Advertising on Instagram bloggers: full analysis

Advertising on Instagram bloggers: full analysis

Classical advertising methods have long outlived their usefulness. People read little print media and practically do not watch TV, so Instagram has become a real salvation for business representatives. But there is a problem – a lack of trust. Dry advertising “in the forehead” causes only negative among followers. This is where opinion leaders come to the rescue, who are able to influence the audience and induce them to take certain actions.

We will talk about what is good about advertising on Instagram bloggers and how to buy it in today’s article.

Features of blogger advertising

Key Features of Influencers Promotion:

  • Loyal audience . Advertising from a blogger is often perceived by subscribers as friendly advice, and not an intrusive banner that interferes with watching memes.
  • Low follower price . Sometimes advertising through a blogger is much more effective than through a target. The chance that users will go to the advertised account to see what is interesting there increases significantly, because a real person advises them to do this, and not an algorithm.
  • Brand awareness and image . For everyone to talk about you, you need bloggers to do it first. It is the influencers who are able to form the image of the company in the eyes of the audience, which can vary depending on the news outlets.
  • Non-standard filing format . Bloggers are very creative guys who can turn ordinary advertising into a real spectacle. Sketches, vines, marathons, live broadcasts, challenges and special projects – this is not the whole list of popular mechanics.

statistics speaks in favor of influence marketing:

  • over 67% of marketers believe blogger advertising can increase audience reach;
  • brands buying ads from bloggers earned on average $ 6.85 for every $ 1 spent on integrations;
  • 70% of millennials listen to influencers’ recommendations;
  • 30% of users trust and buy products recommended by a non-celebrity blogger.

Особенности рекламы у блогеров

Who will use this format

Influencer marketing is best suited for brands with a wide target audience (e-commerce, financial services, cinema and mobile). And also products that can be used or ordered instantly (cashback, food delivery, games, mobile applications, etc.).

Influence marketing will also bring good results to those whose business is focused on a narrow audience (car services, beauty salons, children’s and fitness products).

And of course, bloggers are great for maintaining loyalty to major federal brands – FMCG, fast food chains, banks, etc.

Advertising from opinion leaders is an effective tool for promoting a personal blog. It’s important to find an influencer whose target audience overlaps with yours. For example, if you are an adherent of a healthy lifestyle, you can advertise with a nutritionist or fitness trainer.

Advertising integration with influencers is especially effective in business areas where the consumer chooses with his eyes (beauty, hand-made, fashion brands, travel operators).

Кому подойдет этот формат

How to find a blogger

So, there are 3 main ways to find bloggers:

  • Word of mouth and recommendations . Ask acquaintances or business colleagues if they ordered advertising from someone and what results they got from this integration. Perhaps they have media personalities in mind with good statistics and a loyal audience.
  • Manually . It will take a long time, but you will be confident in your own choice. Using a social network search, the site will show the most popular people by topic. Here you can search and look for them. If you need moms, type in the search bar the words “mom”, “children”, “child”.
  • Through services . This is the easiest option. For example, trendHERO has a database of 60+ million accounts. With this service, you will be able to find the opinion leaders who are best suited to your target audience.
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How to choose the right blogger for advertising

Instagram has two problems. No, not fools and expensive, but bots and lack of statistics, which makes life very difficult for people when choosing the “right” influencer.

For example, you have selected a dozen profiles that suit you visually, but do not flatter yourself, because all the most interesting is yet to come:

  • Check outgoing subscriptions . If there are more than 2,000 of them, then the blogger clearly trades in mass following.
  • Analyze his audience. Go through the subscribers’ accounts, see if this audience is interested in your products and services.
  • Watch the content . Namely, the format in which the blogger presents information. It is possible that its presentation will not be close to you. Also pay attention to the literacy of the influencer (mistakes in publications are an elementary disrespect for the audience) and his tone of communication.
  • Pay attention to the number of sponsored posts . If an influencer’s account is 90% ad-based, run as far away from it as possible. Firstly, the audience has long lost trust in such an opinion leader, and secondly, your post will simply perish under the rubble of other advertising.
  • Calculate the level of engagement. Engagement Rate (ER) is a metric that displays the% of the audience that engages with the blogger’s content. Now let’s take an example: for a blogger who has about 10,000 followers, the average ER should be 3% or more. Simply put, each of his posts should get about 300 likes and at least 10 comments. But they are so easy to wind up that focusing only on likes is a fatal mistake. The trendHERO service can help you dig deeper. Here you will find 90+ metrics for account analytics and cheat check.

When working with insta bloggers, you need to be ready for absolutely any twists and turns. And here are some of them:

  • Blogger can’t write . And now we are not talking about the level of his literacy. Maybe he can write, but not advertising texts. And bloggers react extremely negatively to criticism, so you will have to do everything yourself, trying to recreate the influencer’s style.
  • Your product will be invisible in the photo . Yes, this happens, so the position of the goods in the frame is better to be registered in the TOR right away.
  • The deadlines are likely to be missed . Deadlines burn a blue flame 80% of the time. Especially if you are dealing with large Instagram celebrities.
  • You won’t get any effect from the placement . There may be two reasons: either you chose the wrong influencer, or the influencer provided you with fake statistics, or even fulfilled his obligations in half.

Types and formats of cooperation

Types of cooperation:

  • Product Overview . The brand sends the blogger a sample of the product, and he must make a beautiful unpacking, telling about all the benefits of the product and how to use it. Advantages of this format: economy, simplicity, social proof of effectiveness.
  • Heartfelt recommendation. Something from the category: “I myself have been using this product for a million years and I advise you.”
  • Mention a friend . It’s not just a brand that can be advertised. Bloggers often arrange collaborations to exchange audiences, or talk about interesting accounts that you should definitely subscribe to.
  • Personal history . How do I get the user to read the ad post to the end? Hide him under the guise of a sore one. Ideal scenario – an influencer talks about a problem that tormented him until he started using the brand’s products.
  • Live streams, sweepstakes and other co-activations . Advertising is not limited to stories and feed posts. Sometimes integration with a blogger can involve a joint broadcast or a give (the influencer provides you with an audience, and the company is responsible for the main prize).
  • Ambassador . The influencer becomes the face of your brand and brings its values ​​to the masses. The main task of the ambassador is to sing praises to the company in all possible ways (sometimes even outside the social network).
  • Guest posts . To publish your expert content, you need to select several influential bloggers with the right topic, audience and high authority.

Виды и форматы сотрудничества

Formats collaboration:

  • Commercial cooperation . Want an influencer to honor their commitments? Then pay. So you will have at least some leverage on the blogger. Influencer services cost varies and depends on many factors – from the number of subscribers to the purpose of advertising integration.
  • Post gift . Everything is simple here: a blogger chooses a product he likes from the company’s assortment, advertises it and leaves a sample for himself.
  • Barter. As payment, you offer the blogger not money, but mutual PR or company products. This is 2-3 times cheaper than cooperation on a commercial basis.
  • Promo code . You give the blogger a unique promo code, he places it on his profile and gets a percentage of the sales.
  • Product for rent . To create engaging content, bloggers often need additional props: decor, decorations, furniture, bouquets, and so on. If a company sells such things, it can offer its services to a blogger. Everyone benefits: the influencer has great photos, and you have a demonstration of the product in all its glory and the opportunity to celebrate the influencer in the pictures.


Advertising Cost

Advertising rates directly depend on the blogger’s appetite and popularity in the insta space.

Factors affecting pricing :

  • Type of influencer . There are several categories of bloggers – celebrities (from 1 million followers; advertising cost – from 5 thousand dollars), macro-influencers (more than 500,000 subscribers; 800-1,000 dollars), middle-influencers (100,000 followers; from 150 dollars) , micro- (5,000-10,000 subscribers; from $ 50) and nano-influencers (less than 5,000 subscribers).
  • Purpose of Advertising . Increase sales, build a loyal community around the brand, increase reach, and so on.
  • Placement format . For example, a post in the feed will always cost more than a story that disappears in a day. You can also collaborate with an influencer in a special project format.
  • Number of Ads . Many opinion leaders are not ready to cooperate with just anyone, therefore their prices are cosmic, while others, on the contrary, take up any commercial proposal. It’s cheaper to order ads from them, but be prepared for low conversion rates.

For more information on the cost of advertising from insta bloggers, see our article.

Стоимость рекламы

How to order advertising

Bloggers are not a panacea. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to pay for the fast and reap the benefits. For a good result, you will have to work hard not only for the influencer, but also for you:

  • Research your blog . Comprehensive analysis is the key to success. You don’t want to drain your entire budget down the drain, do you? Then take the time to explore the accounts of 10-15 influencers. Scroll through the posts, see what a person breathes. For example, an eco-activist will definitely not advertise flowers, and an advocate of proper nutrition will refuse to cooperate with a company that produces chips.
  • Analyze the blogger for markups . Carefully analyze the site for cheating. The number of likes and subscribers does not say anything. Today statistics are bought and sold, so you better use the trendHERO service. This will make you feel more comfortable.
  • Be prepared for negative response . If you think that bloggers are sitting and waiting just for you, then you should descend from heaven to earth. Chances are, 7 out of 10 influencers will either ignore your offer or honestly admit that they have no interest in the product. We recommend posting only with those bloggers whose philosophy is consonant with the company.
  • Provide clear terms of reference . Do not play a psychic battle with a blogger. If you want the product to be positioned in the frame at a certain angle, write it down in the terms of reference. Specify the terms in advance, indicate the main phrases, links and requirements in the TOR.
  • Draw up a contract . To avoid unnecessary hassle, make the simplest contract. Write down the obligations of the parties and the amount for advertising. If the blogger fails to fulfill his obligations, you can safely go to court with these documents and return the money.

And one more important rule: warn the blogger about all changes to the contract and force majeure.

How to calculate the effectiveness of a campaign

Criteria for the effectiveness of advertising may vary:

  • Pay attention to the number of subscribers who came to the page after the blogger’s advertisement was launched (for this it is better to give the influencer a personal promotional code, using which the person will receive a discount);
  • Analyze statistics (reach, impressions, saves, likes, comments, reposts). Trust me, numbers never lie.
  • The most significant indicator is payback. We can say that the advertisement was successful if, 7-14 days after the post was posted, it was possible to earn several times more than it was spent on it.
  • Also, do not forget that sometimes the result is not immediately visible. For example, a user might subscribe to your page on the advice of a blogger, and then sit and wait for the right moment to make a purchase.
  • If the main goal of an advertising campaign is reach, then track it. Compare with other sponsored posts and analyze the results. It is important that the cost of the blogger is not higher than ⅓ of the coverage.
  • Bloggers cannot directly influence your sales, but if the number of requests has increased after the launch of the advertisement, then thank you for the high-quality integration.
  • If a blogger places a link to a site, then it is quite possible to use UTM tags, by which you can really track where the traffic is coming from.

Как посчитать эффективность кампании

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogger Advertising

Pros blogger integration:

  • Quick effect. As practice shows, advertising from bloggers brings results almost instantly (unless, of course, you made the right decision in choosing an opinion leader).
  • Ability to reach any audience segments. Selling PP Bars? Then reach out to fitness influencers. Does your brand specialize in strollers? Great, in that case, consider nominations for Insta Moms. The algorithm is clear in principle: an opinion leader’s account must correspond to the specifics of your brainchild.
  • Lightweight . Now people spend most of their time on smartphones, like photos and viewing stories. So why not take advantage of this? Bloggers are trade engines that are able to natively present information about your product.
  • Guaranteed direct links . Regardless of what you are promoting – a new vacuum cleaner, an information portal or a travel agency, blog advertising will generate an influx of visitors, and most of them will not be random people, but representatives of the target audience.

Now let’s talk about the cons :

  • Advertising with bloggers is expensive . If you’ve got your eye on an influencer with an impressive following, be prepared to fork out.
  • Difficulties with defining KPIs . For example, it is impossible to calculate exactly how many people who will see an ad will subsequently buy a product.
  • Mistrust of users . Followers are already fed up with advertising, so they are extremely skeptical about the bloggers’ “recommendations” to buy something. But there is good news: if an influencer is competently integrating an ad post into their usual content, then wait for applications.
  • Large amount of work . You will have to work hard: find bloggers, analyze their accounts, choose suitable ones, agree on cooperation, write technical specifications, and so on. Simply put, work with a shaft.

Преимущества и недостатки рекламы у блогеров

If you’ve never tried this type of ad, you’ve lost a lot. Reconsider your content strategy and budget not only for targeting, but also for influencers who will help you engage your audience and increase loyalty. Keep up with the times, introduce new promotion channels and may you always be lucky with good bloggers!

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