Animated stories on Instagram: 7 apps to create them at their best

Animated stories on Instagram: 7 apps to create them at their best

Posting animated stories on Instagram is a great way to create content that immediately grabs the attention of those view.
Not to mention the fact that animations are a real trend right now!
Fortunately you don’t need an expensive camera or graphic team to create animated stories on Instagram that wow your audience.
There are thousands of apps for editing and editing stories that make it much easier to add animations with just a few clicks.
In this short article I will teach you how to create animated stories. that will inspire your followers to keep watching the stories you post and I’ll give you a list of my favorite apps to do all this in seconds.

Why should we create animated stories on Instagram?

Creating animated stories on Instagram is a good strategy to attract the attention of your followers and prevent them from stopping watching your stories or simply switching to someone else’s …
Scrolling through the countless stories that are now published every day, users are more likely to stop and watch a story that immediately catches their attention with fast and particular animations.
Fortunately we were born in the right century to take advantage of all the tools that smartphones make available to us to create animated and professional stories on Instagram in just a few steps.
Here is the list of my 8 favorite apps:

1. App: Create stop-motion with Life Lapse

If you’re going to give your Instagram stories a twist from now on, you can’t avoid downloading this fantastic App.
This App, thanks to its guides and tutorials present at the internal, it allowed me to create fantastic high-quality stop-motion simply via my smartphone.
If you don’t know what a stop-motion is:

It is a film shooting technique that consists in taking a series of photos of an object or a drawing by changing its position in space each time, and then projecting the images one by one. followed by the other.

The effect you will get is like this:

According to the Life Lapse App itself:

“You can create stop motion videos up to 10 times faster than with expensive cameras, computers and professional editing software”.

And I can tell you that it’s all true!
I have used and still use professional cameras and camcorders to take pictures and shoot videoblogs, but the immediacy of this app allows me to do everything I need in seconds to make an Instagram story more captivating.
All you need is a smartphone, good natural light and maybe a tripod ( If you are a perfectionist).
Furthermore, Life Lapse is not just an app to create stop motion videos, but inside there are many features , some for a fee, which I allow you to add music, filters and to change video size and speed.
Once opened, just click on the camera icon to start shooting your stop-motion.
The camera interface is very intuitive, you just need to take the first photo and it will appear superimposed on the frame but opaque, thus allowing you to move the objects in the right position and take the second shot.
Life Lapse is definitely an app to try, just have a little creativity and all your crazy ideas will come true in seconds.
If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer you on my Instagram account @ vian.drew?
Unfortunately it is only available for IOS, I leave you the link to download it here: badge appstore

2. App: Add graphics in a flash with Adobe Spark

This is definitely one of my favorite apps.
Contrary to what a person might expect from an Adobe App, it is not as complex as the software of the same company such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere etc…

The characteristic that distinguishes this App from the others is its ease of use despite the great graphic results that can be obtained!
Whether you want adding a touch of animation to your text or a small movement to your artwork Adobe Spark is perfect for making your stories more engaging.
Another fantastic advantage of this App is that its free version still has many templates from which you can start, millions of free stock photos you can use (With free license), filters and many fonts.
All this makes it very easy to customize existing templates or create totally original content from 0 that is online with your style.
This App is totally free and will allow you to create animated Instagram stories in minutes!
Here is the link for free downloads: badge appstorebadge playstore 1

3. App: Bring your photos to life with Enlight Pixaloop

Developed by the award-winning house of Lightricks, Pixaloop literally brings your photos to life by adding motion to still images.
This is a great way to add a wow effect to your Instagram Stories and show your followers something different than usual.
The App is really very simple, to animate a photo just place the arrows in the part of the image you want to animate.
After selecting the areas to be animated using the arrows, you can anchor the areas to be kept still using the appropriate tool.
Furthermore, the App allows you to change the speed and provides many precision tools that will allow you to create the perfect video.

If you don’t know where to start here’s an example video I created to animate a photo:

Free link for the App download: badge appstore

4. App: Turn your videos into GIFs with ImgPlay

If you were looking for a way to create animated GIFs in a simple and immediate way , you can stop looking.
ImgPlay allows you to create fantastic GIFs from your photos and videos in the roll of few steps.
The App also allows you to add filters, change the frame rate and change the playback direction to create a boomerang effect.
Once you have completed the creation of your GIF, just download it in video or GIF format in your roll and it will be ready to be published.
The App is totally free and you can download it at this link: badge appstorebadge playstore 1

5. App: Add graphics and text over your videos with Over

Whether you want to post tips, inspirational quotes or add a touch of creativity to your campaign, Over is the ideal app.
It allows you to add text and graphics overlay to your your photos or videos.
The App offers many free stock photo packages , fonts , graphics and free templates that will help you easily create animated and professional Instagram stories.

Using templates is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your Instagram Stories and Over it makes all this easy and immediate by adding some slight movement over your photos and videos.
The Over library offers thousands of different animations to bring your photos and videos to life.
The Over community also has a hashtag #bestofover to help you find inspiration from other creators when creativity comes missing!
Here is the free download: badge appstorebadge playstore 1

6. App: Play with all kinds of text and backgrounds with Plays

If you are a lover of text animations, you will love Plays!
The App is very minimal and simple to use , just open it and you will be guided step by step to create your first animation.
Once you get to the editor you will notice some simple icons representing the various functions.
You will be able to change the font and alignment of the text, the animation of the text, the color of the background and of the text, add another animation graphics in the background and finally add a photo from your camera roll as a background.
As you have seen, the functions are numerous, but very simple to use.
Also on the upper part there is a button to undo the last change made , one to change the size of the video (story, post square or horizontal-panoramic).
I leave you a short video screenshot shot by me with a short example of the potential of this App:

Free download link: badge appstore

7. App: Edit and edit your videos with Inshot

This last App is the most complete as far as video editing and editing is concerned, I can really say that for many functions replaces a software from pc.
Unlike the latter, however, you can access the App, edit a video and post it wherever you are.
Vertical videos are recently taking over social networks and for this reason it is It is good to learn how to edit them and make a particular and attractive video for your audience.
InShot Video Editor allows you to create the perfect content for any format you need, from that for Instagram stories to the one for any other social.
Among the numerous features it allows you to add stickers, loop animations, transactions and much more on your video or photo content.
If you want to improve the quality of your content and learn how to edit and make your stories more particular, InShot is the right App to start!
Here is the free link of the App: badge appstorebadge playstore 1
Now that you have considering how to create and improve the content of your Instagram profile to make it engaging and innovative you can focus on the growth of your account and your audience!
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