About groups in VK in 2021: how to create a community, close a group, create a menu, etc.

About groups in VK in 2021: how to create a community, close a group, create a menu, etc.
как сделать группу в вк

The social network VKontakte provides users with many opportunities both for creating their own interest groups and for developing communities aimed at advertising certain products or services. It is customary to develop such communities by attracting additional traffic. Thanks to this, any group can be monetized, since it is a potential source of visitors interested in the proposed topic.

However, in order to attract a large flow of new users, it is necessary to prepare the group in advance. If it is interesting, subscribers will start to appear by themselves. Preparation consists of simple steps to improve the group interface, remove unnecessary members and create a pleasant atmosphere.

How to create a community on VK

как создать группу в вконтакте To start attracting users, you need to create a page – a group in VK. It is recommended to do this using a real profile, because in case of problems it will be easier to restore access to it than to an anonymous account.

Community creation is performed according to the following algorithm:

  1. The Communities section (formerly called Groups) opens.
  2. Find the “Create Community” button in it. It sits at the top of the list.
  3. After clicking the button, a pop-up window will appear in which you should select the type of group. It will depend on what purpose is being pursued. Subsequently, the type can be changed through the settings page if an error is made.
  4. At the final stage, the name of the newly created community is indicated and one of the appropriate items is selected in the “Subject” section. If the purpose of creating a public is to advertise a site, for example, an online store, then its address can be immediately specified so that it appears in the header.

After completing these operations, a clean community with the chosen name appears, ready to customize and attract new subscribers.

When specifying the name, it is worth entering not only the name of the organization on behalf of which the group is being conducted in VK, but also the occupation. This will allow you to get into the SERPs more often, which will lead to a greater increase in the number of subscribers.

Pay attention! You can find out the date of creation of any VK group in the “Community Notes” by clicking on the first post.

Private groups: how to create them and what they are for

как закрыть группу в вк There are many topics that can be hacked. To get rid of this, you can create gated communities. Whether or not a new user is admitted to such a group is up to the administrator and designated moderators.

This approach allows you to leave comments and discussions open, but at the same time helps to solve the problem of the constant appearance of new users, causing negative emotions among the regulars of the community.

To make a group private, you must select this option in its settings. After that, a new menu will appear, in which the administrator can see incoming requests, according to which you can allow users to join the community.

However, this option has its drawbacks. So, all social network users who are not members of the group will not be able to see posts from it. You cannot repost them on the wall of your profile or community, but such actions bring the maximum number of new subscribers who are simply interested in the information posted on the wall of their friends.

Therefore, before you close a group from new visitors, you need to make sure that it really does more good than harm.

Hide group members

сколько подписчиков в группе вк If the community is discussing controversial issues, many users may not want to join due to the fact that they will be on the public list of participants. This decision is made out of a desire to maintain security and privacy.

To disable the display of the list of community members for everyone except the administration, you must do the following:

  1. Open community options.
  2. Select an item related to user privacy and security.
  3. Change the position of the switch for displaying the general list of group members.

This will protect all members, but will reduce the advertising opportunities for the community. So, his name will no longer appear in the list of user subscriptions, which is why his friends will not be able to find out about the group. In addition, the user himself will not be able to see which of his friends are also subscribed to updates of this public.

What can be seen in the group statistics

статистика групп вк The page allows you to control the quantitative and qualitative indicators of subscribers. It is she who is primarily interested in advertisers, since it allows you to estimate how many people will be able to see the disseminated information.

The list of reports collected on the page includes the following parameters:

  1. The number of new subscribers who joined the group within a certain period of time.
  2. The number of former followers who have left the community in a given period of time.
  3. User activity, including comparison of the number of actions both subscribed to the community and those who viewed information without a subscription.
  4. Activity, expressed in the clicks of special buttons, such as going to a website or viewing products.

According to the data received, the administration can develop its own promotion strategies that will attract even more people. In addition, with their help, you can track which content format you like the most and causes the most active reaction.

Creating a VK group menu

создание группы в вк This option is designed to improve the comfort of using the community page for all its visitors. A properly designed menu works correctly on both desktops and mobile devices. It provides access to all sections of the community, including active discussions and products for sale. This way, even a new user can find the section they need much faster.

Only internal pages of a social network can be added to the list of menu items. Their list may include:

  1. Links to product catalogs created within this community.
  2. Links to discussions that allow you to post your own information or get acquainted with the data published by the administration.
  3. Links to articles that may contain internal group rules or details about the group’s work.
  4. Links that allow you to contact the administration in one click.

Both text and graphic components can be used to design the menu. If it was decided to create elements with graphic design, then all prepared images must comply with the standard parameters. You can find them directly on the page for adding menu items.

The user who created the group is able to place items in any order. Thanks to this, in the first place you can take those items that are more likely to be of interest both to new subscribers and to those who have been in the group for a long time. For example, if this is an online store built on the basis of the VK social network, then the first items may be links to product catalogs and to an article with ordering and delivery rules.

How to write on behalf of a group in VK

как создать группу в вк пошаговая инструкция If a user is an administrator or moderator of the community, he has the opportunity to make notes and leave comments not on his own behalf, but on behalf of the group. This allows you to immediately show that this comment, for example, is the official community response to the question posed, which makes it easier for users to find fakes.

In addition, the admin staff can leave such comments in other places outside of their own group. To do this, the administration of another public should not only allow comments under the posts, but also allow them to be written not on behalf of the page.

To choose how a comment will be signed, activate the corresponding option before posting it. This is done by hovering the mouse over the username and avatar located next to the field for entering a comment.

If there are several groups on behalf of which the user can make notes, then he will be offered a choice from the available options. Many people use this opportunity for self-promotion, leaving comments on behalf of the public in communities with a large number of subscribers.

Blocking community followers

как в группе вк заблокировать человекаAdministrators have the ability to exclude and block any subscribers in the group. This is necessary to remove users who carry negativity and destroy the positive atmosphere. While this can be done for any reason, to maintain a positive reputation it is recommended that you have a strong set of rules that will allow you to refer to it during blocking.

The moderator or owner of the public can issue a block with the following parameters:

  1. Temporary blacklist for a specified period. Such a user will not be able to view the content or interact with the group.
  2. Permanent blocking. This user will not be able to return to the community, except for the official removal of the ban by the administrator himself.
  3. Prohibition of certain actions. If toxic comments become the reason for blocking, the moderator can disable the user from leaving them without blocking access to viewing content and other types of activity.

To block a user, the administrator or moderator must select it either in the comments and posts, or in the general list of subscribers, and click on the appropriate option. An additional window will appear in which you will be asked to select the blocking parameters and indicate the reason. It is highly desirable to do the latter, especially if the block is issued for a while, so that the user understands what mistake he made and does not allow it in the future.

How to delete a created VK group

как создать группу в вк с телефона If a community has become unnecessary over time, you can delete it by clearing its history and information about its existence. Before performing this step, it is recommended to make sure that the uninstallation is actually necessary. The list of posts may contain entries that will be useful to users even after several years. If deleted, they will be irretrievably lost.

Pay attention! Promoted communities can be sold to make a profit. If the topic is interesting for a large number of people, the cost of groups is tens and even hundreds of thousands of rubles. It makes sense to consider this option of getting rid of an unnecessary public.

In the case when none of the proposed options is suitable, you should open the group parameters and select the item located at the very bottom of the page. It’s called “Delete Community”. When performing such an action, the user will receive several warnings with which he will need to agree.

This action has no immediate effect. The group will become unavailable for all visitors, but the administrator will be able to visit the page with its parameters for some time. It will also have a restore button active, and a timer is indicated showing whether the data can be restored. If this button is not used within the allotted interval, the community will be permanently deleted along with all the information that it contained, and the subscribers will be automatically unsubscribed. After this time, the restoration of the public becomes impossible, and if you wish, you will have to start everything from scratch, including the collection of new members.

The VK social network is popular in almost all Russian-speaking countries. Groups and communities are represented here for all tastes. At the same time, anyone who wants to can create such a page himself, attracting other users to their interests.

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