Archive or delete posts? Here’s the difference.

Archive or delete posts? Here’s the difference.

Being promoted on Instagram means passing oceans of information through you every day. After all, social networks are developing at lightning speed. But you still need to devote time to business. Therefore, there are 2 options for the development of the scenario: entrust the promotion of your page to an smm-specialist or find time in 24 hours to train the smm. You won’t be able to know everything and everything. But if you take the time to systematically read our new articles, you will always be on top of the top news. And in this article we will analyze the basics of promotion. We will tell and show the cases when the post should not be deleted. Namely, you need to archive. By the way, do you know what the difference is? That’s what we’ll talk about in this article.

What is Instagram Archiving

Any post in your news feed has value. For the author, this is a unique photo, text for the post, possibly likes and comments. But there are always situations that require urgent intervention in the form of post deletion or archiving.

The difference between deleting and archiving is that once you delete a post, you can no longer view or restore it. When archiving, recovery is available. Also, at the same time you will always have access to his statistics, likes and comments. That is, now when you hear from the client “Delete it immediately”, or you yourself decide to say goodbye to some post, you first need to exhale and then decide for yourself how valuable this post is to you. This will make it easier for you to decide whether to permanently delete or archive. If in doubt, it is better to archive and then you will definitely not go wrong.

How to archive an Instagram post?

To archive a post, just click the vertical dots on the right … when opening a post. Then, in the drop-down menu, click on the “Archive” command. After that, the post will disappear from your feed and go into the archive.

Archiving can be a good source for collecting and storing information about old posts. For example, you have a store and in the feed there is a post about a product that will no longer be in stock. But, this post may contain a large number of comments, likes and statistics. If you delete the post, then all this will disappear irrevocably. Archiving helps to save the post, along with comments and statistics, which you can return to later.

The most amazing features of archiving Instagram posts are for stores with a wide range of products. If an item is temporarily out of stock, you can simply hide it until it arrives. This will help you avoid requests that you cannot serve.

How to return a post from the archive on Instagram?

You can archive both posts and stories. The only difference is that the posts can be restored. And the Stories will need to be republished. Extracting a post from the archive is as easy as it is placed there. To unzip the post, go to your profile and in the upper left corner, click on the semicircular arrow with a clock.

After doing these simple manipulations, you will be taken to the archive page of your posts and Stories. If you only see your archived Stories, then to get to the posts, you need to click on the drop-down arrow next to the word “Archive”. In the drop-down menu, you can choose which archive to view – the archive of publications or the archive of Stories. By the way, Stories are archived automatically, after 24 hours from the moment of their publication.

To return a post from the archive to the main feed, open the post archive and select the post you want to return. Click on the ellipsis in the upper right corner of the post and select “Show in profile” in the drop-down menu. The post will start to appear again in your account in the order in which it was in the feed.

To restore the History from the archive, select the required History and click on the “Share” button. This will allow you to republish the Story that ended up in the archive.

List of situations where archiving might be useful to you

Situation # 1. Remove urgently …

During the working day, we carry out a large amount of work. And sometimes it happens that either you or the deferred posting service published a post for you that does not correspond to either the time or the text. The first reaction, of course, is to remove immediately. But time was spent on the post, a photo was selected, a text was written, hashtags were collected. To delete a post means to lose it forever. Perhaps you made the decision to delete it in a hurry. And in order to correct the post, you just need to update the text a little and then yours will sparkle with new colors. Just zip it. And when you have more free time, come back to it and correct it.

Situation # 2. I should remind you …

This is more relevant for Stories. As you remember, they can be re-published in the feed. For example, if you do something on a regular basis on Instagram (for example, host a webinar), then it is not necessary to create a post with information again every time. You can simply pull it out of the archive and publish it again while updating it with new gifs or hashtags from the Stories functionality.

Situation # 3: Our hearts demand change

For example, you have re-branded your company or decided to change the page image. For a smooth transition, you can write a dozen new posts, while archiving old ones step by step. So irrelevant information will smoothly disappear from your page and new information will appear. By archiving all your old content, you will also preserve all your old posts and can sometimes read them at your leisure.

Situation # 4: Juggling numbers

To save statistics and nice numbers in the profile header, it is sometimes useful to archive old posts. For example, at the very beginning of maintaining the page, you were just learning how to promote. There are almost no likes on the posts, and you didn’t bother too much with the texts. Or let’s say you went on vacation. And it was about creating Stories on Instagram – “freaked out” and published a dozen posts in a day. Such posts are of value only to you. But it is better to adhere to the rule “the main thing is not quantity, but quality.” Therefore, carefully review your feed for “extra posts / spam” and feel free to archive.

Situation # 5: Contest

Let’s say you announced the final for the competition on a specific date. But at the same time, they indicated that you will announce the winner in 3-5 days because you need to summarize, upload comments, count likes and participants, whatever … During the time you summarize, new participants may be added to the post of the competition. On the one hand, this is not bad, but on the other hand, it is dishonest in relation to those who fulfilled the conditions of the competition at the scheduled time. But if you hide the post while you are summing up the results, new participants will not be able to join the competition.

Now you have become one drop more advanced in terms of smm. Archive posts if necessary, move to a new level of promotion, archive again and so on until you reach the moon. Happy promotion.

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