ADVERTISING IN INSTAGRAM. How to build an active audience on your Instagram account for advertising

In today’s issue we will talk with you on the topic: ADVERTISING IN INSTAGRAM. How to build an active audience on your Instagram account for advertising. A lot of entrepreneurs ask us about how you can gather an active audience on Instagram for advertising. And Facebook recently provided such an opportunity! Let’s see how to do it in detail in today’s video! Let’s go …

Good news for those who use Instagram ads. Facebook launched the ability to collect an active profile audience on Instagram. Now you can collect for advertising those who liked your posts, wrote to direct, watched videos and more! This greatly expands the possibilities of advertising on Instagram to the target audience! Advertising on Instagram. How to build an active audience on your Instagram account for advertising.

In today’s video, I’ll tell you how to build an audience that interacted with your Instagram account. What is it for? This is necessary so that in the future you can show advertising materials to this audience, that is, your advertisement, or advertise your account. And also on the basis of this audience, you can create a “look-like” and expand this audience, making the audience similar, much more than you have on Instagram. And in the future to this large audience already advertise your advertising materials, offers and generally just make advertising.

how to gather an active audience on Instagram

In today’s video, I will tell you how to gather an audience who watched your account, who liked your posts on Instagram, who commented, saved useful posts, watched videos and other features. Surely, you immediately understood, yes, and smelled that if you use the services of mass following and mass liking, then the discrepancy and adequacy of the audience that will be collected in this way will be simply colossal. And in the future, you will simply advertise your products or services simply to an audience that has nothing to do with your topic and the interests you need.

how and where to gather an Instagram audience

Now let’s get down to business. So, go to the Facebook ad manager and find Create Audience. We type “Individualized audience” and here several options open up. We need Engagement – Create a list of people who have interacted with your content on Facebook and Instagram. This update appeared on Instagram quite recently.
Click “Engagement”. Then we see that here “Facebook” added the ability to collect an audience that watched the video on “Instagram” (here is the icon). Lead generation form via Instagram and Instagram business profile. Next, we select the Instagram business profile (this is new). So we see that here we can gather an audience that interacted with our advertising materials. That is, not with advertising materials, but with our posts on the Instagram account.

what audience can you collect

So, who can you collect here? Please note that here you can collect an audience that interacted during the year (let’s try to do it for 10 days), you can also collect within 10 days. Whom can you collect here? You can collect everyone who interacted with your company, that is, everyone who interacted with my “Instagram” account. Further, “Any visitor to your business profile”, absolutely any person can be collected. This includes all people who visited the business profile, regardless of actions, that is, likes, comments, video views, saves – absolutely everyone.

“People who interacted with any post or advertisement.” That is, Facebook reminds you that this includes only those who interacted with the post or ad, either in your company profile or in their own feed. Engagement metrics include likes, comments, saves, scrolling through the carousel, taps on call-to-action buttons, and reposting the post and ad using a Direct message. That is, all these actions are related to advertising interactions, and Facebook separately provides the ability to collect them.

“People who sent messages to your business profile” – everything is clear here. Also “People who saved any post or announcement.” What does it mean? If you advertise some useful article and see in the analytics settings that people have saved this article for themselves for study, for viewing, or, perhaps, in order to share it with friends, then you can set up your advertising campaign for this entire audience, here .

In short, that’s all for today. Be sure to use this Facebook feature to create separate audiences that interact with your Instagram business profile. By the way, you definitely need to have a business profile on Instagram. That is, a regular Facebook account will not provide an opportunity to do this. Well, those who still use the services of mass following and massliking, keep in mind that if you use them, then you will not be able to collect any adequate audience, and you will simply pour the budget from right to left idle, as they say, firing a cannon at sparrows.

That’s all for today, Vladimir Kazakov, MADWINS agency, was with you. Until! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and my Instagram profile.

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