Advertising integrations with bloggers: theory and practice

The world of advertising is diverse. And internet marketing mastodons know that what sells for one may not work for another. Although, at the same time, both advertisers represent the same niche. In such cases, the result depends on the skill of using advertising tools and their relevance for the marketing campaign of the project.

One of these tools is advertising integration for bloggers. It stands apart in the list of work on the Internet promotion of any project. Although, it would seem, everything is obvious – the audience trusts the blogger and some of the people will make a purchase of the product or service he is promoting. But advertising results and the measurement of those results are a subject of controversy between advertisers and marketers.

Criteria for choosing an ad from a blogger and its formats

In order to understand what kind of business advertising from a blog owner is suitable for, it is necessary, first of all, to indicate why to contact him and what result can be expected.

Obviously, these are audience reach and ad views. These are moving metrics – publishing on social Internet platforms collects internal statistics that are displayed in numbers. Views, bookmarking for re-reading, sending to friends and “sharing” on personal pages are all indicators for analyzing effectiveness.

A blogger, as a rule, appeals to this data, offering advertising services and showing how profitable it will be for the customer. From this data, a prediction can be made – what percentage of people who fall into the numerical coefficient of metrics are monetized.

Рекламные интеграции с блогерами: теория и практика

There are effects that are fixed after some time – brand awareness and trust. It is necessary to focus on this, since this criterion can become the main one for a number of niches. Especially where there is no way to guarantee the result or it depends not only on the seller.

An example of this is advertising for beauty products, where the circumstances of the client’s life and the correct use of the product are important. The blogger, in turn, can vouch for the quality of the service and give a sharp increase in recognition, acquainting the audience with the brand at the same time. In simple words, the trust and attention of large masses of audiences is “bought” at the expense of the blogger’s reputation.
There are two main formats for this type of advertising:

  • Collaboration on an ongoing basis – this option is preferable for companies with a federal and global scale, where a blogger or a pool of bloggers are positioned as the face of the company. In most cases, these are long-term contracts, on the terms of the customer, using all the resources of the opinion leader. According to advertising potential research, a collaboration plan is being drawn up that will sow and reinforce a positive brand image in the minds of the audience.
  • Рекламные интеграции с блогерами: теория и практика

    Here we can note a certain manipulation of the audience’s consciousness, because in the case of global brands, it is clear to the buyer that the celebrity is purposefully advertising the product, receiving money for it. And the credibility here is not based on the personal opinion of the blogger, but on his popularity. High popularity equals high cost of collaboration. This means that the company has serious intentions and is responsible for quality. This message is built by itself, but such a technique can only be afforded by the giants of the market.

    But brands of the medium and small segment also use the services of bloggers. But they do it one-time, or as part of a general advertising campaign, using it as a strengthening of the basic tools.

  • Spot advertising order – such interaction takes place on the terms of the blogger, and is mainly aimed at event sales. That is, when it is necessary to organize a burst of activity, hold a loyalty campaign or accumulate people in company events. Such episodic collaborations can be either quarterly or monthly, or one-time. If you saw a video review of a product unusual for its subject from your favorite blogger, then you can safely fix it – it was an advertisement.

Рекламные интеграции с блогерами: теория и практика

Blogging Advertising Applications

There are already a large number of opinion leaders for advertising goods and services in a number of niches and it is easy to find a suitable one, focusing on the statistics of its past marketing integrations.

In order to achieve a positive effect from an advertising campaign, it is preferable to “pull” the blogosphere into an advertising campaign in the following niches:

  • baby-shopping;
  • beauty;
  • online training;
  • home appliances and electronics;
  • some food.

Of course, in advertising in other areas of business, you can also enlist the commercial support of influencers, but you will have to devote additional time to finding the owner of the right audience.

The most effective advertising is native, when a blogger or “star” unobtrusively recommends a product. In this case, the problem must first be identified, and then – its solution. For example, a blogger talks about his busy schedule, that he does not have time to do anything, even to eat. Identified the problem. Further, he shows its solution by advertising a service that brings ready-made boxes with food for a week. The more natural the ad is, the more effective it will be. And in order for it to be natural, a blogger must test the product on himself before advertising and be confident in it.

Vladislav Fisenko, author of the telegram channel about health, sports and food “Hooked on fitness”

How to find the best blogger

It seems that everything is simple here – the most effective and popular bloggers are in sight on YouTube and Instagram. But when a detailed approach to a marketing campaign is required, to convey advertising to a certain group of people, with its own set of criteria, the question arises: “And, in fact, through whom to advertise?”.

Рекламные интеграции с блогерами: теория и практика

You can use exchanges or blogger services. These are aggregators that offer a wide variety of bloggers that meet the narrow needs of the customer. The advantage of this method will be the open statistics of the influencer profile to assess its effectiveness.

These resources, despite the similarity of tasks and functionality, have significant differences:

  • Services – allows you to analyze any blogger accounts in social networks. That is, you can view profile statistics and, based on this data, decide who is more suitable for advertising specific goods and / or services. You can contact and negotiate with a blogger outside the service.
  • Exchanges – unlike services, have their own blogger base and you can only cooperate with those who are registered in it. Exchanges, like services, provide account statistics.

You can also order advertising directly by negotiating with a blogger without intermediaries. Here you can also touch on the topic of individual discounts or conditions in general, give the blogger a clear technical task for advertising and avoid paying the commissions of the exchange or agent. But here you have to be ready for informal communication and an unexpected turn of negotiations. For example, to the fact that a blogger will suddenly change the previously agreed conditions.

Рекламные интеграции с блогерами: теория и практика

Therefore, despite a number of shortcomings, services and exchanges remain the most effective tools for finding bloggers.

Services for searching and evaluating the effectiveness of bloggers

These resources include the following:

  • trendHERO – Analyzes and evaluates Instagram profiles for both personal and business accounts. The search base has 16 million profiles with more than 1,000 subscribers.
  • The search for a blogger suitable for an advertising campaign is carried out by keywords, location, language, gender, number of subscribers and publications, level of engagement, number of likes and comments, by the time the last post appeared (to filter out inactive ones), by the growth of subscribers per month.

    Рекламные интеграции с блогерами: теория и практика

    The service provides detailed statistics on blogger accounts – more than 90 metrics. These include data on the number of fake subscribers, cheating, number of likes and comments, traffic, frequency of posting and mentions in the profile, distribution of posts and percentage of likes from the number of subscribers, analysis of comments on Instagram (which of them are from the author, from real users, and what is suspicious).

    The service also provides a report on the percentage of likes and comments from the total number of subscribers, analysis by hashtags, mentions in posts of other profile Instagram accounts.

    Plus – statistics on subscribers and separately on those who just like. The trial period of the service includes free analysis of three profiles and search for accounts according to the specified parameters. But more thorough “research” is paid. This service is relatively new, therefore, in honor of its launch, users are offered a 50% discount on all packages. The cost of services varies depending on the package: “Blogger” (if you already know who you want to find or check) – $ 9.99 / month, “Business” (active search or start promotion through bloggers) – $ 29.99 / month. and “Agency” (daily work to find bloggers and communicate with them) – $ 99.99 / month.

  • LiveDune is a platform for analyzing business pages in social networks, monitoring comments and boosting subscribers. It provides informative statistics and weekly distribution of reports on basic data. You can track the growth and churn of subscribers, reach and likes. The service allows you to find profiles on Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter and YouTube.

    Account analysis metrics include: daily subscriber activity (hours and days of the week), engagement rate (ER), content quality and audience reaction to it (rate of organic likes), audience responses depending on the length of the text in posts, comparison accounts among themselves (by likes, posts, subscribers, reach), a hashtag report.

    Statistics will show the top hashtags that the blogger most often uses in posts.

    Рекламные интеграции с блогерами: теория и практика

    To view statistics on blogging accounts, you need to add your own. After activation, free access is provided for three days.

    The service offers the following tariffs: “Blogger” (tracking one of your accounts, without checking bloggers) – from 300 rubles. / month , “Business” (tracking five of their accounts, also includes 50 checks of bloggers) – from 2.000 rubles. / month and “Agency” (tracking 300 of their accounts and the same number of checks by bloggers) – 9.900 rubles. / month

    If paid before a certain date, a 30% discount is provided.

  • Ad in Blog is a search and analysis platform for bloggers to place advertisements on their Instagram accounts. On the service, you can evaluate your own profile and see statistics on competitors’ accounts.

The blogging database of the service contains data on 99% of Russian influencers. The resource itself refers to such accounts with 15 thousand or more subscribers. There is an advanced search by category, city, gender, likes and subscribers.

Рекламные интеграции с блогерами: теория и практика

The service provides the following features: account statistics – a chart for the last months by the number of likes, ER, subscribers, subscriptions, comments and posts; analysis of the active target audience of the Instagram account; detailed report (only after payment of the selected tariff).

The service checks for bots using the FakeLikeInfo technology, evaluating not the number of subscriptions, but the actual behavior of users. It is also possible to view the top Instagram accounts by category and city. The functionality is available without registration.

The service provides a test period for 2 days to assess opportunities and offers the following tariffs: “Blogger” – 500 rubles. + 3 tokens for free / month (the opportunity to see the blogger’s profile), “Agency” – 2.500 rubles. + 20 tokens free / month, “Business” – 5.000 rubles + 150 tokens free / month.

The resource also recommends the price for, directly, advertising, based on the coverage of posts, the involvement of subscribers, their share from Russia and the number of bots in the account.

Exchanges for cooperation with bloggers

Exchange platforms allow not only analyzing profiles, but also concluding an advertising contract with a blogger.

These resources include the following:

EpicStars – you can order ads on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, Telegram and YouTube on the site.

To get started, you need to add a task, choosing the type and format of the advertisement, as well as the payment method. After successful moderation and posting tasks, you can start looking for bloggers.

Рекламные интеграции с блогерами: теория и практика

Their “sorting” is performed “in manual mode” according to the following parameters:

  • social network;
  • country / region / city;
  • gender;
  • age (from 13 to 65+ years old);
  • site category (38 topics);
  • selection of top and / or new bloggers;
  • number of subscribers;
  • user engagement analysis;
  • profile discussion rating by subscribers.

Free search allows you to see the number of subscribers, the level of engagement, the rating of approvals and discussions, content (in the form of a screen image, with the number of likes and comments) and information about reviews.

For a more detailed analysis and fruitful work, the exchange suggests contacting the EpicStars agency. The set of his services includes the selection of bloggers, checking them for cheating, concluding a deal, monitoring the implementation of tasks with the provision of a report on the results.

The price depends on the site and the blogger’s “top” rating. The cost of advertising is set by the blogger or his manager, and there is an opportunity to “bargain” The exchange itself takes 10% from each successful transaction. It is worth noting that there are practically no “grad” accounts on the exchange.

GetBlogger is a platform that allows you to find a blogger on Instagram and / or YouTube, taking into account the target audience.

The exchange daily collects, analyzes and updates all publications that mention the advertised brand. The resource has a solid base – over 34 thousand accounts.

The following metrics are used to evaluate profiles:

  • subscriber analysis (gender, interests, geography, engagement);
  • audience type (bots, mass followers, real subscribers);
  • recommended ad cost (based on audience size, likes, subscriptions and comments);
  • content search report (publications that may be of interest to a specific advertiser);
  • analysis of the activity of competitors’ profiles.

We also analyze Instagram bloggers whose audience intersects with brand consumers.

Рекламные интеграции с блогерами: теория и практика

Payment is taken directly for access to bloggers. The resource’s pricing policy is as follows: 10 thousand rubles. – 100 tokens (the ability to view the blogger’s profile), 20 thousand rubles. – 240 tokens and 30 thousand rubles. – 390 tokens. The latter option opens access to the bloggers directory and advanced statistics.

It should be noted that similar resources provide free access to similar offers. The exchange uses a small number of platforms with a high cost of advanced analysis of the opinion leader’s account, and its free functionality is minimal.

LM.SAPE.RU – offers a selection of bloggers on Instagram and YouTube, Twitch has also been announced for the near future. The choice of bloggers for an advertising campaign is made according to the target audience of the client.

The blogging base of the exchange has more than 6 thousand accounts.

Рекламные интеграции с блогерами: теория и практика0

The entire search process is based on a detailed terms of reference. It includes the field of activity, the number of subscribers and geolocation.

The history of the number of subscribers, posts and subscriptions for each added blogger is saved. You can conduct a search “manually” based on the following parameters:

  • location;
  • gender;
  • field of activity;
  • hashtag topics;
  • number of subscribers.

The main parameters for evaluating statistics are the dynamics of subscribers / subscriptions, the number of posts and comments. Payment for advertising publications is made after their placement.

Advertising with bloggers without pitfalls

Digital consultant Sergey Ulyaschenkov (Digital Business Advisor) shared with the readers of the Exiterra business blog what points should be taken into account in attracting bloggers to an advertising campaign.

In theory, bloggers’ integrations allow them to deliver the advertised product / service with greater efficiency to the audience. Due to the fact that this audience trusts the blogger himself, you can increase the degree of trust in your ad. That is, speaking in the language of sales, to get a “hotter” audience than, for example, if you just make an advertising campaign on the Internet.

Рекламные интеграции с блогерами: теория и практика1

Plus, the blogger himself can reveal your product / service from an unexpected angle, help to highlight it due to his style and manner of presenting the material. And also, another big plus is the well-known audience. Even without detailed analytics, as a rule, on the topic and other parameters of the blogger’s sites, you can understand what his target audience is, how suitable it is, what kind of product to serve it and how (for example, if you have different products).

But, it is worth considering the following nuance. Outside the spherical vacuum and in our cruel world, the situation with bloggers becomes much more complicated. The reasons are simple:

  • Bloggers often wind up their audience. To what extent it is organic, sometimes even bloggers themselves do not know. And if they do know, then they are not 100% admitted. And it is rather difficult to determine this “from the outside”. As a result, the effectiveness score based on the target audience may not correspond to the result of the advertising campaign.
  • Statistics for a channel, group, blog, page may not give a complete picture or have inaccuracies. Which also doesn’t have the best effect on the ad itself.
  • The question of how successfully the blogger himself will advertise your product / service also remains open. It is clear if he refers to advertising formally, at least it can be revealed. But there are situations when inspiration did not come to him, in the morning a cat shit in a slipper, or simply your products “did not come to him”. As a result, the serve will be unsuccessful, and as a result, poor efficiency. It is impossible to identify and predict this.
  • How much audience will your product reach? Often, marketers, especially of companies far from the media segment (for example, the sale of metal structures), incorrectly assess the degree of importance of their products in relation to the blogger’s target audience. According to the habit of their segment, they can evaluate the audience primarily by its ability to purchase goods. BUT! Bloggers are about entertainment, not buying. As a result, it often turns out that boring and “meaningless” advertising for the audience crawls across the cheerful content. She can be immediately forgotten or scolded. The result is low efficiency. This can be avoided by a more detailed analysis of not the audience itself, but the presentation, character and content of the blogger. If it is incompatible with your product, then even on the right audience, the ad will most likely not work.

As you can see, bloggers’ integration is a whole science. And in order to achieve an acceptable result, you need to have both experience and the ability to work with many parameters, and even use intuition.

And the main thing is to never advertise only to a couple of influencers. Experienced marketers always attract many bloggers, which allows them to correctly distribute the advertising campaign and minimize the damage from potential failure. Roughly speaking, if you have three bloggers and two of them flood your campaign, this is a big problem and a drain on your budget. And if you have 50 bloggers, then even if 10 of them fail the campaign, the overall effectiveness will be outweighed by the success of the remaining 40.

In general, bloggers are useful directly to their audience. And this is just one of many other advertising tools. A very important, very necessary advertising channel, but nothing better than the same contextual advertising.

And in fact, the choice in favor of bloggers should be based on the sphere of a specific business and target audience, and not some specific advantages of the advertising integration itself.

Рекламные интеграции с блогерами: теория и практика2

Summing up, I would like to highlight the main idea, which can be formulated as follows: advertising among opinion leaders is significant for a campaign on social networks and is a full-fledged and independent tool.

Approaching advertising from bloggers from this position, without devaluing and carefully selecting candidates, you can build an effective sales channel and open up new opportunities for development for the company. Since, marketing integrations allow you to optimize the advertising process, making it more effective due to the target environment with known audience parameters.

Have you had any experience with bloggers?

Рекламные интеграции с блогерами: теория и практика3

Have you had any experience with bloggers? Or maybe you blog yourself? How do you assess the possibilities and prospects of advertising integrations with bloggers?

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