Augmented reality: the most beautiful AR filters on Instagram

Augmented reality: the most beautiful AR filters on Instagram

From retro filters to stickers , special effects and augmented reality are now one of the Instagram trends. Abandoning the cat ears or sunglasses that have been used so much in recent years, the filters become more and more sophisticated thanks to the augmented reality tool developed by Facebook, Spark Ar Studio.
Thanks to this tool now there are tons of new filters and effects that can give your stories a new and glamorous look.
It’s just like adding a filter or preset to images using apps like VSCO and Lightroom , only now you can do it for Instagram Stories without ever leaving the app.
AR filters were the biggest hit of 2019 for stories .
A new Effects Gallery has also been introduced on Instagram to help discover the new filters.
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Without the aid of an app you can zap the Effects Gallery and use them to correct the colors of your video or photos!

How to find and use filters for Instagram stories

Thanks to the new Instagram Effects Gallery, when you visit a creator profile, you will find a new “ effects “ tab next to the IGTV section. Here you can browse all the AR effects he has created.
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From here, you can try it out and save it so you have it in the Stories Camera Effects Bar to quickly add it to your future content!
Effetti storie Instagram

You can also click on “ Search Effects ” to open the Filter Gallery and find more.
Effetti storie Instagram
Currently, however, this is not possible apply AR filters i to content loaded from the camera roll. Effects can only be used when shooting new videos or taking new photos.

The most beautiful filters of Instagram stories

Are you ready to add a touch of color and effects to your Instagram stories? We have collected some of the most beautiful filters that will help you create a new aesthetic for your stories.

Breeze by Carmushka

Created by the German fashion influencer @carmushka , this effect is perfect for landscapes. The filter gently increases the contrast and lowers the exposure of the shot.
Breeze di Carmushka 

Milk * One, Milk * Two and Milk * Three by Ya.molli

I Milk * One, Milk * Two and Milk * Three filters are from @ ya.molli.
Milk *One, Milk *Two e Milk *3 di Ya.molli
These filters emphasize content by adding extra brightness and a summery hue.
The Milk * Two f effect goes a step further by adding a subtle grainy overlay that gives it a retro vibe.

+3 blogger by Thaifurtado

presets by Blogger by @thaifurtado give your Instagram Stories a classic look and minimal that works well for everyday lifestyle shots.
Filtri per Instagram stories
Super versatile for your content, they are presets suitable for a classic “influencer” look.

Sense of Makarova_darya_

Vintage filters are always in trend and it seems like this style never goes out of style.
Sense di Makarova_darya_ 
If you love retro style you can’t try this filter.

Retro film by Yanka.onuchina

For another version of a vintage look try Retro Film by yanka.onuchina .
Filtro retrò
By gently mixing the color palette to replicate an old reel of film and adding smudged white powder as an overlay effect, the finished product is the perfect retro throwback.

45 Ya_gadya filters

Creators can also publish a “ filter pack ” and this one from @ya_gadya may be the best at circulation .
With strong similarities to VSCO filters, all 45 effects of @ ya_gadya are super!
Whether it’s F1, KP6 or LVL3, there is sure to be a filter in this package that’s right for you!

Grainy III by Nahir.esper

This “speckled” or “dusty patch” look by @ nahir.esper is currently very voga .
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With 3 different “grain intensities” to choose from, the Grainy III filter can help you give your photos and videos a subtle touch of color!

Mood by Diana_luchitskaya

The vintage tones in the Moody filter of @diana_luchitskaya reduce the hue of the colors and give to the photos a classic and soft atmosphere, just like the popular VSCO M5 filter.
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Influencer Helen Heath ( @helenisfor ) used the new filter in her stories to match the aesthetic of the stories with that of the she.

Rosè di Thesundaychapter

Angela Giakas from @thesundaychapter has created this versatile filter, which fits any c retained, even though it was created specifically for travel photography.
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Also, it’s a quick and easy way to add a touch of brightness to your feed.
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Cinematic by Ilhamrofiqi

Cinematic by @ilhamrofiqi gently updates your content to give a “ vintage movie “ touch.
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Try the five different Cinematic filters to find the one that’s right for you. From yellow tones to grayscale, up to black and white. These filters are perfect for quick and easy edits.

Filters of Ines.alpha

Ines Alpha i defines a “3d make up creator” , because thanks to its special effects make-up is no longer necessary. Futurist, she collaborates with different brands and other artists in the creation of make up in augmented reality . All of her filters can be found in the stories.

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Stickers by Martiinamartian

Flowers, rainbows, lightning bolts, moons, hearts, stars : Martina’s filters have been downloaded and tested millions of times (10 million in just one week with 3,000 stories posted).
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Pop and fun, they’re not simple face filters , but they add color and style .

Augmented reality, which filter to choose?

In the world of augmented reality there are so many different filters for Instagram stories that it becomes difficult to choose!
If you want to take care of the design of your Instagram account, the secret is to adopt the filter that fits perfectly into your feed and personal branding.
Once you’ve found the effect that’s right for you, you can quickly and easily start sharing content in your Stories.
Which of these is your favorite?

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