A powerful tool in promoting videos for Instagram and YouTube RosMedia

A powerful tool in promoting videos for Instagram and YouTube RosMedia
Мощный инструмент в продвижении видео в Инстаграм и Ютуб РосМедиа
Powerful tool in promoting videos on Instagram and YouTube RosMedia

Promoting videos on Instagram and YouTube has never been easier. To increase the target audience through video, posting it on website pages, video sites, social networks, the RosMedia service is used. The moderate pricing policy of the service allows you to get a commensurately large number of views of the video clip, thereby promoting it to the top ratings. You can get acquainted with the service on the official website – ros.media.

RosMedia video promotion service

Продвижение видео в Инстаграм и Ютуб через SMM сервис РосМедиа
RosMedia video promotion service

This is a reliable system for increasing the rating of video views, keeping up with the times, by posting video clips or their links on popularly visited sites and social platforms: Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram messenger. Designed for the convenience of bloggers, artists, advertisers. It is possible to work with advertising agencies and brand manufacturers. At the same time, the customer pays only for unique views. Uniqueness of viewing means viewing the video by a unique visitor determined by the IP address or cookie tags, and the viewing must be at least as regulated by the time tracking system, or the video must be watched to the end.

In this way of accounting data, the customer does not pay for viral, “useless” views. Although they, in turn, are also present, the volume of which will be fixed. In more detail, I previously wrote in an article about how to get followers on Instagram on your own.

RosMedia and video advertising campaign.

The whole process of an advertising campaign looks like this:

  • The customer specifies the address of the posted video and redistributes its main target parameters (audience, geo. data, age, gender, interests, etc.)
  • The correctness of the video is checked in accordance with the parameters systems. The result of the process is checked by a moderator.
  • The customer pays for the campaign. At the same time, payment is possible in any available way, both by card and by means of an electronic wallet.
  • The partners of the RosMedia service will post video material on the social platforms they visit. Placing video material in the form of posts, site content, reviews. A short display is possible in front of the main media content of the site (Pre-Roll). If posted on social media pages, the video is posted as entries on the walls of users.
  • The video viewer count corresponds to the operation of the YouTube video platform system.
  • For example, one of the popular networks: Instagram – the video is placed in the Instagram player, playback starts when it comes into the user’s field of view, the ability to add hashtags to the video clip in order to successfully promote.
  • In order to monitor the advertising campaign, and information about its effectiveness, the customer gets access to personal cabinet. Statistics are displayed in real-time format. At the same time, the display of statistical data takes place in a conveniently readable graphical format. Key indicators such as: general campaign information, summaries from social platforms with posted videos, data confirming the reliability of video placement.

The advertiser receives in RosMedia

  • An increase in the rating of videos posted on popular sites, blogs and social platforms: Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram.
  • Various placement options: original view, preview, short description video.
  • Promotion of a video clip to top ratings.
  • The optimal price corresponding to the quality of the advertising work being carried out.
  • Customization of the campaign by the target audience, variant of the hosted site, geo. data, …
  • Exceeding expected results thanks to reposts.
  • Protection against distortion of the information provided by cheating views.
  • Detailed statistics in graphical form, in real time.
  • Referral program of the RosMedia service.
  • 24/7 support service, stability of work.

Working on video as a webmaster of the system is:

  • The control panel familiar to the webmaster;
  • Decent royalties for each unique video view;
  • A wide range of options for posting videos on a social platform;
  • Format statistics in real time;
  • Stable payments;
  • Professional support in solving complex tasks.

RosMedia referral program. For each invited advertiser, the referrer receives a tenth of the deductions from the amount spent by the advertiser on the video promotion campaign. There is no rating system.

Financial policy for promoting RosMedia.

Promotion of videos on Instagram and YouTube through the RosMedia SMM service

Convenience of replenishment by an advertiser thanks to the support of payment systems: WMR, Yandex M., PayPal and bank transfers. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments to my articles, in the blog.

Payments to webmasters are made to a WMR wallet, with a regulated minimum withdrawal amount, automatic, monthly.

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