Advertising from bloggers: 100,000 rubles for 2 days

Advertising from bloggers: 100,000 rubles for 2 days

Case of selling bed linen through advertising from a blogger. What they did, how they chose the blogger among dozens of others, what difficulties were there and why they were able to get 100,000 rubles from one share.

Direct quote from Svetlana – the author of the case:

“Actually, it took me longer than two days as I made mistakes and wasted time and money on low-quality bloggers. But at some point my experience yielded results and I will tell you how we achieved such revenue from one ad, ”says Svetlana.

What did you do?

The main thing, of course, is to choose the right blogger.

I have an account selling bed linen @ postelno.e. This means that the blogger and his followers must match the target audience.

Account , which was advertised in the case

One blogger was chosen to advertise – a young mother @polina_andhome, who writes a blog about renovation and interior design.

How was the blogger chosen?

More than four dozen bloggers reviewed to choose one.

We made an offer of cooperation to all bloggers who write about the house, checked the reviews in the Instagram chat and immediately weeded out those for whom there were no reviews or were negative.

In fact, if there are no reviews for a blogger, this does not mean that the blogger is bad and should not be advertised with him. Perhaps the result will be even better than that of trusted bloggers (of course, in the presence of a high-quality audience and no markups), but still this is a risk.

“At that moment I did not know about the trendHERO service yet, and the analogs were very expensive, so I checked the bloggers manually,” says Svetlana.

The first thing to look out for is the number, length and quality of comments. The more and better the comments, the more engaged the audience. And engagement shows how much people are interested in the blogger and trust him.

Next, we check the quality of the posts themselves and the frequency of advertising. If a blogger writes interestingly and does not mention brands in every post, this increases the likelihood that his audience will be interested in our product and go to our site.

From the reviews it can be seen that Polina also carefully checks advertisers before taking money. This means that she values ​​her audience’s reputation. This leads to the next point: communication with the blogger. The more the blogger asks questions about the product, the more carefully he chooses, the better.

As a result, they chose and paid for advertising from one blogger – Polina. The cost of advertising turned out to be about 4000 rubles together with the goods and delivery.

Then we began to prepare for the action.

Checking your trendHERO account

Блогер для рекламы постельного белья
focus on ER, quality audience (30K out of 40K) and comments (very good).

ER (Engagement Rate) is the first metric to look at. With this account size, the average ER is 1.4%, so we believe that Polina has a norm.

Доступность аудитории
Next we look at the availability of the audience. 80% is very good
Местоположение подписчиков блогера
We look at the location of the audience. All is well

There are situations when the blogger himself, for example, is from Moscow, and the audience is in all CIS countries. Or even a bunch of bots from India.

Besides, it’s good that Polina has the same schedule of followers and likes. This is another sign that there are no markups.

Пол аудитории Instagram-аккаунта
Visible that the audience is really female
Кто лайкает блогера
We see that on the one hand there are many suspicious ones, but on the other hand they like it. Together with a good number of real ones, this gives us a good rating.

It’s important to always compare followers and likes. If there are discrepancies, there is a great chance of cheating.

Also, make sure that there are not too many mass followers among the likes – this indicates participation in activity chats.

Example for different audiences:

Тип аудитории
Visible that subscribers and likes are very different. This happens when subscribers are fooled and are not involved in the content.

Прирост подписчиков Instagram-аккаунта
Visible that Polina’s account is growing steadily (except for small bursts). So it is lively and interesting (at least to the author)

Besides, it is clear that the blogger does not participate in the giveaway.

Распределение постов и процент лайков от подписчиков
See how often Polina posts and how many advertisements (mentions are highlighted in blue)

In addition, we we see that 80% of likes come from subscribers – this is a good sign, because ads from bloggers are interesting because of their loyal audience. That is, we understand that the account is live and ads are released not so often.

Анализ комментариев в Instagram
Comments very good. Many long (more than 4 words) and author’s answers. That is, the audience and the author are engaged

When selecting, please note:

  1. how many short – usually short comments indicate an abundance of contests and an uninvolved audience.
  2. how many author’s answers – micro-influencers (from 10 to 100 thousand) should have at least 10%.
Блогер для рекламы постельного белья0
You can see who Pauline is mentioning. So we know that she does not advertise everything.

In total, we would recommend Polina for advertising. Although it is also important to compare with other bloggers.

What did you offer?

We came up with a profitable promotion: 2 sets of bed linen for 3000 rubles. This price is much lower than that of competitors, the store’s markup was minimal, but it was important to test the hypothesis. The action lasted exactly one day and began on the day of the advertisement. There was also a promotional code for a 10% discount, and the discount was summed up with the promotion.

“This is how we motivated our audience to buy here and now,” says Svetlana.

In addition, it was necessary to prepare an account: they wrote a post about the good quality of the goods and posted a photo with bed linen. Also posted all the reviews that were. This increased the level of trust.

What did you get?

On the day of advertising and the next day, 46 Leads received, of which 27 people placed orders. The total amount of orders was about 100,000 rubles. The number of views of stories is about 4400, the total number of clicks is 2143.

“We did not expect such a flow, we accepted applications together,” Svetlana comments

Conversion to sales already amounted to 58%, although they could have done more, but physically did not have time to respond to some customers in time.

Why did the ad work so well?

  • Correctly chosen blogger with a suitable target audience, without cheating and imitation of activity.
  • Native presentation: people believed in the blogger’s sincerity and became interested in the product. After all, your favorite blogger will not advise bullshit!
  • Profitable and limited offer. Yes, people are still affected by the classic “just for today” and “have time to buy” tricks. The main thing is not to lie to your customers and really make such promotions that will be profitable.
  • Sales skills. And this is the speed of response, help in choosing, working out objections and much more.

The most interesting thing is that one blogger can place ads several times – after all, the audience is updated, and the coverage of stories is on average only 20% of the number of subscribers, which means that the probability that next time the advertisement will be seen by new 20% , very high.

Output from trendHERO command

As you can see, you don’t need to have hundreds of thousands of subscribers to get results 🙂

If you choose a good target influencer, blogger advertising can significantly increase sales. It is important to prepare for the action:

  • think over what you want to get from cooperation with a blogger, how you track it;
  • what potential customers will see, how you will work with objections;
  • can you respond quickly.

Things to check

  1. Audience type, compare followers and likes.
  2. Audience location (if you have a local business).
  3. Comments (how the blogger responds, how many short comments).
  4. How a blogger grows.
  5. How many ads in the blogger’s account.
  6. Whom did the blogger advertise?

All this you can easily do in trendHERO. Try it for free

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