All the advantages of the Instagram business profile

All the advantages of the Instagram business profile

Most of the benefits of switching to an Instagram business profile mostly consist in the ability for users to know more and get in touch more with their following, as well as gain useful tools to get a follower increase .

If you have a business profile, for example, you can use Instagram’s Insights , which gives you a great opportunity to track the impressions, reach and engagement of your followers.

Furthermore, one of the main benefits of an Instagram business page is the possibility, in case you have more than 10 thousand followers, to add links to Instagram Stories . This is the biggest Instagram trend right now and can help you generate traffic, blow up your mailing list, sell products and more!

But it doesn’t stop there if you have a business profile you can also post Instagram ads , a very effective strategy for companies that allows you to generate sales and create engagement. In fact, according to a recent Locowise survey, 75% of Instagram users act, like buying a good or visiting a website, right after watching an Instagram ad!

But now let’s take a closer look at all the advantages of using an Instagram business profile:


1. Scheduling Posts: Save time with post scheduling

This is one of the main reasons to switch to a business account. To take advantage of the new posting features within Instagram, you need to have an Instagram business account. This is an Instagram requirement, not a requirement for tools. Scheduling posts is a huge time saver for a brand with a committed social media team.

2. Instagram Insights: to monitor and improve the performance of your posts

Instagram business profiles allow you to access analytics from within the app (not the desktop). This is important to understand which content is resonating best, what time of day your followers are online, and whether you are using Instagram effectively to achieve your business goals.

In order to view these data, click on the graph-shaped icon (top right). The data are divided into three sections and refer to the times when our posts receive more interactions , to the impressions and reach of the posts, to the photos that had the most interaction . For each of these 3 sections it is possible to click on “View More” to get more detailed data and apply filters for the analysis of engagement.

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3. Instagram ads: to increase sales

Having a business account gives you the opportunity to advertise on Instagram from within the app, rather than through Facebook’s ad tool. This gives you the ability to promote specific posts. And Instagram ads can have a big impact – Yotpo reports that over 30% of Instagram users have purchased something they first saw from an Instagram ad.

4. Add links on Instagram Stories to direct followers to your website

If you have a business account with 10,000+ followers, you can add links to your Instagram Stories, which gives you the ability to easily direct people to your site or offer. This is a huge advantage considering over 300 million people use stories every day.

5. A better bio: people can get in touch with your company more easily

Businesses have some additional features in their profile, including links for your followers to get directions, your phone number or email depending on what you predicted. Person accounts do not have this functionality.

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6. Connect your Facebook business page with your Instagram profile

With a business profile, Facebook business pages can be linked to your Instagram account, giving you the ability to share your posts directly to your Faceboo business page k. Warning: personal pages can share on multiple Facebook pages they may own, while a business account can only share the Facebook business page with which it is associated.

7. More likely your account is verified

It’s notoriously difficult to get verified by Instagram, but if you have a business profile and are a regular advertiser, you’ve probably increased your chances of getting hold of the coveted designation.

8. Shopping Instagram: one click is enough to buy

This new feature allows retailers to add product tags to Instagram posts , so users can learn more about their products through Instagram. It’s that simple: just click the “Click to view products” button and you will be able to see the tags for all products that have been tagged. Each tag provides the name of the product and its price.

Users can choose to select the tag they want to get more information about the product by staying on Instagram. If they intend to buy the product, just click the “Buy Now” link which will take them to the product in question to finalize the purchase.

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Now you may be wondering, “If I switch to a company profile will I not lose my organic reach?” There are many schools of thought on this, and while it may be true that you will sacrifice some reach, the general consensus seems be that the advantages they have far outweigh the disadvantages.

Even better, you can go back to a personal page with just a few clicks, but keep in mind that you will lose historical information and if you go back to a company page you will start all over again.

What about you? Are you using the Instagram business profile? What is your experience? How are you?

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