̶п̶о̶п̶а̶;
  • what made her so popular;
  • and in general what she likes to write about on her Instagram.
  • Introducing the Kardashians

    How many children are there in the Kim family?

    38-year-old Kim or officially Kimberly Noel Kardashian West is the daughter of the famous lawyer Robert Kardashian and socialite Kris Jenner from Los Angeles. Kris Jenner has six children from two marriages, Kim has a second daughter.

    In her first marriage from Robert, she gave birth to four (three girls and a boy). She then married the famous athlete Bruce Jenner. In this marriage, they had two more daughters. She divorced her second husband in 2015. Take him and become a transgender woman Caitlin Jenner ! Nothing out of the ordinary, just American Santa Barbara. Let’s go back to Kim. The photo on the right is he / she!

    Ким Кардашьян и Кейтлин Дженнер
    Kim Kardashian and Kaitlyn Jenner

    Kim’s childhood and adolescence

    Are there any Armenians among the readers? If yes, then Kim has Armenian roots. And you are reading about your countrywoman. She was even in Yerevan. But she also has Scottish, Dutch and some Russian roots. It turns out some kind of “Olivier salad from the roots.” But the more roots you have, the cooler your portfolio is.

    Kim spent her childhood in Beverly Hills. There was also a series with that name too. By the way, this city in the USA is not as rich as the mass media write about it. Los Angeles has higher income areas. And as you understand everything is learned in comparison.

    Kim studied at MaryMount, a private Catholic girls’ school. In high school she worked at her father’s firm. Either a strict upbringing by Catholics, or a lack of love from her parents, but at the age of 26 she got into a high-profile sex scandal, which in fact allowed her to become richer and more popular.

    The scandal was related to the distribution of home videos of her entertainment with then boyfriend Ray J. I believe that in any scandal you need to understand who was the organizer and what roles the participants play. It is illogical that rich Kim herself posted the video on the Internet, despite such versions of her fans. Maybe Ray J or the hackers did it. Most likely the second option. But be that as it may, black PR is also PR, and even more people began to know about Kim. In addition, she was able to sue the video distribution company for $ 5 million in compensation. So Kim became even richer at the expense of a tarnished reputation. But in the future, this did not prevent her from getting married officially three times!

    Kim’s early career

    Instagram multiplied and monetized Kim’s already existing popularity. The whole world knows her as a fashion model, actress, designer and beauty blogger. According to the HopperHQ service, Kim is ranked 4th in the list of the most expensive bloggers on the planet. Her post is now worth a million dollars. In first place is her sister Kylie Jenner ($ 1,266,000 per post). Kim opened her account on 01/06/2012. By the way, you can check the date of foundation of your Instagram account using the GetIP service. What happened before that time?

    Стоимость публикации в Инстаграм у Ким Кардашьян

    Personal Assistant Paris Hilton

    In the 2000s, Kim met the wife of her father’s friend, Bernadette. The friend was a boxer and Bernadette was often on the red carpet for this occasion. She had a huge wardrobe. But there were problems with the style. Kim offered to help with the audit of clothes and the selection of items for the exit. Bernadette agreed. In the end, Kim chose things that fit Bernadette. And I just sold the extra ones on eBay. So Kim first took place as a personal stylist.

    Her friend Bernadette began to turn to her for help. And one of them was Paris Hilton , for whom Kim began working as a personal stylist. The capricious and scandalous Paris somehow even allowed herself to say that it was she who created Kim Kardashian and her whole family owes her life! Who created whom is, of course, a moot point. I think it was a great symbiosis. Kim knew how to endure Paris’ antics. Hilton, in turn, could walk with her arm in front of all the paparazzi. And the next day, push or tell her where she needs to stand or sit. Nevertheless, they are still “friends”, Kim even pulled Paris out of prison and starred in her video. Peace, friendship, chewing gum!

    Cinema, wine and dominoes

    The entire Kim family takes part in the reality show “The Kardashian Family”. The show started in 2007 and has already filmed 16 seasons. So Kim became the highest paid reality TV star. While filming the show, Kim managed to open a DASH boutique, take part in the Dancing with the Stars project, publish a series of nude photos in Playboy magazine, sign a contract with a clothing manufacturer, and become the face of many advertising campaigns. She even managed to light up in the movies, become the author of a limited edition of clothes, release her own fragrance, write a book, become a jewelry designer and try herself as a singer. Do not list everything. As you can imagine, Kim’s business life is in full swing. Now Kim wants to become a lawyer. And I have not yet written a word about her personal life, which arouses no less interest in the public. Kim was officially married three times. She now has four children.

    Cases from Kim Kardashian

    Who else but Kim knows how to PR. If this is the cover of a magazine, then it must be “on the verge of a foul” so that fame goes around the world for a couple of days. So why does it “catch” the audience so much?

    Custom, doll-like appearance

    • Nobody is perfect. But Kim has non-standard body proportions. Surely, when it comes to the Kardashians, the first thing that comes to your mind is her buttocks. They are not just big. She has them XXL. But she can afford them. Because she has money for plastic and custom tailoring. The size of her buttocks has nothing to do with being overweight or having children. She received a non-standard shape of the buttocks from birth. And plastic surgeons helped her to enlarge it several times and create a “wow” effect. Therefore, you can safely sing “Luu, girls’ best friends are yagodiyitsy.” Jay Lo will confirm. The image of the chic buttocks is complemented by the 4 breast sizes.
    • Kim also has a doll-like appearance. Plastic surgeons also helped her in this. Rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, buttock augmentation, liposuction, botox, plasmolifting, contouring – all these wonders of “plastic surgery” made her an attractive woman by modern standards. In addition, people are very fond of discussing someone else’s appearance. And Kim gladly gives them reasons for comments, from time to time uploading photos “before” and “after”. In addition, she sometimes herself answers questions about her plastics. But not “to the end”, leaving people with doubts and reasons for discussion.

    Personal life of Kim Kardashian

    • Oh, this is just a haven for comments on Instagram. Nothing entertains the public like scandals, intrigues, investigations. Take the situation with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper though. Irina Shayk’s Russian fans gave Lede Gaga a “golden rain” on her page from comments in Russian. We must pay tribute, everything was very polite and with sparkling humor. It is a pity that Lady Gaga will not be able to appreciate all this. But how did she rise in the ratings, although she did not really need it.
    • Kim’s personal life is full of interesting details. She is currently in her third marriage with the popular rapper Kanye West. Lana Del Rey performed at the pre-wedding party for $ 3 million. Kim often publishes photos of her children, husband, family members and all this still causes a lot of likes and comments. In addition, Kim’s last child was born of a surrogate mother, which also became a reason for discussion.
    Семейство Ким Кардашьян

    Advertising on the verge of a foul

    Kim understands his popularity and uses it for advertising purposes. If no one buys ads from her for 1 million, then she herself sells her own goods. She will post pictures of her naked body, like a teaser for the fragrance, because the bottle has the shape of a woman’s body. It will settle down in sneakers and underwear on the bed with a detached face, just advertising shoes. All these pictures become memes and circulate on the Internet. Kim also sells cosmetics, lingerie, handbags, and other goods on her Instagram.



    What would you work on if you had an ocean of money? Elon Musk decided to take up space. And Kim – beauty, fashion and everything that may be connected with this. Highlighters, lipsticks and perfumes do not surprise the audience. But the necklace under the skin, glowing to the rhythm of her heartbeat, is something new in the world of the beauty industry.


    Or a Screenshop app that helps you recognize clothing brands in photos? A Shazam for clothes.

    Ким Кардашьян и Кейтлин Дженнер0

    Kim’s popularity summary

    Kim did not start her “career” on Instagram from scratch. At that time, she was popular and all that was left for her was to grow her audience. She was helped in this:

    • her own body, in which she has invested and is investing a fortune.
    • famous surroundings – from Paris Hilton to world stars.
    • getting into scandals from time to time.
    • development of own projects and businesses.
    • search for yourself in various fields from cinema to the author of a book.
    • stormy, personal life.
    • cooperation with the best designers, photographers and agencies.
    • participation in television and media projects.
    • ability to create trends and know-how in the field of beauty and design.

    From the above, the conclusion follows that to become mega-popular you need to work (even if you were born in a wealthy family), do what you like and constantly develop. At the same time, recording interesting moments and posting them on your Instagram. Yes, and appear on television more often too 😉

    We wish you success and good mood!

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